One Piece: Who Is Saint Charlos? Meet One of the Most-Hated One Piece Characters!

One Piece: Who Is Saint Charlos? Meet One of the Most Hated One Piece Characters!

The World Nobles, also known as the Celestial Dragons, are descendants of 19 of the 20 founding Kings of the organization known as the World Government in the lore of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga. They are vile snobs who use their political influence to hide their weaknesses, which is why practically everyone despises them. Among them, one of the most-detested ones is undoubtedly Saint Charlos, who will be the topic of our analysis here. In this article, we will talk about Saint Charlos and tell you who his, what his role in the stories is, and why everyone hates him so passionately.

Saint Charlos is a World Noble. He is the son of Saint Rosward and the older brother of Saint Shalria. He is widely detested and is known as one of the most-despised One Piece characters in the franchise’s history because of his vile personality. Luffy punched him in the slave auction house on the Sabaody Archipelago for shooting Hatchan on the sole grounds that he was a Fishman, which made Luffy furious.

The rest of this article will be about Saint Charlos, his backstory, and his role in the world of Oda’s One Piece series. We will introduce you to his history and tell you what exactly happened to him, how he developed as a character, and tell you where Saint Charlos is now, and what he is doing in the current narative of the manga. This article will contain some spoilers, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with everything, you have been warned.

Saint Charlos is hated by everyone except (maybe!) his own kin

Saint Charlos is one of the World Nobles and a very snobbish and wicked character who takes his “role” as a World Noble quite seriously, mistreating and belittling everyone whom he considers to be below him (and that is a very large portion of the characters from Oda’s One Piece, especially if they are not humans). He has a very high opinion of himself. He uses his influence and political powers to hide an obvious lack of powers or competencies that would make him worthy of any role in a normal society.

In a fight, he would be even worse than useless, and while he does carry a golden gun with him almost all the time, it is not known how efficient he is with it, and from what we know about him in general, the gun could easily be just a useless prop in his hands. He played a somewhat important role in the Sabaody Archipelago and Levely Arcs.


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Saint Charlos comes to the Sabaody Archipelago with his father, Saint Rosward, and sister, Saint Shalria, but roams the archipelago alone, riding on his slave and guarded by his bodyguard. When he sees an ambulance that wants to take a badly wounded man to the hospital on a stretcher instead of kneeling down as the World Nobles require, Charlos shows no mercy and knocks the stretcher over. He finally notices the nurse Marie, whom he decides to make his wife. Charlos shoots her approaching fiancé in the stomach, “convincing” her to go with him.

Luffy Punches Charlos

Shortly thereafter, Zoro arrives at the scene and runs straight toward the World Noble. He shows no respect when addressing Saint Charlos directly. Saint Charlos doesn’t want to splash out and shoots Zoro without hesitation, but Zoro dodges and is about to draw his Sandai Kitetsu when Bonney as a young girl, pulls him aside and pretends Charlos has her “big brother” killed. The World Noble is a bit surprised because he thinks he has seen that Zoro has avoided his attack but doesn’t worry anymore because the opponent is apparently dead and continues to ride on his slave.

Saint Charlos arrives late at the Human Auction, just in time for the auction of the mermaid Camie, for which he immediately bids 500 million berries, to the dismay of her friends from the Straw Hat Pirates, who wanted to free her with their own bid. Charlos wins the bid when shortly afterward Luffy and Zoro burst into the auction.

As Luffy rushes towards the stage to free Camie, Hatchan tries to hold him back using all his arms, revealing him to be a Fishman. Charlos doesn’t hesitate and shoots Hatchan, which arouses Luffy’s anger. Hatchan’s request not to react to the shot also goes unheeded when Charlos shoots a second time: Charlos is struck down by Luffy with a punch.

When the World Nobles come to Mary Geoise to attend the Levely, Saint Charlos watches them through binoculars and immediately notices the gigantic mermaid princess Shirahoshi, attracting her father’s attention. Saint Charlos then goes to the social square and orders a slave of hers to capture Shirahoshi; the sovereigns present do not want to be involved in order not to cause diplomatic incidents. Leo and Sai didn’t hold back and went on the attack but were stopped by Lucci, who arrived together with other CP0 agents, trying to convince them that the world nobles are superior to the real commoners.

While aware of giving up the fulfillment of Otohime’s will to bring the kingdom of the dragon palace to the surface, Neptune is about to attack Saint Charlos, who orders Lucci to kill the Merfolk. However, the World Noble is hit with a spiked mace by a peer of his, the one who, ten years earlier, had been saved by Queen Otohime: Donquixote Mjosgard. Saint Charlos is taken away to be treated; as he claims to make Mjosgard pay, his father joins him riding Bartholomew Kuma.

On the fourth day of the Levely, he recovers and intends to capture Shirahoshi. He then risks being assassinated, and Mjosgard is blamed for letting the perpetrator escape. And this is Charlos’ known story. He will probably be featured later as the World Nobles get an even more prominent role in the final saga, so we’ll update this article with new information as it arrives.

Charlos Beaten Up Second Time

Before we wrap this up, though, we’d like to tell you a bit about his powers and abilities. As a member of the World Nobles, he can do whatever he wants and can summon an admiral, if needed, at any moment because he has nearly unlimited political power at his disposal, just like the other World Nobles. He seems to have good eyesight as he could see Zoro moving at a fast speed but was knocked out in one punch by Luffy, showing that he is physically weak and useless. Charlos has a golden pistol. His ability and accuracy remain limited, however: He repeatedly shot Luffy and Zoro but did not hit his target.


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On the other hand, he was able to kill civilians. His ability to wield a pistol remains vague, but he seems to handle it better than any civilian. He can afford anything, he buys slaves and mistreats them, and when he travels on the Sabaody Archipelago, he does so on human backs. Just remember how he, while passing by a stretcher carrying a wounded man, does not hesitate to knock it down, then orders the nurse to become his thirteenth wife, shooting her fiancé in the process.

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