One Piece: Is Uta Shanks’ Biological Daughter? Explained!

Is Uta Shanks' Biological Daughter? Explained!

The One Piece Film: Red is a truly interesting addition to the overall One Piece lore, and while it might be a bit quirkier than some other works, it is still a worthwhile addition to the series. Even the anime has taken a break and given us a small, three-episode filler arc focusing on Uta called Uta’s Past Arc. Uta proved to be the principal character in the movie, and while she was also the movie’s main villain, she was actually the movie’s focus. Uta’s story in One Piece is quite intriguing, and in this article, we will tell you whether Uta is really Shanks’ biological daughter in One Piece or not.

And while she was introduced as Shanks’ daughter, Uta is not his biological daughter. Roughly 19 years before the present timeline, pirates attacked Uta’s hometown, killed her parents, and kidnapped her. But, while escaping, they ran into Shanks’ pirates, who defeated them and took their loot. Shanks found Uta in one of the chests and, remembering his own background, decided to take her with them and adopt her as his daughter.

The rest of this article will further introduce Uta and her background to you, especially the true nature of her relationship with Shanks. You will find out some details about her, her story, and her importance to the world of One Piece. We will give you some known biographical details about her and answer some questions relating to her role in the story, focusing primarily on whether she is Shanks’ biological daughter.

Uta is not Shanks’ biological daughter – he adopted her

Uta is a world-famous diva and a major character in One Piece Film: Red. This a fact that every One Piece fan knows by now. She is the daughter of Pirate Emperor Shanks. For some reason, Uta wants Luffy to retire from piracy. Uta has excellent singing abilities, which are said to take the listener to another dimension. It is unknown if this ability is due to a Devil Fruit. Thanks to her singing ability, she has gained recognition and fame worldwide, being a well-known diva and attracting a large audience to her performances.

Her story was tied to that of Shanks, and we know she was first introduced as Shanks’ daughter. When this was announced, fans became confused, as it had been taught that Shanks did not have a daughter or a family.


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Namely, we know that he was born 39 years before the present timeline, but he was found as a one-year-old baby in a treasure chest by the Roger Pirates, who took him with them and raised him as one of their own. It was never implied that Shanks had any known family, yet he suddenly had a daughter. Well, the story itself wasn’t as straightforward as it seems.

Namely, Uta was born 19 years before the present timeline in an unknown town. At some point, when she was two years old, Uta’s birthplace was attacked by pirates, who not only pillaged the place but also killed Uta’s parents and kidnapped the young girl, and took her with them. While sailing, they stumbled upon Shank’s Red Hair Pirates, who attacked them and took their loot.

In one of the chests, Shanks found the two-year-old Uta, who was smiling cheerfully. Remembering his own past, Shanks decided to take Uta in and adopt her as his daughter, taking her on his journeys and adventures. Since Shanks had absolutely no way of locating her family (not even knowing that they had been killed), he saw this encounter as fate and happily took her in.

Film Red Baby Uta

As a baby, Uta cried a lot, keeping the crew awake throughout the night. They had no clue what to do until Shanks saw a mother putting her baby to sleep with a lullaby. They decided to apply that measure, and when Uta would start crying, the whole crew would band together and sing for her, which calmed her down and made her happy.

It was probably because of this that she grew to like singing that much, and it was a stroke of luck when she, at one point, ate the Uta Uta no Mi, which granted her the abilities she would become famous for around the world.

We can confirm to you that Shanks loved Uta very much and would always gift her with looted jewelry but kept some of his finds, namely the Gomu Gomu no Mi, away from her. Shanks told Uta that the crew would be landing in the kingdom of Goa and that she was unimpressed with their landing spot in the remote village of Foosha. Meanwhile, 7-year-old Monkey D. Luffy spent his days eating, battling animals, and training with his grandfather, Garp.

As the Red Hair Pirates dock, Luffy runs to their ship and encounters Uta and Shanks. While initially apprehending the pirates, Luffy soon began to join Shanks’ crew. Uta didn’t think much of Luffy and didn’t want him on board; One day, she sang a song at Parties Bar to the villagers’ applause. Then, Shanks asked Luffy to show Uta around the village.


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The two children soon engaged in a series of contests, where Uta usually defeated Luffy. Later, Luffy took Uta to the upper level of a windmill on the shore, where they could see the sunset over the sea. When Uta talked about Shanks, Luffy expressed his desire to go as a pirate. Watching the sunset, Uta fulfilled her dream of performing in front of the world for the first time.

The movie revealed additional information about Uta’s childhood, her relationship with Luffy, as well as Shanks, with whom she was very close, as Shanks would bring her along on his adventures and voyages. But, as we have said, she was only his adoptive daughter and not his biological child.

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