One Piece: Is Denjiro Alive? What Happened to Him?

One Piece: Is Denjiro Alive? What Happened to Him?

The samurai of Wano Country were, undoubtedly, among the most intriguing characters introduced in one of the series’ most important sagas. They were something new and refreshing in the world of pirates, and in that aspect, we have decided to tell you about one of them. The focus of this article is going to be Denjiro, as we are going to reveal what happened to him in the series and whether he has survived the events of Wano Country.

Denjiro is a samurai from Wano Country who was a former retainer of Kozuki Oden and a member of the Nine Red Scabbards. He operated as a double agent under the guise of Kyoshiro, who was Orochi’s bodyguard, but he, in the end, worked against him and later killed him in order to protect Hiyori. He survived the events of Wano, including Aramaki’s attack, and is alive and well as of the time of writing.

The rest of this article will focus on the character of Denjiro and his ultimate fate in One Piece. Denjiro was a very important samurai from Wano Country, and his story is exceptionally intriguing in more ways than one. Because of that, and his overall role in the Wano Country Arc, fans definitely want to know more about him and his story, and that actually motivated us to write up this article, in which we will reveal everything that is known about his fate, which is revealed later in the manga. This article might contain a significant number of spoilers, so be careful while you’re reading.

Denjiro survived the events in Wano Country, and in the end, he even helped save Hiyori’s life by killing Orochi

Denjiro was a samurai from Wano Country and one of the Nine Red Scabbards; in the past, he was one of Oden’s retainers and has, in that aspect, remained very loyal to his former master. He was, as you know, a double agent, working under the pseudonym Kyoshiro for a while, initially as a yakuza boss and a bodyguard of Orochi’s.

Of course, during that time, he successfully kept his true identity hidden and revealed it in the end when he cut down Orochi to save Hiyori, whom he had taken care of after Oden’s death. Now, in this section, we will tell you what happened to him in the Wano Country Arc, as that will actually explain his ultimate fate, which is what you’re here for.

While getting drunk in his mansion, Kyoshiro remembers the prophecy pronounced by Kozuki Oden’s wife twenty years earlier, according to which nine samurai would arrive twenty years later to kill the shogun and open the borders of Wano; his interlocutor, however, states that the samurai of the Kozuki family cannot return because at the time they were all burned alive in the castle.


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He then attends the banquet, where Komurasaki sings a song to entertain Orochi and his guests. While Kyoshiro drinks and converses with his subordinates, Orochi joins them and talks about Kozuki Toki’s prophecy, associating it with the recent disturbances that have occurred on the island. While everyone presents mocks him in silence, Toko does not hold back and bursts into thunderous laughter, infuriating the shogun, who is about to stab her, but Komurasaki slaps him and refuses to apologize by asserting his samurai ancestry.

After Orochi, further annoyed, transforms and prepares to punish them, Kyoshiro draws his katana in preparation for the impending carnage. Enraged with Komurasaki, Orochi attacks the men present and then grabs the courtesan with his jaws, but suddenly, the attic collapses on the shogun, who therefore, lets Komurasaki go.

However, Kyoshiro hits her with an apparently deadly blow and finds on her the leaflet distributed to the allies of the Kozuki family. He later returns to the pleasure district and watches the crowd mourn Komurasaki’s (apparent) death.

After the execution, Zoro attacks the shogun, but Kyoshiro protects him and duels with the attacker. While others join the fight, Orochi is escorted away and orders the revolt to be quelled, including killing those present. Zoro is determined to pursue the shogun, but Kyoshiro holds him back. Two days before the fire festival, Denjiro makes the inhabitants of Ebisu find money again. On the day of the fire festival, he is informed that guarding the flowery capital is up to him.

Later, Denjiro climbs onto the Polar Tang, rejoining the other Nine Red Scabbards, and Raizo underlines how much his appearance has changed. The samurai then see the remaining ship of the Hundred Beast Pirates sink some boats by firing long-range cannons. However, it is destroyed by Jinbe, who introduces himself as the new member of the Straw Hats.

After discussing a plan, Denjiro returns to his ship with Kin’emon and warns his allies that they may suffer a surprise attack. Once in Onigashima, the samurai sink their ships to prevent them from being discovered and then obtain clothes similar to those of their enemies, thanks to Kin’emon’s power, to blend in with each other. Denjiro’s troop then proceeds on the southern road, and later, they see Izo again.

They all proceed through the back entrance of Onigashima, reach the stage, and attack Kaido. The attack is, of course, not as successful. Still, in the end, Oden’s servants finally declare their intention to die, taking the emperor with them, but ultimately fail and end up being heavily injured.

After Luffy reaches the battle site, he asks Law to carry the wounded away from the battlefield. The pirate thus takes them to the treasure room, where someone then takes care of them.

Once they recover, they discover that they have been blindfolded and hear Kawamatsu thinking he saw a familiar face, but he states that it must have been a dream. The fake Oden soon tricks them, but Ashura Doji’s sacrifice allows them to escape.

Denjiro and the others run. In the meantime, Luffy manages to defeat Kaido, while Big Mom is defeated by Law and Kidd. Denjiro has, in the meantime, met with Hiyori and Orochi and has killed the latter by beheading him, thus saving Hiyori’s life.

Sometime later, the underwater volcano off the coast of Udon erupts. Denjiro is among those who reach the Flower Capital, where Momonosuke specifies that he is not Kaido and that the latter was defeated and then transformed back into a human. The servants of the Kozuki family and Hiyori bow to Momonosuke, who gives a speech in which he introduces himself as the son of Oden and declares the beginning of a new era of peace and prosperity for Wano without hunger or slavery, announcing the victory of the Alliance against Kaido and Orochi.

He then proclaims that he is the rightful shogun and that he will turn their dying nation back into a paradise so all the citizens cheer him on. Denjiro, therefore, cries with joy.


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He then participates in the victory celebrations, during which he is among those who perceive a stranger approaching the flowery capital threateningly. Denjiro decides that they have to deal with it without Luffy and the others finding out, so together with his allies, he intercepts the man, who tells them not to get in his way. At the same time, they recognize him as a member of the Navy and, therefore, an enemy of their pirate allies. It is, actually, Admiral Aramaki.

The opponent begins to unleash his powers and even grabs Denjiro and the others with his powers, reiterating that he is willing to leave if Straw Hat is handed over to him. Yamato suggests asking for help from the latter and his crew, who would certainly win, but Momonosuke replies that the burden of defending Wano is theirs.

The latter then shouts at the enemy to leave and, unexpectedly, manages to emit two waves of energy that pierce and set fire to the admiral’s vegetal body, freeing Denjiro and the others. The Marines would soon leave, defeated. A few days later, the Straw Hat Pirates, ready to resume their journey, bid him farewell.

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