One Piece: Usopp Does Meet His Dad & Here Is What You Need To Know About Their Relationship!

One Piece: Usopp Does Meet His Dad & Here Is What You Need to Know About Their Relationship!

On more than one occasion, we have told you that the Straw Hats have very interesting stories behind them and that their personal histories are quite intriguing. In this article, we will talk about Usopp’s background, which is a story filled with numerous lies in the first place. It is also a very interesting story, and that is why we will present it in this article, in which you will find out about Usopp’s relationship with his father, Yasopp, in One Piece.

Although it wasn’t a proper reunion, Usopp and Yasopp actually met and synced in One Piece Film: Red, which happened when Usopp used his Observation Haki and finally “met” his father after so much time. Of course, this was not a proper reunion, as the one that will certainly happen later in the series, and the canon status of this scene is also a question of debate. Now, even though Yasopp abandoned Usopp, he loves him very much, and Usopp loves his father despite that and is actually very proud of his exploits, which is why this is one of the more specific relationships in the series.

The rest of this article will dig deeper into the relationship between Usopp and Yasopp, as we will explain whether the two of them have ever met in the series and what kind of a relationship they actually have as father and son. They’re an interesting duo that cannot be denied, but some details need additional explaining, which is why we have come up with this article for you. Of course, some spoilers will be present, so be careful how you approach the text in question.

Usopp knows that Yasopp is with Shanks, but despite that, he loves and respects him

Usopp doesn’t really need a proper introduction. He is a member of Luffy’s crew and one of the best-known characters in the series. And while he has little to no powers, he is an excellent marksman, a resourceful liar, and a great inventor. But, that much – we know. Yasopp, on the other hand, is known as Usopp’s father, but there is more to him, and we are going to tell you a bit about him before we get to their relationship; this is, of course, important, as Yasopp’s story is necessary if we want to understand their relationship.

Twenty years before the beginning of the narrative, Yasopp saw a boat with a traveler from the cliff and declared that it was strange. The boy on board reached him and asked for him, telling him his name was Shanks and that he was a pirate, and he asked Yasopp to join his crew. This surprised him, but he did not accept. Three years later, he became Usopp’s father. When the latter was still a child, Yasopp left home to become a pirate due to his wife’s insistence, who convinced him to pursue his dreams. He, thus, eventually joined Shanks’ crew.


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Eleven years before the beginning of the narrative, during the assault on a World Government ship with CP9 on board, Lucky Roux found the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Yasopp then reached Foosha with the crew, which became the base for their travels. Here, he met Luffy, who asked several times to take him with them. One day, he put an apple on a table in the street and hit it with a bullet, being praised for his skill by the child. He told him so that he could hit an ant’s antennae from a hundred feet away without hurting the rest of the animal.

He told Luffy many times that he had a son his age, and during one of these conversations, while he was drunk at Partys Bar, which was actually a touch of fate, as Luffy would ultimately recruit Yasopp’s son, Usopp, for his crew, which was an interesting narrative moment.

During one of these conversations, when he was also drunk, he climbed onto the chair, saying that he couldn’t do anything else for one reason only: the pirate flag was calling him. This is how he actually explained his abandoning his son.

So, as you can see, Yasopp did not abandon Usopp because he was a bad father. He did it at the insistence of his wife and Usopp’s mother, who urged him to go and follow his dreams. This is why, although his father left them when Usopp was still a child, the latter does not feel any hatred towards him; on the contrary, he feels respect and admiration for his choice to pursue his dream.

Besides being both pirates, the trait that unites them is that they are both skilled snipers. Yasopp also likes his son very much, and he does feel guilt for abandoning him, even though Usopp doesn’t resent him for that, which is why Yasopp is still not ready to meet with him, although he does want to. Usopp, of course, knows his father’s whole story, which is why he is so proud of him.

Usopp and Yasopp have met, but this is not what everyone expects

Now, if you’re wondering whether Usopp and Yasopp have ever met, we can actually say that they have, but it’s not what you expect. Namely, in One Piece Film: Red, while the Straw Hats were fighting Uta, Shanks’ crew also arrived, and the two crews briefly united to defeat the demon that Uta had summoned; during that battle, Usopp used his Observation Haki, and with it, he finally saw his father, and the two of them “reunited” for a couple of seconds during the fight.

They never really talked or anything, and Usopp only really saw his father via the Haki, so it’s not a proper reunion, and it’s not a proper meeting. But it did happen. Sure, the canon status of the movie is debatable, but we can use this situation as a reference here.

But we’re certain this is not what Oda has planned for us. The reunion between Usopp and Yasopp has been discussed for years now, and while we do know that both of them keep track of each other, we’re not sure if they’re ready for a meeting.

Yasopp has openly stated that he is not yet ready, but we don’t really know about Usopp’s side of the story. We can even venture a guess that Usopp would like to meet his father, and because of that, we’re quite sure that a proper reunion with a proper heart-to-heart between the two will happen in the future.


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When? Well, that is an answer we do not have for you, but based on some in-universe comments, as well as the fact that One Piece is in its final saga, we assume that it is going to happen relatively soon, so we’re quite excited to see what Oda has in store for us in that aspect. And that is the whole overview of the story between Usopp and Yasopp.

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