One Piece: Where Is Elbaf Located & Why Is It Important?

One Piece: Where Is Elbaf Located & Why Is It Important?

The locations we’ve seen in Oda’s One Piece are truly amazing, and the author has demonstrated a very intriguing skill in crafting his locations, which is a well-known fact that has helped diversify the world of the franchise. And while some of them are, so to say, similar to some others, Oda was nevertheless able to consistently provide each of them with something, a touch of originality, that made them stand out. In light of that, this article will be dedicated to Elbaf, as we will explain everything you need to know about it.

Elbaf is the home island of a giant tribe that lies on the Grand Line. The island is first mentioned by the giants Dorry and Brogy on Little Garden, who have been fighting for their honor there for 100 years. According to Dorry and Brogy, the giants of Elbaf are brave warriors. In addition, the giants from Elbaf believe in a god of war who always stands by them in battle. When the god of war leaves a warrior, he is defeated in battle. Usopp’s dream is to be as brave as the warriors of Elbaf. Elbaf is also known as the home of Oimo and Carthy.

The rest of this article will tell you a bit about the geography of One Piece, as we are going to talk about Elbaf, a very important location in the One Piece lore. And while Elbaf is not directly the focus of the current plot, neither in the manga nor in the anime, it is nevertheless an important location that definitely deserves some attention. Based on what we’ve said, we are going to provide you with a thorough guide to Egghead Island. Of course, a lot of spoilers for non-manga readers will be present, so be careful how you approach the text.

Elbaf is the land of the Giants in One Piece and is one of the “strongest lands” in the series

Elbaf is an island, as well as a country located in the New World, that is inhabited by the Giants, a race of, well… giants. As they inhabit it, it is quite possible that Elbaf is one of the largest islands in the world of One Piece, as the giants of One Piece are truly gigantic. It has steep rocky mountains and, from what can be deduced (as the island has not yet been explored in detail), a very large tree that is located in the very center of the island.

The island is also called Warland and is surrounded by rather dangerous waters, home to enormous fish and walruses. Elbaf is located east of Wano Country and relatively close to Egghead Island.


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The Kingdom of Elbaf is reputed to be the most powerful in the world. This is because it consists entirely of giants, who are the physically stronger characters in One Piece due to their enormous size. Furthermore, all its inhabitants deeply believe in honor and have no fear of death. In fact, one of the rules present on the island states that in the event of disputes that continue over time, the parties will have to submit to the judgment of the god of Elbaf, who always being on the side of those who are right, allows only those who are right to survive.

Before the winter solstice, the giants usually fast for twelve days in honor of the sun. Before starting the fast, however, they can eat the typical sweets of the island, called semla. While it is home to the most famous race of giants, few other places in the world are home to more.

On the island, there is the village near the forest where the Giant Warrior Pirates seem to come from and where the New Giant Warrior Pirates grew up. There is also the Sheep’s House, which is Mother Carmel’s orphanage. After its destruction, it was transferred to another island. On the island, there is also a royal castle where the royal family resides, in which Prince Loki was born. There is also a library containing all of the books that were in Ohara, which Sauro guards.

As for its role in the series, it has to be said that Elbaf still hasn’t been featured too much in the present timeline, but it does have historical importance, and due to its proximity to both Wano Country and Egghead, as well as the fact that Elbaf is historically relevant, we assume that Elbaf will be featured later and that we will get more information about the island and its importance. Until that happens, let us see why Elbaf is such a historically important place for the overall lore of the One Piece series.

More than a hundred years ago, Dori and Brogi took over the reins of the Giant Warrior Pirates, and their names became famous. Ninety-eight years before the start of the narrative, Carmel moved to the island after preventing some former members of the Giant Warrior Pirates from being executed.

She then founded the Sheep House, an orphanage that she used for actual criminal activities. Sixty-one years before the start of the narrative, Charlotte Linlin, who would later become known as Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, was abandoned on the island by her parents and was taken in by Carmel, who took her to her orphanage. Ten months later, Prince Loki was born.

During one of her many food crises, the young Charlotte Linlin went completely mad and destroyed a whole village on Elbaf, resulting in Jorl’s death. As word of what happened spread, giants worldwide began to hold a grudge against her, and Linlin was forced to flee the island along with Carmel and the other children from the orphanage. Twenty years before the beginning of the narrative, a few months after the destruction of Ohara, Hajrudin, Gerd, and Goldberg went there to help Hagwor D. Sauro transfer the books that the archaeologists had saved from the flames to Elbaf.

Driven by the curiosity to read them, Dr. Vegapunk reached the island and obtained permission from Sauro to do so. Soon after, he returned to Punk Hazard. When Loki fell madly in love with Laura, one of Linlin’s daughters, she decided to arrange a political marriage to settle the issues he had with the giants because of what she had done in the past. However, Laura decided to run away from her, and her mother tried to replace her with Chiffon, but Loki discovered her deception and canceled the wedding, further increasing the rift between her and the Giants.


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As you can see, Elbaf’s history is quite rich despite not being featured that much in the series. We don’t know what Oda has planned for this island, but due to its connection to the Ohara Incident, we assume that Elbaf will play a large(r) role before the manga reaches its conclusion. As for now, this is all we know, and we can confirm that it indicates that there will be more to come.

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