One Piece: Who Are the God’s Knights?

One Piece: Who Are God's Knights?

Chapter 1083 of the One Piece manga is finally out, and the spoilers we’ve seen several days before have finally been confirmed as true. Now, while some spoilers only expanded on what we had known earlier, the chapter itself also provided us with a series of new information about some spoilers that had been a complete mystery until now. One of the major spoilers for the series was the one related to God’s Knights, a very special organization of seemingly powerful individuals who had been mentioned earlier. Still, we’ve finally gotten additional information about them in this chapter. Although it’s still not much, we will tell you everything we know about God’s Knights in this article.

God’s Knights are a group of seemingly very powerful employees of the World Government. There are at least nine of them, and so far, the identities of these people are unknown; it is not known whether they are actually loyal to the World Government or simply hired by them. They are above the Marines and act as a security force in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise.

The rest of this article will expand on the answer we have given you just now. We don’t know much about God’s Knights at this point in the story, but we assume that the upcoming manga chapters will reveal more information about this mysterious group. An overview of all the known information follows, and an analysis of some speculations. Be careful, though, as the article will be full of spoilers from One Piece’s most recent manga chapters.

God’s Knights are powerful but are still an enigma

The God’s Knights were mentioned for the first time in Chapter 1054, but nothing particular was revealed about them at that point. Sakazuki mentioned them while discussing the recent attack on Mary Geoise executed by the growing power of the Revolutionary Army.

Sakazuki said that the mere fact that the God’s Knights are summoned poses a problem for them the Marines, which means that the God’s Knights are an organization that holds more power than the Marines, which is impressive. Also, it seems that the God’s Knights have jurisdiction over disagreements that arise between the World Nobles, which shows just how much power they actually hold.


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After Sabo and the Revolutionary Army attacked Mary Geoise, which was an unprecedented move, and came out victorious, the Holy Land was in complete chaos and it was obvious to the World Government that the Marines weren’t enough to take care of the issue. During the attack, an unknown perpetrator tried to assassinate Saint Charlos, and Saint Mjosgard was suspected of letting him escape. Instead of the Marines investigating the whole affair, the God’s Knights were summoned to take over the investigation, to which the Marines reacted with a lot of concern.

Nothing was said about them again until Chapter 1083, when Monkey D. Dragon and Emporio Ivankov discussed the attack’s aftermath on Mary Geoise. Dragon was quite aware of the existence of God’s Knights, and he mentioned the possibility that the group could be mobilized to intervene after the Revolutionary Army’s successful attack on the Holy Land.

We then got a glimpse of their silhouettes, as it was implied that Monkey D. Dragon was well-acquainted with the group and the identities of its members (it could be that Oda simply revealed that unrelated to what Dragon was saying, but it did not seem like it from our perspective).

It was quite clear that the God’s Knights were something of a trump card of the World Government, as even Dragon spoke of them as if they were stronger than the Marines. The fact that the World Government doesn’t utilize them unless there is a major crisis speaks for itself, and it seems that Dragon was well-aware of that fact.

He also commented how the God’s Knights could make Sabo their primary target, as he was not only the leader of the attack on Mary Geoise but also a new symbol of hope for the people, which made him exceptionally dangerous. He also hinted that the Revolutionary Army would have to face the God’s Knights soon, possibly foreshadowing another major battle in the series.

And this is all we know about this group narrative-wise, as this is all that Oda has revealed so far. We expect to see more of them soon, so we’ll probably reveal more information here on Fiction Horizon as soon as they are available. Now, let us see how powerful they are.

The group seems to hold enormous power within Mary Geoise

We all know how important the World Government is for the lore of One Piece. The World Government is an organization founded 800 years ago by 20 aristocratic families, to which most of the world’s countries and kingdoms have submitted. The seat of the World Government is in the holy city of Mary Geoise, where 19 families moved, and which is also known as the Holy Land.

At the head of the World Government are the Gorōsei, the Five Elders. They are five old people with unknown origins who sit together as a council in Mary Geoise and guide the affairs of the world. This is what the public thinks. But, in fact, the Five Elders actually answer to a mysterious monarch known as Im, whose sole existence is kept a secret from everyone else, even other members of the World Government.

Immediately below the Gorōsei is the Commander-in-Chief; for twenty-two years since Gol D. Roger’s execution, Kong, a former Grand Admiral, has been occupying this position, which gives him control of the Cipher Pol Units, the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Naval Headquarters, Enies Lobby, and other World Government officials. Two of the three great powers are under the control of the World Government.

Now, so far, the Marines have been thought to be the most powerful unit within the hierarchy of the World Government, but as it has been confirmed by both Sakazuki and Monkey D. Dragon, the God’s Knights hold more power and authority than them; they are exclusively tied to Mary Geoise, but their power there is much bigger than that of the Marines.

It is not actually known how powerful they are in terms of regular physical powers and abilities, but from everything we’ve gathered, they are quite powerful. Sakazuki openly dislikes them, while Dragon is quite cautious about them and does not think too lightly of them. This would make them one of the most powerful groups in the series as a whole.


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The members are, as of now, still unknown

As we’ve seen when Monkey D. Dragon talks about them, the God’s Knights consist of at least nine people. Their silhouettes have been shown in the manga. Sadly, we cannot identify any of them yet, nor has Oda revealed any information about the identities of the God’s Knights members. Some fans have speculated that the primary silhouette could be Shanks. While we cannot deny that the silhouette does resemble Shanks, we don’t think it’s likely, because the God’s Knights’ base of operation is Mary Geoise, while Shanks is always at sea, as well as that it would be an enormous betrayal of all of Shanks’ ideals and a big shock for the fans. Knowing Oda is not impossible, but we don’t think it’s likely at this point.

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