One Piece: Who Is Monkey D. Lilly & How Is She Connected to Luffy?

One Piece: Who Is Monkey D. Lilly & How Is She Connected to Luffy?

Believe it or not, theories about Luffy having a daughter in One Piece are more popular than some theories related to the actual plot and canon of the One Piece franchise. We have done several articles about Luffy’s supposed daughter, and while he does not have one, in this article, we are going to tell you who Monkey D. Lilly is; she is, of course, another fan-made daughter of Luffy and has nothing to do with the canon, but we’re still going to tell you all about her.

Monkey D. Lilly does not exist and is a character not really part of the One Piece canon. She is actually a fan-made character who is supposed to be the daughter of Monkey D. Luffy and Boa Hancock, but that’s about it. The name probably comes from the fact that Boa resides in Amazon Lily, so it actually makes a lot of sense. The name can be found while browsing the Internet, but as we have said, she is not part of the canon and does not exist in the series, as Oda has not even entertained such a possibility.

The rest of this article will explore Luffy’s family history and, in particular, the issue of whether he has a daughter in the world of One Piece. While we have talked about his “brothers,” and about a fan-made character known as Monkey D. Flora, and even his hypothetical sister before, we will now focus on Luffy’s supposed daughter and her existence in the series. If you’re not fully up-to-date with the events of One Piece, this article might contain some important spoilers, but we have to state that no new information will be presented here, as we will focus on old and well-known facts about the three of them.

Monkey D. Lilly does not exist in One Piece, and she is not Luffy’s daughter

First of all, let us clarify something – Luffy is barely of legal age in One Piece (he is 19), so the possibility of him having a child at that age seems to be quite strange, to be honest. Plus, when he met Boa for the first time, he was only 17, and that would have been even weirder.

So no, Luffy is definitely too young to have a child in the series, especially if we’re because the show is focused on adventure and not romance. While we know that Luffy is often shipped with other characters, most often Boa Hancock and Nami, there is nothing between them yet, and Luffy is still just a boy who wants to become the King of Pirates.

Boa Hancock is in love with Luffy that much is known, and she definitely would like to be his girlfriend, but from what we’ve seen, Luffy either doesn’t care or doesn’t realize her feelings, which seems to be the more probable solution, as Luffy is socially awkward and doesn’t really understand the intricacies of interpersonal relationships.


No, Luffy Does Not Have a Sister in ‘One Piece’

So, now that we have established this, we can actually tell you about Monkey D. Lilly. Who? Monkey D. Lilly, you’ve read it correctly. Monkey D. Lilly is a name you’ll find on the Internet. Since that is the case, we assume that some fans might be confused, which is why we have decided to compose this short article for you, in which we are going to explain everything about the “character” in question and what her role in the story of One Piece is.

First of all, Monkey D. Lilly does not exist. We can confirm that. She is a fan-made character; not only does she not exist in the canon, but there is absolutely nothing in the canon that indicates that she might even exist. Monkey D. Lilly is, like Monkey D. Flora and some other characters as well, a fan-made creation and it has nothing to do with the main One Piece canon, as Oda hasn’t even hinted at her existence being a possibility as of this time.

The character has appeared on the One Piece Fanon Wiki, which is actually a repository for various fan-made characters that are used by fanfiction writers who write about One Piece. On the site, Monkey D. Flora is described as the daughter of Monkey D. Luffy and Boa Hancock, i.e., the legitimate heir of these two characters. Her story has not been revealed, but we do know what she looks like (there is no picture, but there is a lengthy description):

Lily seems to have acquired her mother looks and even as a child is extremely beautiful and as a teen being rather immodest. Just like her parents she has black hair which as a child was about stomach length, as she grew up she preferred to put it into a large ponytail or an updo. As a child she wore a small kimono like the one her mother wore when she was a kid. As a tenn she wears jean shorts and a red bikini with blue flames, over which she wears a maroon fur lined vest. She also wears leg warmers and arm warmers both white with blue trim. She wears red shoes similar to sandals but with thicker soles. She has green/blue eyes and tends to wear a pair of gold earrings, though they are much smaller than her mothers, and a Kuja Necklace. As Princess and future empress of Amazon Lily she wears a violet robe with a pink undergarment. She also wears a finkis feather boa in addition to having her snake Louie wrapped around her body. She has hip length black hair and earrings just like her mothers. According to MrPlasmaCosmos she is represented by the color Pink, the swan, and she smells of spring water and flowers.

Monkey D. Flora, One Piece Fanon Wikia

As you can see, this is pretty detailed, and you can, more or less, imagine what she looks like. As for her personality, we know this:

While she gets her looks from her mother she gets most of her mentality from both of her parents. She can be rather spacey and is easily excitable. but she tends to be more level headed like her mother and speaks clearly and cleanly. Also like her parents she is kindhearted but can be serious even down right terrifying if somone she cares about comes into harms way. Like her father she tends not to think before she acts however. She also developed her fathers sense of humor. However much she resembles her father in brains she also tends to act like her mother even in some cases as to look down on her foes in similar ways to her mother. She also tends to fidget when nervous and has similar daydreams to her mothers when she is smitten. In addition, like her father, she can be narcoleptic at times, falling asleep at random peroids, unlike her father however she does not possess the need to eat mass quantities of food. Overall she seems like Nami but with obvious traits from her parents and without the greed.

Monkey D. Flora, One Piece Fanon Wikia


Who Is Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s Father? Origin, Powers, Abilities, Bounty & More

And that’s it. We know that she has a pet snake named Louie, which is also her weapon, and that she can use Haki, which actually makes sense; she also has the Will of D. Ultimately, she would eat the fictional Kawa Kawa no Mi, which allows her to manipulate free water in the environment.

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