Who Will Luffy End Up with in One Piece? (& Who Does He End Up with in the Manga)

who dos luffy end up with

The One Piece saga takes fans through a ton of adventures but rarely features romance. This hasn’t stopped the curiosity, however, and fans are eager to find out who Luffy will end up with, or if he ends up with anyone in the manga.

Luffy is most likely to end up with Boa Hancock, as she has made it clear that she wishes to be with him and he has shown he cares about her a lot. However, Luffy has a strong friendship with Nami and has reacted to her physical appearance numerous times, so many fans still believe Luffy might end up with Nami.

While fans are never given a clear view of who Luffy’s main romantic interest is throughout the story, there are some pieces of evidence that could point to the most likely suitor. Stick around to find out about Luffy’s potential love interests in One Piece, as well as who Luffy is most likely to end up with in the future.

Who Does Luffy End Up With In The Manga?

Monkey D. Luffy is seen as one of the most popular anime characters of all time for cuntless One Piece fans. But, there is little evidence showing Luffy is romantically attracted to anything other than food and adventure, to the point where many One Piece fans still speculate whether Luffy is gay, straight, or asexual.


Luffy is far more interested in taking on any and all adventures that await himself and the Straw Hat crew – of course, with the ultimate goal of finding the One Piece. As a result, he is not fussed about developing romantic interests or relationships with anyone at all.


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He has developed strong relationships with numerous One Piece characters, but he has not really shown a romantic attraction to anyone in particular. At the time of writing, he does not end up with anyone in the One Piece manga, still focused on being the Pirate King and exploring the world.

Who Will Luffy End Up With In One Piece?

Although Luffy has not started a romantic relationship in the One Piece manga, there is still a chance of Luffy developing a love interest later down the line. Below are all of the potential suitors for Luffy in One Piece, as well as who he is most likely to end up with.


Vivi is the princess of the Alabasta Kingdom, a former member of the Straw Hat crew, and a member of the Nefertari family. Luffy and Vivi develop a very close relationship over time, but it’s been shown that their relationship is platonic.

Vivi and Karoo Read About Luffy

They actually started off as enemies, but the antagonistic tension between them faded after Vivi discovered Luffy’s attitude. She is often amazed by his laid-back and somewhat reckless take on life, and they develop a strong friendship based on mutual respect and trust.

Vivi is extremely grateful to Luffy, while Luffy shows that he cares about her in numerous ways. While there are moments that can be seen as romantic tension, the odds of Luffy and Vivi ending up together are very slim.


Robin is the sixth member of the crew, and she gets along with Luffy really well. Robin is grateful to Luffy for saving her life on a couple of occasions, and she was struggling to find her place in the world until she came across Luffy and joined his crew.

Nico Robin

Luffy cares about Robin a lot, and he never stands for anyone threatening or hurting her. But, it seems that Luffy and Robin have a family-like relationship, meaning there is probably no chance of Luffy and Robin ever ending up together.


Luffy and Nami are really close, to the point where many fans wonder if Nami likes Luffy. Luffy and Nami do not seem to be interested in each other in a romantic sense and clash at times, but they have a super admirable, trusting, and strong relationship that could border on something more.

Nami and Luffy

He shows more interest in Nami throughout the One Piece storyline compared to others, and he even states that he does not want to sail without her. But, this could also be due to him really liking her as a navigator as well.

Luffy also trusts Nami deeply, as she is one of the very few people who he entrusts with his treasure, the “Straw Hat”. They have similar life goals as well since Nami wants to draw a map of the entire world while Luffy wants to be the Pirate King and explore the world.

1634634707 664 One Piece 7 Reasons Luffy Should Take Down Boa Hancock.webp

A main point of interest is how Luffy reacts to seeing Nami’s body. This has also been seen when she was impersonated as well, and he occasionally has nosebleeds when seeing Nami in certain contexts.

luffy straight nami
Luffy straight 3

Their interactions may indicate a really strong friendship as well. It has also been stated that Luffy may have only reacted to Nami’s body as a result of copying Usopp’s behavior – although, this is still up for debate.

Nevertheless, many fans still believe that Luffy and Nami may develop a romantic relationship. The chances of Luffy and Nami ending up together are still high considering how far he goes for her – and, the two are featured together in official One Piece artwork quite often.

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is the Pirate Empress, and she started off with an antagonistic approach to Luffy. However, she noticed his innocent and selfless nature, appreciating that Luffy never judged her even after finding out about her being a slave in the past.


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She starts to develop strong romantic feelings for Luffy, and being around Luffy changes her personality to the point where she turns against the World Government. Hancock never tries to hide the fact that she wants to be with Luffy, openly professing her love and desire to marry him.

boa luffy

There are plenty of additional things she tries to do for him, such as learning to cook after she understands his deep love for food. She has a hard time looking Luffy in the eye, and has a tendency to blush when Luffy is around her.

Oda apparently stated that the focus is on friendship and that none of the Straw Hat crew members will develop romantic relationships – potentially making Boa, Captain of the Kuja Pirates and female Warlord of the Sea, far more probable. Hancock defends Luffy from Smoker and Pacifistas, and she becomes angry at anyone who tries to hurt Luffy.

luffy marry

Hancock daydreams about Luffy in romantic instances, as seen below thanks to the Love Interest Wiki. She dreams about marrying him, and how things might be if they ended up together – this could be mere fantasies, but it could also act as foreshadowing.

luffy marry hancock

But, it’s not clear if Luffy has romantic feelings toward Hancock, and he does not give much reaction when he sees Hancock undressed. But, it’s very possible he sees her for much more than her physical appearance, and he definitely cares about her a lot.

luffy straight

Although he rejects her proposal, they are pretty close. Many One Piece fans feel that the Pirate King and Pirate Empress may be the perfect happily ever after for Luffy, and there are various ways they might be suited to each other in the future.

boa luffy1

Unlike others, Hancock can explore the seas while fighting alongside Luffy, in addition to happily taking care of his passion for food. It’s quite possible that Luffy might pursue Boa after he matures and achieves his main goal.

Many One Piece fans still anticipate Nami and Luffy developing a romantic relationship, although it seems they have a sibling-like relationship. Boa Hancock is still the most likely, as the Pirate King being matched with the Pirate Empress would make for the ultimate anime couple ship ever.

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