One Piece: Will Usopp See Kaya Again? Will They Date?

One Piece: Will Usopp See Kaya Again & Will They Date?

Usopp is, of course, best known as the sniper of Luffy’s crew but also the series’ biggest liar, although he is not necessarily the most successful one. But, regardless of that, his relationship with Kaya, which was the focus of the Syrup Village Arc, is very intriguing, as it shows us a gentler and more sincere side of Usopp’s personality, as Kaya plays a very important role in his life. Usopp left Kaya when he left with Luffy, and in this article, we will tell you whether they will see each other again in the future.

Usop and Kaya have not seen each other since Usopp left with Luffy and became a crew member. It has been heavily hinted that Usopp and Kaya will meet again in the future, and since they’re both alive and well, there is a strong possibility that it might happen in the future. Whether they will become a couple is unknown, but there is a chance of that happening as well.

The rest of this article will be about Usopp and Kaya, their shared story, and their relationship, as it happened on the pages of the One Piece manga. We have given you a general answer above, and in the article below, we will provide you with more details about them, their relationship, and their shared story. Usopp’s and Kaya’s story is interesting, so we’ll have fun presenting it here to you. Of course, the article might also contain some spoilers, so we must warn you to be careful how you approach it.

Usopp left Syrup Village to fulfill his dream, but he never stopped thinking about Kaya

When we first see her, Kaya is a girl from Syrup Village who is kind and innocent. When Luffy, Zoro, and Nami arrive in Syrup Village searching for a ship and encounter Usopp, the town’s liar, she is first introduced to the plot. Usopp was a legendary failure as a liar, but he was also close to Kaya, who enjoyed his falsehoods since he would tell her about all the exciting exploits he had never had. At the same time, Kaya was unwell and bedridden and was being looked after by Klahadore, her ostensibly devoted butler who distrusted foreigners.

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It later turns out that Klahadore is actually the evil pirate captain Kuro, who has infiltrated Kaya’s household and manipulated the innocent girl into trusting him so he could cheat her out of her family fortune, which was quite large. The Straw Hats uncovered his ploy with Usopp’s help, and Kuro was ultimately defeated and chased away, while Kaya could live on normally.

So, where does Usopp fit into this story? Banchina’s (Usopp’s mother) death led him to develop a certain sympathy for Kaya, who could also not leave home due to an illness, just like Usopp’s mother. To help her overcome this difficult situation and the loss of both of her parents, Usopp told her many made-up stories about him and her exploits. Furthermore, when Kuro insults Kaya, Usopp finds the courage to strike the pirate despite his cowardice. Usopp was the most reluctant of the entire crew to separate from the Going Merry, partly due to his bond with Kaya and her homeland.


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So, as you can see, Kaya and Usopp developed a pretty strong bond, and the two of them cared for each other deeply. Kaya liked Usopp because of how much effort he put into making her feel better, while Usopp liked Kaya because he… liked her. In time, a deep friendship developed between the two, and the series has also hinted at a potential romance between them in the future.

Be that as it may, Usopp ultimately decided to pursue his dream, and he went with Luffy and his friends, leaving behind Syrup Village and Kaya. Since that moment, the two of them have not seen each other, and Kaya has only been following the Straw Hats’ exploits via the papers.

It is officially not known whether the two of them will actually meet again, but we are now going to tell you a bit about Kaya’s future in the series before we conclude on the possibility of Kaya and Usopp meeting once again in the story, as well as on their potential future together.

What happened to Kaya? Will she become a doctor?

As we now know, Kaya survived the events of the Syrup Village Arc and expressed her desire to become a doctor. We don’t see much of her later, but she has been addressed, and here is what we know about her story.

As stated, Kaya did commence her studies to become a doctor, and during the Arabasta Saga, we can confirm that she has become an apprentice doctor while Carrot, Onion, and Pepper act as her bodyguards in the streets of Syrup Village. While she is sitting on the fence, Kaya is joined by Carrot, Onion, and Pepper, who show her Sogeking’s bounty. The girl states that it is undoubtedly Usopp and the three confess to her that no one in the village believed it but that they were sure that she would recognize the sniper.

When she starts to walk away, Onion asks her where she is going, so she replies that she needs to continue studying medicine to become a good doctor so that if Usopp returns injured, she can treat him properly. Kaya continues her medical studies while Merry protects her from a group of suitors. Later, they are all once again seen, happy that Usopp has gotten a new wanted poster.

Will Usopp and Kaya reunite?

As you can see, Kaya is now happy and healthy, pursuing her studies to become a proper doctor while caring for her own “pirate gang.” She still follows Usopp’s adventures and knows what is happening in the world, and she herself has stated that she has to become a good doctor to heal Usopp if he comes back home with injuries.


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This implies that Kaya is definitely waiting for Usopp’s return, which actually makes sense since the manga indicated that she did like him; whether this is a romantic emotion or not remains to be seen, but we can definitely confirm that the story is set up for a reunion between Usopp and Kaya, so we hope that we’re right about that.

Whether they will become a couple or not is less clear, as we don’t know how Oda plans to resolve that aspect of his characters’ futures, but there are some indications that Kaya and Usopp might end up together later in the story.