‘Only Murders in the Building’: Why Does Mabel Have to Move Out of Her Apartment?

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The third season of ‘Only Murders in the Building‘ not only brought another murder mystery for Mable, Charles, and Oliver to solve, but Mable also shocked both her friends and the audience with the information that she has to move out of her apartment. We knew she was only in Arconia to remodel the apartment, but somehow we always hoped she would stay even after that. But let’s see why she has to move.

Mable is finished remodeling her aunt’s apartment in Arconia, and her aunt has already sold the apartment to the new owners. This means Mable only has a few weeks before new tenants move into the apartment. We knew from the start that Mable came to Arconia to redecorate and remodel the apartment, and now that she’s done with that, she needs to move out.

Mable visited her aunt in Arconia ever since she was a little girl. She met her best friends there as a kind and enjoyed playing games with her Hardy Boys squad. Years later, she met Oliver and Charles there, and the trio became the main murder mystery solver in the building. If Mable moves out from Arconia, it may also mean the end for their podcast. Let’s see in more detail why Mable has to move out of the apartment.

Mable has a lot of memories connecting her with Arconia

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Before they shared their love for true crime mysteries, Mabel, Charles, and Oliver were just three neighbors living in the apartment building called Arconia. It is an upscale apartment where anyone would be happy to live since the apartments are spacey and luxurious. If one does not mind witnessing an occasional murder, of course.

Mabel was a mystery from the beginning. Charles and Oliver got their apartments in Arconia 30 years ago when they were affordable, but they did not know how Mabel managed to get an apartment there. She moved into her apartment and immediately started with the renovations of the place. And even though the apartment was in the remodeling phase at first, it was clear that it was very spacious and had many rooms.

Mabel gradually revealed that the apartment belonged to her aunt, who asked her to remodel it. Mabel often visited Arconia and her aunt when she was a little girl. She met Tim Kono there and the rest of their Hardy Boys squad. Around twenty years later, Mable returned to Arconia to remodel her aunt’s apartment, and it is fair to say that a lot happened during her stay.


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Not only was Tim Kono murdered, but Mabel was also a suspect in a different murder. The best thing that happened to her while in Arconia was the newly founded friendship with Charles and Oliver and the creation of their podcast. However, it seems like their adventures might end at the end of this season since Mable is supposedly moving from her aunt’s apartment and leaving in another city.

If Mabel moves out, that could be the end of the ‘Only Murders in the Building’ podcast


The show’s third season brought a new murder mystery for Mabel, Oliver, and Charles. However, it also became clear that Mabel is done decorating and remodeling her aunt’s apartment, meaning that her job in Arconia is done, and she’ll have to move out soon. She did a great job decorating the place, and it did not take long for new owners to buy it.

Oliver and Charles were shocked to hear that Mable’s aunt had sold the place and that Mable had to move in four weeks. Mable tried to soothe herself and the guys saying that it was for the best and that it was time for her to sort her life out. She plans to move to Brooklyn or Queens. She promised to come to visit her friends after she moved since they weren’t into the idea that they go and visit Mable.

The whole situation about moving out from Arconia did not sit well with Mable, no matter how hard she tried to pretend it was fine. She was going through an existential crisis and felt like she had nothing figured out in her life. She should be finding a job or a new place to live, but she did nothing of those things and felt completely lost.


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With Ben’s murder still unsolved, Mable will be around until the murder mystery is resolved, but it is uncertain what will happen next. If she really moves from Arconia, it is possible that this will also be the show’s final season, but we’ll have to wait for that confirmation.

We know that Mabel’s aunt has already sold the apartment, and the only thing that could prevent the new owners from moving in is if some new murder happens in Arconia, which scares them off. This might seem far-fetched, but considering the show’s dynamics so far, it is not impossible. We’re going to have to wait until the next week, when ‘Only Murders in the Buidling’ releases new episode.

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