‘Out of Exile’ Ending Explained: Can Gabriel Get Out of the Game?

Out of Exile Ending

Welcome to the Ending Explained for ‘Out of Exile,’ a 2022 heist film written and directed by Kyle Kauwika Harris and starring Adam Hampton, Hayley McFarland, Kyle Jacob Henry, Ryan Merriman, and Peter Greene. The film is one of those classic heist films, depicting the story of a criminal who has had a change of heart and wants to get out of their life of crime and start all over again. However, as is expected, getting out of the only way of life you know is harder than it looks. This is a movie you have seen many times before.

In terms of the film’s quality, you can tell it is a low-budget film. However, nothing in the story, the acting, or the set pieces makes it stand out from the rest of the low-budget films that come out yearly. There is zero sense of style or vision. You can say that anyone could have directed this movie, as it has no personal stamp. Harris has good intentions, but his script just fails to be interesting. The dialogue is quite dry, there is zero sense of humor, and all the drama is up to eleven all the time. This makes the film feel very one, not from beginning to end.


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Gabe, Marcos, and Wesley are all trying to start up anew

‘Out of Exile’ is a classic redemption tale. We are introduced right at the very beginning to our main character, Gabriel Russell. He recently got out of prison after serving 16 years. Gabe, his brother Welsey (ex-military), and Marcos (ex-military) are trying to rob an armored truck. They are initially successful, but just as they are about to leave, Wesley shoots the security guard, messing up pretty badly.

Marco and Gabe at practice range

FBI agents Brett Solomon and Angela Jordan are assigned to the case. The second armored truck driver is their main witness. $270 000 has been taken, and she describes the robbers as ex-military coordinated as a SWAT Team.

Gabriel returns to his “boss,” Whitman, who organized the heist. He gets offered another job but is highly skeptical of it due to not trusting Whitman at all.

The first evidence emerges

FBI finds the truck used in the robbery abandoned in the forest. But Gabe returns to the scene before them to burn it and destroy the evidence. He returns back to his brother’s apartment to share the money and blows up at Wesley due to shooting the guard. Wesley still asks Gabe whether Whitman has any new jobs for them, but Gabe tells them to stay away from Whitman, that he is nothing but trouble, and to stay away from Whitman’s bar.

Gabes father

Gabe goes to a local diner, and we find out that he has an estranged daughter named Dawn. Her partner is clearly abusing her, but she is rude toward Gabe, who wants nothing but to help her. We also learn that Gabe’s wife died a long time ago, most likely while he was in prison, and he wasn’t there for Dawn when that took place.

At the same time, the truck that Solomon found revealed no evidence. Gabe returns “home,” and we meet his father. Who is a “reformed” criminal himself? He argues with Gabe due to both of his sons robbing a bank and tells him that his mother would be disappointed in all of them. He also gives him advice that he can’t trust Whitman Rader and to stay away from him. The same advice that Gabe gave to Wesley.


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The security guard has died, and Wesley faces Capital Murder charges

Gabe is having dinner at Marcos’ house, and Marcos reveals the only reason why he is robbing banks is because his new wife wants to bring her family over from Mexico, and that costs a lot of money. This is why they are going to rob one more bank and stop. They are done with life and are planning on escaping somewhere safe and lay low for the rest of their lives.

At that time, a news report comes up the security guard that Wesley shot up has died after all. Wesley, at the bar, is looking at the same news report as Gabe and Marcos. Agent Solomon, during a live broadcast, reveals the perpetrators are facing Capital Murder charges. Wesley is mad as hell and picks up a random bar fight. The fact that other guys are flirting with his girlfriend pisses him off. Further, he pulls out a gun, but the guy he is threatening turns out to be a Latino gang member.

Whitman shows up and manages to de-escalate the conflict by killing all three gang members who were at the bar at that time. Gabe shows up at a bar and sees Whitman drinking with Wesley. Gabe is made, but Whitman is even more furious because Wesley keeps bringing trouble to his doorstep.

Wesley reveals that he is addicted to cocaine, and that’s the reason he got dishonorably discharged

Gabe gives Wesley a ride back home, and Wesley admits what bothers him: ever since he returned from the military, he can’t find anything meaningful to do. He hates his new menial job, and shooting the security guard was the most alive he felt since returning from Iraq. Wesley also wants to get in on the next bank job, but Gabe tells him that’s not an option. We also find out that Wesley has addiction problems, and Gabe gives him advice that he should get clean as soon as possible.

The FBI agents catch a huge break in the case. The getaway car involved with the robbery was at Clemen’s Garage and Wrecker Service, the same place where Wesley, Gabe, and Marcos are working. They also find a tracking device planted in the car that survived the fire. They developed a theory that someone at the shop messed with the car’s FOB, planted the device, and tracked it down when it was time to rob the armored car.

Gabe organizing new robbery

In the next scene, we see Gabe making a plan for the next robbery, this one involving bank tellers. The total haul should be around 500 thousand dollars.

Gabe makes plans with his daughter but isn’t sure whether he can keep them

Gabe goes to visit his daughter again but learns that she is in the hospital and severely beaten up. He also learns that Dawn is pregnant. Dawn reveals that she told her boyfriend “Eddie” about the baby, but he didn’t like the news, thinking that she wanted to “trap” him or something. Gabe tells her that he is about to move soon, and he wants Dawn to go with him. He says that he will take care of everything, including her hospital bills and Eddie.

Eddie Dawns boyfriend

Gabe tracks down his brother, and the two of them confront Eddie. Gabe severely beats Eddie up. It’s only Wesley that manages to stop him before killing him completely. The two brothers are glad to have each other’s backs. Gabe finally invites Wesley to get it on the latest heist job if he wants to.


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Solomon is closing in on his suspects

Agent Solomon meets with his informer and gives him money and drugs in exchange for some information regarding the robbery. Remmy “has no clue” who robbed the armored car but pointed him toward Whitman Rader, who is just about the only person who can move that kind of money quickly.

Gabe returns to his daughter and tells her that she can go with him. He is leaving in two days (after the robbery), and he promises that he won’t let her down this time. Dawn is hopeful but is afraid of trusting her father.

At the same time, the FBI agents have pulled the records of Marcos, Gabe, and Wesley and are slowly closing in on them. They manage to catch Wesley because he looks the most suspicious. They bring him back to the station and question him regarding his new car purchase that is way over his pay grade.

Wesley returns to Marcos and Gabe and reveals that the FBI is onto them. They are considering canceling the upcoming robbery.

The robbery is still on, but so is the investigation

Solomon makes his way to the auto repair shop, and we learn that Gabe’s and Wesley’s father used to move drugs for Whitman Rader, and this is where the animosity stems from. As Solomon is questioning Gabe, the SWAT team is combing his place down. Dawn prepares to leave the town with her father and has no idea what kind of trouble he is. Marcos, Gabe, and Wesley are still on to rob the place; at least Whitman is convinced that they are.

Agent Solomon placed surveillance on Wesley and Gabe, but they managed to mess with it, and he is now virtually blind and unable to locate them. Agent Angela convinced him to drop them for now because they have no case to stand on, only circumstantial evidence.

Before robbing the bank, Gabe visits his father and the accountant, and he asks him whether he can put cash in Dawn’s name in case something happens to him.

What happened to Wesley?

Remember that Latino gang member that Whitman killed at the beginning of the movie? Well, his older brother is back for blood and is willing to pay Whitman for the information. Instead of coming clean, Whitman accepts the money and sends him after Wesley. He tracks down Wesley and shoots him up (as well as Wesley’s girlfriend) in the parking lot in broad daylight. Wesley dies on the spot before an ambulance can help him.


Gabe has no idea what happened to Wesley and calls Dawn. He tells her to be prepared for tonight. She cuts her hair. Gabe is trying to get ahold of Wesley, but they are already late for the robbery. Whitman appears and asks about Wesley (knowing full well what he’s done).

Instead of Wesley, Whitman sends his guy to go rob the bank with Marcos and Gabe. The new guy and Gabe can’t stand each other, and everything spells out disaster. The FBI is watching over the bank and waiting for Gabe and Marcos to appear.

The robbery is a bust

Gabe, Marcos, and the rest of the team are at the bank, and one member of their crew is seen giving some kind of papers to the bank manager and instructs her to give them to Agent Solomon. We learn that Whitman has been working with the FBI this whole time. As the bank robbery goes bust, Marcos and Gabe escape, but Marcos is shot and is about to die, leaving behind a newborn son and wife.

Marco dying

Gabe parks somewhere isolated and burns the getaway car and Marcos’ body. He makes his way to Whitman’s bar and accuses him of being an informant before shooting him point blank and killing him. Solomon and another FBI agent are at the bank following the robbery, and Solomon learns that his investigation has been ruined by another agent who ran an undercover bust during the robbery itself.

Did Gabe leave with his daughter?

Gabe goes to meet Dawn. They are supposed to meet at the diner. He pulls up at the Gast Station first and buys a teddy bear. Eddie, Dawn’s ex-boyfriend, is driving by that Gas station and sees Gabe exiting. He pulls out his gun and shoots him in the stomach. Dawn falls asleep while waiting for her father. She eventually leaves when she figures out that he is never making it to her. She has no idea what happened to him.

Dawn waits for her father

The last scenes are of Gabe, holding his stomach and dying, reminiscent of the lake he visited with his mother and brother while he was a child, something that he stated was his favorite memory.
In his mind, Gabe sees Dawn happy and unharmed, heavily pregnant, smiling at him.
There are two possible explanations for this ending, either Gabe died and his vision of “heaven” was his daughter at his favorite place, or Gabe lived and managed to save his daughter and bring her to his happy place, finally riding all differences between them!

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