‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’: Here’s What the Cloven Council Is


The storyline of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ has already picked up, and there were some details that people may not have noticed but were already teased early in the series. It was during episode 2 that the Cloven Council was shown and mentioned in passing in relation to Grover’s story in ‘Percy Jackson.’ Of course, the Cloven Council also had a role to play in Percy’s story. So, what is the Cloven Council?

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  • The Cloven Council is a group of some of the oldest and wisest Satyrs living in the forest near Camp Half-Blood.
  • In the books, the Cloven Council is what determines whether or not a Satyr has the aptitude needed for a searcher’s license, which is needed to go on a journey to find Pan.

The Cloven Council is composed of elder Satyrs

The first episode of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ quickly introduced us to what a Satyr is as Grover, Percy’s best friend, has been a Satyr the entire time and was acting as his protector while they were both attending Yancy Academy together. 

Basically, Satyr’s are demi-humans with goat horns and goat legs. Grover did a fantastic job hiding this from Percy before he finally had to reveal the truth to his best friend as he, Percy, and Sally fled to Camp Half-Blood for Percy’s safety.


Sadly, Percy and Grover lost Sally along the way as Percy saw his mother seemingly perishing at the hands of the Minotaur before they were able to make it to Camp Half-Blood. Episode 1 ended with Percy defeating and killing the Minotaur as he and Grover were barely able to make it to Camp Half-Blood.

While Percy woke up in Camp Half-Blood thinking that his mother had died at the hands of the Minotaur, something about how Sally “died” bothered Grover. He noticed that Sally turned into golden dust instead of getting smushed by the Minotaur. As such, he went to a group known as the Cloven Council, which lives in the forests just outside Camp Half-Blood.


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Grover was seen meeting with creatures who looked like Satyrs as well. Soon after, he went to Chiron and Dionysus to tell them that the Cloven Council was able to confirm that Sally Jackson was still alive and had been taken by Hades to the Underworld, prompting Chiron and Mr. D to tell him to keep this a secret from Percy. 

Of course, at the end of the episode, Grover reveals this fact to Percy to persuade him to go on a quest to recover the master bolt because it could also be in the Underworld, which is the very same place his mother had been taken by Hades.

So, as can be seen, the Cloven Council was the reason why Percy found a reason to go on a quest that he originally had no reason to accept. But what exactly is the Cloven Council in ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians?’

At this point, what we know about the Cloven Council in the live-action version of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ is still minimal because the only thing we know is that they live in the forest outside Camp Half-Blood and that they are just like Grover in the sense that they could also be Satyrs.

In the books, the Cloven Council is a group of elder Satyrs who are considered the leaders of their people. They are also the ones who are in charge of determining whether or not a Satyr is equipped with the skills and attributes required for a searcher’s license, which is the license needed for a Satyr to go on a quest to find the missing Greek god of the wild, Pan.

The Council is going to be important in Grover’s story

At this point, it is unlikely that the series will reveal more of what the Cloven Council is because, according to the books, it would take until the fourth book for them to become more important. However, the Cloven Council is set to become an important part of Grover’s story, especially in his own journey as a Satyr.

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In the books, the Cloven Council told Grover that he could only be given a searcher’s license if he would be able to prove himself capable enough, and that was why he had to go help Percy in his quest to recover the master bolt. During the events of the second book, ‘The Sea of Monsters,’ Grover went on his own search for Pan and ended up stumbling into the Golden Fleece.

It wasn’t until the fourth book, ‘The Battle of Labyrinth,’ that the Cloven Council became more important. Grover and his allies were able to find Pan, only for the Greek god of the wild to die after passing some of the essence of his spirit to the heroic Satyr.


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Upon Grover’s return to the Cloven Council, the members weren’t willing to believe that Pan had died. This led to the division of the Cloven Council because three members voted to exile Grover. However, Chiron and Dionysus (who held two votes because of his status as a god) voted to allow Grover to stay, thus concluding the vote in a tie. 

This led to the Satyr’s becoming divided because there were some who stuck with the elders who voted to exile Grover. On the other hand, some of the Satyrs actually followed Grover as their new leader. This is why the Cloven Council is such an important part of Grover’s storyline in the books, and it is likely that the series will adapt the same narrative on the part of his development and journey as a character.

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