‘Perry Mason’ Season 2 Episode 2: Recap & Ending Explained

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The three-year hiatus is over, and Perry Mason is back on HBO. We are into episode two of the show’s second season. This episode takes viewers deeper on a thrilling ride through the seedy underbelly of 1930s Los Angeles. Perry Mason, hardboiled as ever, accepts to defend Mateo and Rafel, two brothers that are the main suspects in murdering Brooks McCutcheon. Della decides to explore her private life a bit more, and Paul learns some hard truths. Further in the article, you can read about the ‘Perry Mason’ Season 2 Episode 2: Recap & ending explained. So, let’s see what the second episode provided us with.

Rafael and Mateo Gallardo are the main suspects

The episode begins with the press release stating that two brothers, Rafael, and Mateo Gallarado, ages 18 and 20, were arrested for the murder of Brooks McCutcheon. District Attorney Hamilton Burger explains how they were apprehended and says that he will do everything in his power to see that the people of Los Angeles see the verdict they deserve in this case. He assigned Mr. Thomas Milligan, his top deputy, to lead this case.

As Milligan gives his statement to the public, he points out that the evidence that was gathered against Rafael and Mateo was overwhelming. He is determined to seek justice, and the death penalty is the only one he will accept as the right punishment.

Luisa Gallardo comes to visit Perry Mason because of it. As Perry and Della returned to the office, Luisa Gallardo was there waiting for Perry. She is Rafel’s and Mateo’s aunt, and she came to Perry alongside Sofia, Mateo’s wife. As Rafael’s and Mateo’s public defender, Frank Dillon, didn’t want to see them, they decided to ask Perry to be their lawyer instead. However, Perry is determined that he can’t take that case.

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Luisa and Sofia reminded Perry that he believed in Emily Dodson’s innocence when no one else did, so that’s why they believe he is the right man to defend Rafael and Mateo. Nevertheless, Perry declines them, stating he is not the right man for the job.

Della tries to persuade Hamilton into a plea deal, and Paul feels betrayed

As Della attended the piano concert with Hamilton, she asked him many questions regarding the Gallardo case. She wanted to know why Hamilton is not open to taking a plea deal and suggested to Hamilton that their punishment should be 25 years to life. If they confess in court, that would save Hamilton time, and there would be no need for trial. They get to keep their lives instead. However, Hamilton is not open to that suggestion.

When she came back to the office the next day, there was a doll that Sofia Gallardo’s kid had left there by accident. So, Della decided to visit them and return the doll. The Gallardo family was sad to hear that she did not come to accept their offer, but they were sure that Della came to see them because she wanted to help them.


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Paul is doing his job as a private investigator for Strickland, gathering valuable evidence and information regarding Perkins’s case. Even though he thinks that Perkins is somewhat sketchy, he does not believe that he is a major threat to society, and he doubts that there is anyone who wants to take Perkins out.

When he got home, his family was glad to see him, as he brought food home. So they concluded that his new job must be going well. However, Paul was surprised to hear that Perkins was arrested for loan sharking, bootlegging, and income tax evasion. Paul provided information to Strickland, but he had no idea that Strickland would use them to actually arrest Perkins.

Mason thinks that the Gallardo brothers are innocent

Even though Perry did not take the case initially, he couldn’t stop to think about it. When his friend, Pete Strickland, came to visit him, Perry told him about how Luisa came to ask him to be the young boys’ lawyer. Strickland tells him that it is probably not a good idea to take that case because Milligan will do whatever it takes to make sure that Gallardo brothers get the death penalty.

As they talk more about Brooks and the manner in which he was killed, Perry gets skeptical. He does not believe that either of the brothers could shoot Brooks with a single bullet from a distance. All of that made Perry even more curious, so later at night, he broke into the warehouse where the car in which Brook’s body was found was parked. He examined the car and came to one conclusion: there was no chance that a scared kid at night could make the shot so perfect as to kill Brooks in his car.

Perry decided to visit the Gallardo brothers and introduce himself. He explained to the boys that their aunt had come to see him and that he was trying to help them. They provided Perry with their side of the story, and Perry seemed to believe them.

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So, when Perry met with Della back in the office, he suggested to her that he thinks they should take the Gallardo case because he thinks that the brothers are not guilty. He managed to gather enough evidence that weakens the case against them. Della agrees that this case is worth fighting for. Her only concern is whether Perry is ready for another murder case and where they will get the funding for their defense.

In order to get their funding, Perry and Della went to see their client, Sunny Gryce, and made him an offer he could not refuse.


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‘Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 2: Ending Explained

Arraignment hearing regarding the Gallardo brothers took place. Gallardo brothers pleaded not guilty, and Milligan asked for bail to be denied. Perry opposed that and stated that his clients should be released on their own recognizance. He had a minor dispute with the judge, and the judge denied the bail.

The case got wide media attention, and as soon as the hearing ended, Perry and Della got out of the courtroom, and journalists surrounded them. Perry said to the press that he believes the boys are innocent and intends to prove that the evidence against them is circumstantial. However, Perry is surprised when the press reveals that the forensic report showed that Rafael Gallardo’s fingerprints were found on Brook’s car.

Perry invited Paul into his office. He complimented Paul on the good job he was doing for Strickland. But, when Paul told him about how Strickland used him to get to Perkins, Perry was not pleased to hear that. He assured Paul that he did not have anything to do with that and offered him a job regarding McCutheon’s case. Paul accepts but makes perfectly clear that their relationship is damaged because the trust has been broken.

Perry and Paul went to the police and examined the evidence box, and Della went to the Los Angeles County Hall of Records. Della found out that Brooks was conducting business in bad faith and that he had left many debts behind regarding his ship, Morroco. Apparently, Brooks was broke, but he did a great job of covering that fact.

So, Mason and Paul decided to visit the Morroco and see what is happening onboard. Again, Paul faced racial discrimination when he was not allowed to travel alongside Mason. Perry got into a conversation with one of the bartenders, and it was clear that she knew more about Brooks than she cared to admit.

Paul learns from the kitchen staff that the ship is in bad shape and the business is not going well. In the meantime, Perry snoops around the ship and overhears the conversation about the ship’s engine and how it should have been replaced months ago. When Mason realizes that the person that the mechanic is talking with is none other than Eugene Holcomb, a corrupt police officer, he bursts laughing. Holcomb orders his men to attack Mason. Perry and Paul try to escape from the ship, but they are surrounded by Holcomb’s men. Mason manages to find a witty and cunning solution to leave the ship peacefully.

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The episode ends with Charlie Goldstein, one of the people who were subpoenaed in the McCutcheon case, murdered in a gruesome manner. Goldstein was also one of Morroco’s remaining suppliers. After he is murdered, Walter Crippen receives a phone call regarding Charlie’s murder, and he sets on fire Goldstein’s grand jury subpoena.


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The episode’s ending gave us a lot to think about and set the ball rolling. It is clear that there is a grand conspiracy behind Brooks’s murder and the web of lies covering it all is more complex than it seemed at first.

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