‘Perry Mason’ Season 2 Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained

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Welcome to the Recap and Ending Explained for Perry Mason Season 2, Episode 4. We are into the fourth episode of the season, called Chapter Twelve. Perry wants to step off the case or at least get a deal before the trial. The Gallardo brothers confess to murdering Brooks, but their story seems a bit shaky. Oh, and Mason steals a horse. It was a good episode, so let’s see what exactly happened.

Paul is not sure whether to tell Mason about the murder weapon he found

The episode starts with Paul standing on a pier dock, holding a paper bag, and thinking. It is then revealed that the bag contains the gun which was used in killing Brook. Paul’s wife asks him if is he sure that is the murder weapon and whether he told Perry about it or not. Paul states that he hesitates to tell Perry because, as soon as he tells him, he will not be the same again, neither for Perry nor anybody involved.


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Paul’s wife thinks it is not a good idea to keep this from Mason, because if the DA office has this evidence as well, they will use them in court against the Gallardo brothers, and Mason will find himself off guard and unprepared. Paul is unsure what is worse, knowing that your client pulled the trigger or not being prepared when the other side proves it. To make things even worse, back at Paul’s home later, his relatives tease him that he is defending stone-cold murderers. However, they state eventually that they are sure that Paul is doing the right thing at that he is not dirty. Paul is not comfortable with that statement.

Lydell McCutcheon meets with Frank Finnerty, a radio program host, and Lydell wants his help to put a shade on Mason’s name. He is already using newspapers in doing so as well.

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Della is in the office, and Marion informs her that she found out that Noreen Lawson was not always Noreen Lawson. She was only married for two years. Her husband died, but she kept his name. Noreen’s maiden name was Taylor. So, now Marion wants to find out who V, Taylor, the name that Perry found on a photograph in Noreen’s room, is. Marion thinks he might be Noreen’s brother.

Della is overwhelmed. She thinks about Emilly Dodson and how she drowned herself and calls Anita St. Pierre for comfort and advice. Anita takes Della to her luxurious house situated in a private place in Palm Springs. Della is delighted with this Anita’s act, and she thinks the place is beautiful. The two of them share their romantic moments.

Holcomb investigates, while Perry and Ginny get closer

Holcomb is on Morroco on a Friday night. The place is almost empty, as there are only a few guests onboard. He finds out that Goldstein’s murder also has an impact on Morroco’s supplies now. Apparently, they are out of potatoes, and Goldstein was their main supplier. Also, it is revealed that Brooks started to pay Holcom decent money in the last five months of his life. So, Holcomb is most likely not the culprit for Brooks’s murder.

Later, Holcomb questions Goldstein’s men about what is going on. He wants to know why the deliveries stopped and why did they deliver for free twice a week to Brooks. Holcomb finds Dick Rile. He was a delivery guy who delivered to Morroco and was threatened by Lydell in the previous episode. So, when Holcomb wants to find some information regarding the business Brooks is conducting, RIle is scared to say anything.

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However, Holcomb makes Rile talk. Rile states that Brooks and Goldstein were in business together. They made delivery guys run trucks outside of regular business for about five or six months. The delivery guys were picking up products, mostly vegetables, from cargo ships in the middle of the night and sometimes delivering them to the Morroco. The curious thing is that the McCutheons owned the cargo ships.

Perry is trying to teach his son, Teddy, how to horse-ride. Teddy complains that the schoolchildren started teasing him about his father. Perry is not successful in teaching him how to ride a horse, but luckily, Teddy’s teacher, Miss Aimes, appears, has Teddy switch horses, and the three of them go on a horse ride.

Mason and Ginny (Miss Aimes) talk and Ginny reveals that she is divorced, but she kept her husbands name. She’s been in L.A. for only a year now. When they returned to the stables, Ginny said that she is there every Saturday if Mason ever wanted another lesson. They like each other.

Rafael and Mateo’s family visits them in prison. Rafael looks tired and concerned, but Mateo assures their aunt that everything is fine and that Mason is taking good care of them. Before they left, Rafael gave a paper with something written on it, stating that it was for Maria.


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The Gallardo brothers confess to murdering Brooks

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Later in the office, Mason tells Della that he will try to tell her everything she needs to know from now on. Della is still a bit upset with the fact that Perry did not tell her about Emilly drowning herself. Marion enters and tells them she has found Vincent Taylor, Noreen’s brother. He is a councilman, and there is a good chance he was tied with Brooks. Paul entered the office, and Mason was trying to catch him up with all the new information. But Paul did not listen, and he showed Perry and Della the gun that was used to kill Brooks instead.

Paul explained to Perry and Della that he found a guy who rents guns just nearby Rafael and Mateo’s home. Della thinks that it might be a coincidence, but Paul doubts that. ”They did it. They are guilty,” he said. Della then took the gun and stored it in a safe.

Immediately after that, Perry, Della, and Paul met with the Gallardo brothers. Mason is urging them to tell the truth. Mateo is furious and claims that they did not kill Brooks. Rafael tells Mason that he is their lawyer and that he is supposed to believe them. Paul then approaches the Gallardo brothers and tells them in detail about the gun they rented, from whom, and for what prize. Then, the brothers confess.

They were in a bad place, with no work or money, and wanted a quick score. Mateo pulled the gun on Brooks, and Rafael went for the money. Brooks did not want to give it willingly, even though they had a gun on him. When Brooks grabbed Rafael, Mateo shot Brooks.

After hearing that story, Mason and his colleagues leave. Mason is not sure what to believe. He thinks that everything that the boys say does not make any sense. Mason wants to step off the case as he does not want to represent two killers. However, Della and Paul convince him that it is not a good idea.

Mason is furious at the fact the has to stick with this case. He goes to visit Milligan to try to end this case before it gets to trial. He suggests a deal to Milligan. If brothers plead guilty, they get sentenced to life in prison with a chance of parole. Milligan and Hamilton think that Mason is bluffing and that he does not have strong enough evidence to weaken their case, as they have the Gallardo brothers dead to rights. So they decline Mason’s offer.

Mason steals a horse and gets into a fight

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Later, Mason talks with his friend Strickland. He wants to know what Stickland thinks it will take for Hamilton to back down. But, Strickland does not want to talk about it. However, when Stickland read in the newspapers about Gusher’s Rush, McCutheon’s racehorse, Perry decides that the two of them would break into McCutheon’s stables and ride the horse.


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So, they got to the stables; Perry took the horse on a racing track and rode it. Strickland was standing at the side watching. The mischief was then interrupted when stable workers came, and the horse threw Mason off. Perry enjoyed it far more than Strickland did, who left home angry about the fact that they almost got caught.

Della visited Camilla Nygaard. The two of them shared a meal, and Della wanted to find out more about how Brooks financed his stadium. They end up talking about Mason instead and how he and Della often have their different modus operandi, but Mason is Della’s best chance for success as a lawyer.

When Mason went to pick up his son from school, he punched a guy on the school premises because he said that Perry treated Mexican boys better than his son and called him ‘Maggot Mason. Teddy got scared, so Ginny told Perry she was going to take Teddy home.

‘Perry Mason’ Season 2 Episode 4: Ending Explained

Paul and Clara are at home and trying to enjoy themselves. But Paul’s mind is on the case. He says to Clara that Mason tried to get a plea deal for the boys, but the deal got shot down. Paul thinks that the Gallardo brothers’ story does not add up. According to their story, there was a struggle between them and Brooks, but there were no signs of that struggle. So, Clara encourages Paul that he should investigate the case further.

Perry gets drunk in the theatre and is approached by a prostitute, but he declines her services. Paul went to visit Twist, the gun dealer, once again. Twist said to Paul that the boys rented the guns for hours many days in a row. They practiced shooting with it, but it is unclear where they got the money to rent the gun every day.

Ginny visits Perry and tells him that she took Teddy home and cleared everything with the school board so Teddy would not be kicked from the school because of Perry’s fight with the other parent on the school premises. Perry invited Ginny into the apartment.

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Mateo’s wife, Sofia, followed Rafael’s instructions on paper when she visited them. It was a drawing of a car and the paper with the name Walter Scott on it. Sofia found the car from the drawing, and stashed underneath the car was the envelope full of cash. She took the envelope and was then confronted by Luisa Gallardo, who wanted to know what is Sofia doing. And the episode ends.

When Rafael gave the drawing to Sofia, he said that it was for Maria, Sofia’s and Mateo’s daughter, and that it was a good story. Someone is clearly paying the Gallardo brothers to take the fall for Brooks’s murder and who knows what else. We are halfway through the season, and many things remain to be revealed.

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