Pirates Of The Caribbean: Kevin McNally Wants Johnny Depp Back As Jack Sparrow

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One thing is certain, Pirates of the Caribbean aren’t over and Disney is slowly building up the future of its famous franchise. But apparently, Disney is building a future that won’t sit well with the fans, and you probably know why. Johnny Depp, the main star of the franchise who played the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow in all five previous movies was removed from the franchise by Disney and fans generally agree that Pirates of the Caribbean aren’t really Pirates of the Caribbean without him.

Currently, the latest movie in the franchise – Dead Men Tell No Tales – was released in 2017 and it was probably the last time for Depp in the role of Jack Sparrow. Since then, Disney announced that the sixth movie is in development and an additional spin-off movie with Margot Robbie set to star. The post-credit scene of Dead Men Tell No Tales gave us a tease that we could see Davy Jones back in the franchise, but it is unknown what older characters Disney is planning to bring back.

As reported by Express, Kevin McNally, better known as Mr. Gibbs to the fans of the franchise now revealed what he thinks of Johnny Depp’s case:

“I’ve never seen a hint of any dark side to Johnny. I see a great humanitarian and a beautiful human being. I don’t see any impediment for him coming back and playing Jack Sparrow. I think there was a general feeling that without Jack there is no Pirates franchise. And there’s probably a lot of truth in that.”

It’s safe to say that fans would agree with McNally. It is unknown what Disney is actually cooking behind their walls, but once we get the chance to see Pirates on the big screen again, we will probably feel a bit empty knowing that we won’t see Depp again as Jack Sparrow.

Depp was also removed from WB’s franchise Fantastic Beasts where he played the role of Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald. Mads Mikkelsen will replace him in the upcoming third movie – Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore – which is set to come out next year.

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