‘Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series’ Season 1 (Part 2) Ending Explained: Who Wins Between Cynthia and Iris?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, Season 1 (Part 2). As the title of the series implies, this is the ultimate journey for Ash and Pikachu as the main characters. It has been a long road, and both characters have become staples of the Pokémon franchise. It is a very strange thing to think that the series can continue without them on the board, but that has been the decision of the Pokémon Company. Once this season ends, a new series will arise with an entirely new cast of characters as protagonists.

It might be sad, but it makes sense. Ash has become such an accomplished character that the magic of the starting journey and being a rookie against the most powerful trainers in the world has been lost. Ash is already a champion; he has nothing to prove to anyone anymore. So. his journey is ending, and this last tournament is more of a victory lap than anything else. It will be sad to say goodbye to such wonderful characters, but for those who live the journey along with them, they will always be what Pokémon is all about.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series Season 1 (Part 2). Read at your own risk.

What Is The Masters Eight Tournament All About?

We found ourselves in the Wyndon Stadium, which is a reference to or an equivalent in the Pokémon world to Wimbledon Stadium. The biggest and most important stadium in the United Kingdom. Our main characters and we found ourselves here to participate in and be witnesses to the Masters Eight Tournament. What is this tournament all about? It is easy but also quite epic. The tournament has managed to gather the Eight Pokémon Champions from each region to make them fight.

This tournament serves as the ultimate tournament for Ash and Pikachu. The pair have proven themselves champions in their region of Kanto, and now they are on the journey to becoming the champions of the entire world. Of course, the battles will not be easy; the other eight Pokémon are some of the most powerful Pokémon trainers on the entire planet. They have been hyped up immensely in the games and the previous anime seasons. Getting to the end of this tournament will not be easy. Thankfully, Ash doesn’t need to win to go out in glory.

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The battles are being performed in three-on-three battles, which means that the trainers only have three Pokémon at hand, and once they lose those three Pokémon, they are out of the competition. The previous battle was that of Lance versus Diantha. Both trainers represent the Johto and Kalos regions, respectively. Their battle was epic, as expected, but Lance couldn’t stand against the attacks of the famous actress and was defeated. Now Diantha is on her way to the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, the next battle is approaching and will pit two powerful Pokémon Masters against each other. Master versus apprentice.


Why Did Ash Lose in the Kalos League?

Who Wins Between Cynthia And Iris?

The final episode of this second part of Pokémon Journeys focuses entirely on a battle between masters. The participants are Cynthia, the Pokémon champion of the Sinnoh region. Cynthia uses water-based Pokémon to fight. Most of her Pokémon are water-based but mixed with other types, including Dragon type. Dragon type is always a to-go choice for these masters, as the type has proven extremely powerful in battle.

On the other hand, Iris is the current Pokémon champion of the Unova region. Iris was once an apprentice under Cynthia, and as such, she has a deep knowledge of Cynthia’s techniques and strategies. Iris also uses Dragon-type Pokémon, so the expectations are that this could be a battle for the ages. In some sense, it is. Cynthian and Iris begin their battle, and with their opening Pokémon, you can already see that these two are playing no games. This is the real deal.

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Cynthia chooses to go with Gastrodon, while Iris chooses Excadrill. It seems like in this matchup, Excadrill could be at a disadvantage, and it is when Gastrodon uses rain dance to make rain. Excadrill has Ground-type in its DNA. However, Excadrill manages to pull off an upset and destroys Gastrodon when it seemed impossible. However, Cynthia’s next Pokémon won’t be so easy to defeat. She chooses Milotic, and the Pokémon quickly defeats poor Excadrill, who was already exhausted.


Garchomp vs. Salamence: Who Is the Stronger Pokémon?

Iris then chooses Dragonite, a favorite among Dragon-type Pokémon trainers. The battle is tense, and both Pokémon seem to be equals, but in the end, Milotic is defeated. Cynthia selects his favorite Pokémon, Garchomp, and defeats Dragonite. Iris is also pushed to use her last Pokémon, Haxorus. It is Dragon-type against Dragon-type. The battle is amazing, and it could go either way. However, in the end, Cynthia’s experience defeats Iris’s talent, and Garchomp wins using Mega-evolution. As the episode ends, Ash gets ready for his own battle and the chance to go to the semi-finals.