‘Power Book Ii: Ghost’: Who Is Anya Covington? & Why Is She Important to Tariq?

Sydney Winbush as Anya Covington in Power Book II

Power Book II: Ghost introduced a major shift in loyalties towards the end of the third season as the show ended with everyone else teaming up with Noma against Tariq. Tariq’s last play was the name of Noma’s daughter, Anya Covington because she seems to be the only person in the world that Noma cares about. With so much depending on what happens to the mystery girl, many fans wonder who Anya Covington is.

Originally, the name Anya Covington came from Effie after she discovered a family photo of Noma, Francesco Lombardi, and their daughter. She tracked her hoping to use her as leverage when Noma turned on them in the future. Although she gave the details of Anya’s location to Tariq after she was arrested in the third season, she betrayed him by joining Noma, essentially denying Tariq the opportunity to get to Anya Covington.

Tariq still discovered that Anya was kept away from Noma’s criminal lifestyle. She suggested that Anya probably has no idea that her mother is a drug dealer, which means she probably doesn’t know that Noma also killed her father. So, despite Noma seeming invincible in the third season, her weakness was exposed, and Tariq could still defeat her with a little help from her own daughter, so let’s look at how that could happen.

Who is Noma’s daughter in Power Book II: Ghost

Anya Obi and Noma on Ghost

Effie told Tariq that Noma’s daughter was Anya Covington, later revealed to be the American actress Sydney Winbush.

Sydney Winbush is a talented writer and actress popular for playing Alyson in An Amityville Poltergeist and Leeza Evans in 2023’s Half Sisters.

Many fans thought Effie was Noma’s daughter, but that was disproved when she investigated and came up with Anya Covington’s name.

Noma also said she moved her daughter to safety when Tariq tried to use her as a way to escape from Noma, Effie, and the Tejdas at the end of the third season.

Noma also told Monet that if she had kids, she would keep them as far away from drug dealing as possible, which is the case with Anya Covington.


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There are few details about Anya in the third season of Ghost, although Effie said she had her details, including her address which means she will be easy for Tariq to locate.

It is also possible that Anya doesn’t know that Noma also killed her father, which would give Tariq an opportunity to turn her against her mother.

Anya was a student at NYU, but Noma had her moved to safety after Effie betrayed Tariq and told her about Tariq’s plan to use Anya as leverage.

Tariq still has all the details about her from her social media, which means he can track her down, especially with help from Tate Rashad.

Why is Anya Covington important to Tariq?

Caroline Chikezie as Noma 1

Noma will try to kill Tariq and Brayden, especially now that Riq threatened her daughter.

With Effie and the Tejadas now working for Noma, Tariq has no allies and no supply of drugs, which means he has no money.

Triq also lost his inheritance in Lucas Weston’s Ponzi scheme, which means he has to find a way to defeat Noma and reestablish a business to survive.

Tariq already knows that Noma’s act of the indestructible blood-thirty queenpin stops when it comes to her daughter.

If Tariq can get to Anya Covington and kidnap her, or better still, turn her to his side, he will be able to protect himself from Noma.

However, getting to Anya Covington will not be an easy task since Effie, who found out about Anya in the first place, now works for Noma.

Tariq’s best play is to use an outsider with connections, like Tate Rashad, to locate Anya Covington.

Will Anya Covington replace Lauren as Tariq’s girlfriend?

Tariq Lauren and Anya in Ghost

Despite Tariq and Lauren seeming destined for each other, the events in the third season suggest that their relationship is over.

Lauren still proved she cared about Tariq when she listened to him and recanted her witness statement in the murder case against Effie.

On the other hand, Effie chooses to betray Tariq and join Noma when Tariq tells her there is no future for them.

Therefore, the third season of Power BookII: Ghost ended with Tariq being officially single and betrayed by everyone in his circle.

While fans didn’t get to meet Anya in the show’s third season, many believe that she might be Tariq’s next love interest.


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The working theory for most fans surrounds Brayden using Cooper Saxe’s niece, Riley, who is also a student at NYU, to get to Anya Covington.

Since Riley confessed that she loved Brayden, she might be Tariq’s best path to getting to Anya Covington.

If Anya is not involved in her mother’s drug business, she might touch Tariq’s heart just as easily as Lauren did since they obviously have so much in common.

As for whether Anya replaces Lauren as Tariq’s girlfriend, that remains to be seen in Power Book II: Ghost’s upcoming fourth season.

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