Re:Zero: Main Characters’ Ages, Birthdays, Zodiac Signs, Heights & Occupations

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While the anime adaptation of Re:Zero is fairly new, the overall Re:Zero saga has been well-loved among anime fans for quite some time – and, for tons of good reasons. This classic title combines some of the most popular anime concepts with some extremely colorful, likable, and often relatable protagonists.

Although, much like many iconic anime or manga titles out there, fans always have more to learn about the leading characters in Re:Zero, as well as side characters who play a significant role in the storyline. Below is everything you need to know about some of the most infamous main characters in Re:Zero, including their ages, birthdays, heights, and more.

Re:Zero CharacterAge
(ft & Inches/ cm)
Natsuki Subaru18 years oldApril 1st5’8″/ 173 cm
EmiliaUnknownSeptember 23rd5’4½”/ 164 cm
Rem19 years oldFebruary 2nd5′ ½”/ 154 cm
Ram19 years oldFebruary 2nd5’1″/ 154 cm
Felix Argyle (Ferris)20 years oldUnknown5’8″/ 172 cm
Garfiel Tinsel15 years oldOctober 12th5’2”/ 160 cm
(22’9”/ 7 m)
Puck421 years oldUnknown0’2”/ 9 cm
(0’6”/ 20 cm)
Felt15 years oldAugust 8th5’0″/ 153 cm
Beatrice12 years old
(400 years old)
Unknown4’7″/ 140 cm
Wilhelm van Astrea62 years oldUnknown5’10″/ 178 cm
Roswaal L Mathers30 years old
(400 years old)
September 16th6’1″/ 186 cm
Petra Leyte13 years oldUnknownUnknown
Otto Suwen21 years oldMarch 24th5’10″/ 177 cm
Crusch Karsten21 years oldUnknown5’6″/ 168 cm
Frederica Baumann22 years oldUnknown5’9″/ 176 cm

What Do We Know About the Re:Zero Main Characters’ Ages?

Most of the Re:Zero characters are human, meaning they follow relatively normal maturation processes – starting off with Petra Leyte, who is the youngest character at 13 years old, followed by Garfiel Tinsel, who is around 15 years old. However, there are still a handful of characters with uncertain ages, such as Felt, who is believed to be around 15 years old.

Natsuki Subaru, the leading protagonist, is between 17 and 18 years old, followed by the Oni twins Rem and Ram, who are between 18 and 19 years old. Felix Argyle is 20 years old, followed by Otto Suwen and Crusch Karsten, who is around 21 years old. Frederica Baumann is 22 years old, followed by some more mysteriously aged characters, and Wilhelm van Astrea is the eldest Re:Zero character at the seasoned age of 62 years old.


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Some humans have an ambiguous age – such as Roswaal L Mathers, who has the physical appearance of a young man in his late 20s/ early 30s. However, it’s revealed that the age of his soul is approximately 400 years old – so it’s really up in the air concerning his true age.

The saga also includes characters who are not quite human, such as those who fall within different races such as Oni and “Half” races such as Beast Human and Half-Elf. While Oni and Beast Humans appear to age relatively similarly to regular humans in Re:Zero, other races involve can different maturation processes.

As such, characters like Emilia have unknown ages – although she appears in her late teens in terms of her physical appearance. Her emotional maturation gives the impression of her being in her early to mid-teens, although her true age remains unknown. She is likely much older due to being Half-Elf.


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Puck and Beatrice are examples of a completely different kind of race, technically being spirits rather than a physical species. In this case, they appear to be the youngest with childlike features and relatively tiny statures, but most Re:Zero fans expect both of these characters to be well over 400 years old at least, although they could technically be much older than calculated.

Re:Zero Characters’ Ages (Arc 1 – 4 vs. Arc 5+)

Some characters were shown to be significantly younger in Ex 2, which follows events that transpired long before Arc 1 – 5. One such example would be Wilhelm van Astrea, who is noted as between the ages of 15 and 20 during Ex 2. Another example of such a character would be Crusch Karsten, who appears to range between 6 and 20 years old in Ex 1.

Other than these cases, the Re:Zero characters appear to have aged along a relatively similar timeline, with some appearing in Arc 1 – 2 and each maturing by approximately one year between Arc 3 – 4 and Arc 5+ as seen below. Of course, this may not be 100% accurate to the tee, depending on the number of months that have passed as well as the character’s unique birthday.

Re:Zero CharacterArc 1 – 4Arc 5+
Natsuki Subaru17 years old18 years old
Rem17 – 18 years old19 years old
Ram17 – 18 years old19 years old
Felix Argyle (Ferris)19 years old20 years old
Garfiel Tinsel14 years old15 years old
Puck420 years old421 years old
Felt14 years old15 years old
Beatrice11 years old12 years old (400+)
Wilhelm van Astrea61 years old62 years old
Roswaal L Mathers29 years old30 years old (400+)
Petra Leyte12 years old13 years old
Otto Suwen20 years old21 years old
Crusch Karsten20 years old21 years old
Frederica Baumann21 years old22 years old

What Do We Know About the Re:Zero Main Characters’ Birthdays?

Fans do not have access to all of the Re:Zero characters’ birthdays to date, although we have been able to pin down the birthdays of the most well-loved characters throughout the Re:Zero storyline. The characters’ birthdays do not change as the saga progresses, and they maintain their birthdays alongside many of their genetic traits.

Re:Zero Main Characters’ Genders, Races & Zodiac Signs

One of the most popular aspects of the Re:Zero series is the complex selection of different races and even half races as well. This aspect adds tons of color to an already intricate plot and is topped with characters with varying personalities.


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Below are the genders and races that each of the Re:Zero characters were born with, as well as the respective Zodiac signs for characters with known birthdays.

Re:Zero CharacterGenderRaceZodiac Sign
Natsuki SubaruMaleHumanAries
Felix Argyle (Ferris)MaleBeast HumanUnknown
Garfiel TinselMaleBeast Human
Tiger Human Hybrid
PuckMaleArtificial SpiritUnknown
BeatriceFemaleArtificial SpiritUnknown
Wilhelm van AstreaMaleHumanUnknown
Roswaal L MathersMaleHumanVirgo
Petra LeyteFemaleHumanUnknown
Otto SuwenMaleHumanAries
Crusch KarstenFemaleHumanUnknown
Frederica BaumannFemaleBeast HumanUnknown

What Do We Know About the Re:Zero Main Characters’ Heights?

Most of the characters in Re:Zero have relatively similar heights as the Re:Zero storyline progresses, primarily since only about a year passes between the beginning of Arc 3 and Arc 5+. However, some characters’ heights may change based on their presumed form.

An example here would be the adorable Puck, who grows from 0’2”/ 9 cm to around 0’6”/ 20 cm when he takes on his “Beast of the End” form. Garfiel Tinsel also has a massive form, as he can go from a regular height of around 5’2”/ 160 cm to a whopping 22’9”/ 7 m in height when he takes on his Beast form.

What Do We Know About the Re:Zero Main Characters’ Weights?

In terms of weight, there is very little that fans actually know about the Re:Zero characters – apart from Roswaal L Mathers, who weighs around 132 lbs/ 60 kg. There have been very few additional reports on character weights other than Puck, who weighs approximately 0.01 lbs/ 5 g – about the estimated weight of a soul.

What Do We Know About the Re:Zero Main Characters’ Occupations?

The Re:Zero characters often switch up their professions and affiliations as the Re:Zero saga progresses, leading many characters to go by multiple names. Below are the most notable aliases and nicknames for each main Re:Zero character, along with each character’s current occupation from Arc 5+.

Re:Zero CharacterAlias/ NicknameCurrent Occupation
Natsuki SubaruThe Half Elf’s Knight
Natsumi Schwartz
Emilia’s Knight
Knight of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica
EmiliaWitch of GlaciationRoyal Selection Candidate
Felix Argyle (Ferris)Blue KnightKnight of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica
Knight of the Royal Guard
Crusch’s Knight
Garfiel TinselGorgeous Tiger
Shield of the Sanctuary
Garnet Thuram
Guardian of the Sanctuary
PuckBeast of the EndGreat Spirit of Fire
FeltUnknownRoyal Selection Candidate
BeatriceGreat Spirit of the Forbidden LibraryContract Spirit
Wilhelm van AstreaSword DemonButler
Crusch’s Sword Instructor
Roswaal L MathersDemi-Human LoverDragon Kingdom of Lugnica’s Court Mage
Lord of House Mathers
Petra LeyteUnknownMaid
Otto SuwenAudrey SouffleHead Internal Affairs Official
Crusch KarstenGoddess of WarDuchess
Matriarch of House Karsten
Royal Selection Candidate
Frederica BaumannHalf-Beast GirlHead Maid of House Roswaal

That’s everything there is to know about the main Re:Zero characters’ ages, birthdays, and heights, with images thanks to the Re:Zero Wiki. While these stats and details do not always impact these characters in particular, it’s always great to have a better understanding of your favorite anime characters’ backgrounds and how their stats have changed as the storyline has progressed.

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