Record of Ragnarok Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Voice Actor, & More

Record of Ragnarok Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Voice Actor, & More

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Record of Ragnarok is a seinen manga written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and drawn by Ajichika. An animated series adaptation produced by Graphinica studio was produced by Netflix in 2021, with a second season scheduled for a January 2023 release. While we’re waiting for the new season to start, we are going to introduce you to the characters of Record of Ragnarok.

What we are about to tell you is a list of the most important Record of Ragnarok characters and their heights, ages, genders, and the voice actors behind the characters. The data we are going to use refers to the canon data we have from the manga, which is currently ongoing, so things are certainly going to change, but we are going to focus either on the data at the time of a character’s death or the current in-universe time. Before we approach each of the characters individually, here is a quick overview:

CharacterAgeBirthdayHeightGenderAffiliationVoice Actor
Brunhilde1,800+UnknownUnknownFemaleHumanityMiyuki Sawashiro
Hrist1,800+UnknownUnknownFemaleHumanityYū Kobayashi
Randgriz 1,800+UnknownUnknownFemaleHumanityAya Kawakami
Reginleif 1,800+UnknownUnknownFemaleHumanityRina Kawaguchi
Göll 1,800+UnknownUnknownFemaleHumanityTomoyo Kurosawa
Lü Bu30+UnknownUnknownMaleHumanityTomokazu Seki
Adam7,000,000+UnknownUnknownMaleHumanitySoma Saito
Kojirō Sasaki400+UnknownUnknownMaleHumanityKazuhiro Yamaji
Takuma Terashima (Young)
Jack the Ripper130+UnknownUnknownMaleHumainityTomokazu Sugita
Raiden Tameemon250+UnknownUnknownMaleHumanitySubaru Kimura
Buddha2,500+UnknownUnknownMaleHumanityYuuichi Nakamura
Qin Shi Huang2,200+UnknownUnknownMaleHumanityTBA
Nikola Tesla160+UnknownUnknownMaleHumanityTBA
Thor4,000+UnknownUnknownMaleGodsHikaru Midorikawa
ZeusUnknownUnknownUnknownMaleGodsWataru Takagi
PoseidonUnknownUnknownUnknownMaleGodsTakahiro Sakurai
Heracles4,000+UnknownUnknownMaleGodsKatsuyuki Konishi
Shiva4,000+UnknownUnknownMaleGodsTatsuhisa Suzuki
Zerofuku 2,500+UnknownUnknownMaleGodsTBA
HeimdallUnknownUnknownUnknownMaleGodsYukihiro Nozuyama
Aphrodite4000+UnknownUnknownFemaleGodsRie Tanaka


Brunhilde is the eldest of the Thirteen Valkyrie Sisters, and also the most determined of them. She is the one who started the Ragnarök tournament to save humanity, and seems very cold in character, not hesitating to sacrifice each of her sisters to help the tournament’s human fighters, and ready for any sacrifice to save humanity. ‘humanity. She takes care of selecting the human representative for each duel of the tournament. When she is alone in her room, she often breaks down in tears at the massacres of her allies and shows that she is not as cold and insensitive as she publicly displays.


The second of the Thirteen Valkyrie Sisters, Hrist engaged in a Volund with Japanese samurai Sasaki Kojiro during the third round of Ragnarök. Hrist, whose name means “the shaking one,” has a bipolar personality. At moments, she trembles with fear and comes across as kind and compassionate, while at other times, she trembles with fury and comes across as vicious and bloodthirsty. This is demonstrated by the strength of her Volund, which has the ability to divide into two separate weapons, each of which contains one of two aspects of her personality.


Thrud innocent

Thrúd is the third of Thirteen Sisters Valkyries, as well as the most muscular and physically strong. She looks giant compared to humans and gods, and the power of her Volund is to allow an individual to exercise full control over their muscles, for example being able to have all of their muscles pass through a single part of the body. So she fought in the fifth round of Ragnarök with the sumoka Raiden Tameimon, whose too much muscle, which was once a disease, thus became a dangerous weapon. During their fight, Thrúd and Raiden fell in love with each other.


Randgriz is the fourth Valkyrie sister, as well as one of the sweetest and kindest Valkyries. She fought with the Chinese warrior Lü Bu in the first round of the tournament, becoming through the Volund a mighty spear for him. Its name means “the shield breaker”, this spear is able to puncture and destroy any protection, even if it is the Járngreipr, which are the divine gloves of Thor.


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Reginleif invites Adam

Reginleif is the Seventh Sister Valkyrie, who performed a Volund with Adam, the Father of Mankind, to fight Zeus in the second round of the Ragnarök Tournament. She always appears in a medieval scholar outfit and seemed quite close to Göll before she died in battle.


Hl3Fkk calls Jack pathetic

Hlökk is the eleventh of the Thirteen Valkyrie Sisters. She appears as a really flirtatious pre-pubescent little girl who cares a lot about her appearance, but she possesses a very aggressive and arrogant character, refusing to risk her life like her other sisters and enter the tournament with a human, let alone s t’s about Jack the Ripper. To be able to fight Heracles in the fourth round of Ragnarök, the latter had to perform a Force Volund with her, on Brunehilde’s authorization. Hlökk thus took the form of gloves for Jack the Ripper, and anything these gloves touch becomes a weapon whose greatly amplified power can injure the gods.


G3Fll Angry

Göll is the youngest of the Thirteen Valkyrie Sisters. She follows her older sister Brunehilde wherever she goes and wants to support her as best as she can, since she knows the real sadness of her older sister in the face of the Ragnarök tournament. Compared to Brunhilde, she is more emotionally sensitive, and regularly fears her older sisters, especially Brunhilde and Hrist. She has yet to assist a human for the tournament but seems determined to risk her life to save humanity, under Brunhild’s influence.

Lü Bu

Red Hare comes to support L3F Bu

Lü Bu was the strongest of Chinese warriors and the best fighter in the Three Kingdoms War of China. With his cruelty and love of thrills, Brunhild chose him to represent humanity in the first round of the Ragnarök tournament, to intimidate the gods from the start. Lü Bu fought Thor with a spear from the Volund of the Valkyrie Randgriz, able to shatter any shield in its path. Lü Bu also demonstrated extraordinary strength, endurance, speed, and agility, especially with her red horse, and with her Sky Eater technique so powerful that it can open a huge gap in the clouds of the sky.


Adam Eating The Apple

Adam is the first human in history, technically recognized as File No. 00000000000″. As the father of mankind, he faces Zeus, the father of the cosmos, in the second round of Ragnarök. As he was created in God’s image, he has special eyes, the “Eyes of the Lord,” which allow him to see in advance any combat technique being used on him, even coming from a god, to be able to dodge it, regardless of how fast it is. His eyes also allow him to copy combat techniques he has already seen, and to be able to reuse them, even if it involves a slight bodily transformation, such as his fingers becoming momentarily hooked when he uses a Serpent technique.

Kojirō Sasaki

Kojiro claiming he doesn27t want to die

Kojirō Sasaki is reputed to be “the biggest loser in history.” Indeed, he has never won a fight in his life. However, he has an excellent fighting spirit: just by analyzing an individual’s movements, steps, breathing rate, heart rate, and eyelash rate, Kojiro can form an image of that person in his mind. , and deduce its combat capabilities. When he confronts this person, he can complete the repertoire of fighting techniques of the image in his head, and when he is at rest, he can simulate in his mind fights against the people whose image he has modeled until to be able to defeat them, or possibly learn their techniques.


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Thus, even while dying, he simulated fights against all the swordsmen he had lost to in his life, including Miyamoto Musashi or Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, until he surpassed them and mastered their fighting styles. He thus became the most powerful swordsman in history without ever winning a fight. Kojiro faced Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, in the third round of the Ragnarök tournament.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper stepping into the arena

An infamous British serial killer who lived at the end of the 19th century and the representative of humanity in the fourth round. In it, he faces Heracles, the god of strength, showing us the longest fight to date, a clash between evil and justice. Jack has a peculiar ability that allows him to perceive with his right eye the emotions of people in the form of colors, which he developed during his hard childhood years.

He grew up in poverty with his mother, who had previously aborted all 5 of his siblings, with the exception of him. The young infant Jack loved to see his mother’s emotions, especially her love, Jack suffered from abuse and mistreatment from people in the cold streets of London but he always stood up to continue getting food and resources for his mother and for all his support and strength came from his mother’s love until one day he discovered the truth.

Raiden Tameemon

Raiden admits defeat

A Japanese sumo wrestler and humanity’s representative in the fifth battle of Ragnarok. His real name is Tarōkicho. Known as the peerless rishiki, despite never having risen to the rank of yokozuna, he is considered the greatest sumo wrestler in history. He possessed abnormally developed muscles from birth, so during his childhood, he was forced to develop an internal shell of muscles to avoid being crushed to death. He was born during the Edo period, in a village where he liked to help the weak with his enormous strength, but when the Great Tenmei Famine arrived, he left to become a professional wrestler and be able to feed the people by himself.

After much training, he became practically invincible but decided to block his most powerful attacks to prevent other sumo wrestlers from fearing him as the townspeople did in the beginning. His volund, together with the valkyrie Thrud (the strongest), consists of a mawashi that allows him to use all his strength without dying, giving him full control over his muscles. In Ragnarok, he faces the Hindu god Shiva. Although he is able to destroy 3 of the god’s four arms, he ultimately loses the fight.


Buddha asks who he is

A human who achieved enlightenment and, thus, godlike status. All this after his older brother revealed that he was never happy in his life and regretted not having done what he wanted instead of what others expected of him. Although Zeus had planned for her to be his fighter in the sixth round, he rebelled against the gods and decided to represent humanity against Zerofuku, who is an amalgamation of the Seven Gods of Fortune.

At the beginning of the round, Buddha is the one who has the greatest control of the fight because, with his enlightenment and the arrival of the eighth consciousness, he was able to see a few seconds into the future.


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However, she comes to understand his opponent and was about to make peace with him until Zerofuku is possessed by Hajun (better known in Buddhism as Mara). Being an opponent of total darkness, Buddha cannot see the future. He was trailing until he Volundr Zerofuku, both finishing off the demon and winning for the humans in round six.

Qin Shi Huang

Qin Shi Huang Star Eyes

One of the representatives of humans to participate in Ragnarok. Born with the name Yíng Zhèng, he is considered the first emperor of China, since he was the first historical ruler to bear this title, after killing the demon Chi You and reuniting in 221 BC. all the kingdoms then divided under his rule by him, although he is considered by many to be a tyrant. He looks like a young man blindfolded and wearing a dress that, curiously, resembles that of Chinese empresses, including five zhijiatao in his hands.

His völundr are plate shoulder pads, but even before using it, Qin demonstrates that he possesses strength and reflexes comparable to those of the gods, as well as being able to see the flow of qi in order to weaken the opponent and master the Chi You style, a martial art created by fighting against the demon that includes five fighting styles, which take their name from the five war tools that are thought to have been created by the same: crossbow, sword, halberd, spear, and armor.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

A 20th-century inventor famous for his inventions and discoveries that changed the world forever, and humanity’s representative during the eighth bout where he faces Beelzebub. Known as the “Definitive Mad Scientist of His Time,” Nikola Tesla is a man of science who deeply loves his work and the laws of physics, and because of this, he refuses to allow anyone to compare them to magic – even though Brunhild considers it the only human in history who can be called a sorcerer.

Sometimes, though, his passion for science leads him to behave insensitively or rude, as when he started touching and staring at Göndul to see if he was a “material” capable of turning his theory about völundr into reality: the result is a mechanical armor called Super Automaton β, which, unlike the previous völundr, is an invention of Tesla himself helped by other scientists such as Thomas Edison and Marie Curie, capable of enhancing his physical and to manipulate electricity.


Thor stepping in in Valhalla Arena

He is the strongest Norse god and the representative of the gods in the first confrontation with Lü Bu. In combat, he wields his hammer Mjöllnir, which is actually a living being that, when awake, releases intense heat and allows Thor to unleash all his power without destroying him, removing his Járngreipr gauntlets, which act as limiters of his strength. A battle freak, he has a great interest in combat, especially with strong opponents. In the fight against Lü Bu he manages to win and kill him, feeling joy for having faced an enemy at his height but also showing a veil of sadness for the one who was the only one who forced him to give his all.


Zeus introduced as the second fighter

Known as the “King of the Cosmos,” he is the ruler of the gods and the head of the Council of Valhalla. He is a very frail old man but can dramatically increase his muscles. His special ability is Adamas, thanks to which he compresses his muscles to make his body hard as a diamond, as well as a blow he learned from his father Kronos before defeating him, which allows him to unleash a punch so powerful and fast overcome time itself. He fights in the second encounter with Adam and, after a tough fight, finally manages to defeat him. It is from this fight that Zeus ceases to underestimate humans. He watches the ensuing battles with interest, scolding his children if they give in to fear or despair if a god is severely harmed.


Poseidon accuses Adamas

The god of the sea fights in the third round against Sasaki Kojiro. He deeply hates humans and believes that a god is enough for himself and does not need support, help, or allies: this is demonstrated by the fact that he almost killed and had his older brother Adamas erased from history when these, irritated by the fact that he had been Zeus to be elected as the new king of the cosmos after the Titanomachy, had hatched a conspiracy.

He always remains cold and impassive. He fights with his trident, displaying his hydrokinetic abilities only upon entering the arena. Battle-hardened to the last, he tries to eliminate Kojiro even if crippled, but he will die at the hands of the human. Considered one of the most powerful deities ever, Poseidon’s death shakes the pantheons of all deities, shattering their absolute belief that they are unsurpassed against humans.


Heracles stepping into the arena

A Greek demigod and champion of Olympus who fights in the fourth round against Jack the Ripper. In the past, he was a human known as Alcaeus, fragile and weak, but in his will to defend justice, he continued to strengthen himself until, during the assault of the gods on Thebes, unable to protect his city, he decided to drink the ambrosia, the blood of Zeus, managing to fight on par with Ares. Before the fight was over, Zeus intervened, offering the man to become a god.


Shiva1 anime

He is the god of creation and destruction in Hinduism and one of the participants in the tournament. In the second round, he is replaced by Zeus but returns to represent the gods in the fifth match where he faces Raiden Tameemon. Several millennia ago, encouraged by his best friend Rudra, he started his way to the top of Svarga, and ended up establishing himself as the most powerful of the Hindu gods. His four arms give him extraordinary strength, and with his battle dance, he is able to synchronize with the universe becoming unpredictable for his enemy. He wins the match using his final form called tandava karma in which he will end everything as his destroyer prophecy says by engulfing himself in extremely hot flames.


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Hades tells of Hajun

Brother of Zeus and Poseidon and ruler of the Underworld. He presents himself as an elegantly dressed man, with flowing hair and his right eye covered by a monocle. Despite not being on the fighter list, he reaches Valhalla during the sixth bout after hearing of Poseidon’s death and decides to take Buddha’s place by fighting for the gods in the seventh round against Qin Shi Huang, to avenge his slain brother. However, Hades ends up in turn defeated and killed by his opponent, still feeling respect for him both as a warrior and as a king.


So succulent

He is one of the Ragnarok fighters. He was responsible for “creating” Hajun by implanting evil seeds into Zerofuku as proof of his many experiments; as well as saving Adamas from death at the request of Hades. He will go out in the eighth round and will face Nikola Tesla.


Zerofuku 29 Full Body

The original entity that gave rise to the Seven Gods of Fortune. In the beginning, he had the noblest heart of all the gods, and his favorite hobby was bringing joy to the world. However, everything changed when he discovered humans. His gentle nature made him feel great pity for them, so he decided to travel the world to absorb all the misfortune from him. However, despite his best efforts, he only made them sink lower.


Heimdall comments

Guardian of the apocalypse, he is the arbiter who comments on the outcome of the clash between humans and gods through his horn Gjallarhorn. He witnesses the capabilities of humans from the first meeting, and soon begins to marvel at their first victories. He acts like a TV presenter and likes to appear in different ways.

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