Rumors Circulate About the Development of Plastic Man Movie for the Dcu

rumors circulate about the development of Plastic man movie

As the new year dawns, a fresh cinematic universe is on the horizon for DC Comics-based projects. With James Gunn at the helm, he doesn’t shy away from dispelling rumors surrounding ‘Superman: Legacy’ and potential additions to the revamped DCU.

Recent rumors circulating about planned and unplanned DCU properties have centered on the speculated ‘Waller’ TV Show. Initially intended as a 13-episode series, scripts were mostly complete, and casting had commenced. Phil Abraham was set to direct the initial two episodes, with Freddie Stroma reprising his role as Vigilante and Sean Gunn taking on Maxwell Lord. Supporting roles were to be filled by John Douglas Thompson and Ivanna Sakhno. The season was slated to be split into two parts, with the first half premiering in the spring of 2025 and the second half in the fall.

However, Gunn stepped in on social media threads to debunk these rumors, putting an end to the widespread speculation.

gunn debunking rumors

While Gunn was forthcoming about certain rumors, he maintained relative silence on the speculated Plastic Man movie. According to rumors, the film is in its early stages of development for the DCU, with limited details available.


James Gunn Has Secured Over 90% of the Cast for ‘Superman: Legacy’

Plastic Man, alias Eel O’Brian, made his debut in ‘Police Comics’ #1, initially published by Quality Comics and later acquired by DC Comics. Crafted by Jack Cole, Plastic Man was a pioneer in injecting humor into mainstream action storytelling. His journey includes solo series, interactions with iconic characters like Batman, and a stint as a Justice League member in the DC Universe. The character has also graced various adaptations, such as television and video games, headlining his own show titled ‘The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show.’

DCU kicks off the year with ‘Creature Commandos,’ followed by the much-anticipated ‘Superman: Legacy’ scheduled for a 2025 release. As for what lies beyond, it remains uncertain. Fans, for now, hold their breath, hoping Gunn won’t debunk the prospect of a Plastic Man movie.

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