Rumors: Kevin Feige Is Interested in Making an Animated Film for the MCU

kevin feige animated movie

Marvel has numerous projects in the pipeline or currently in development, even amid the significant disruptions caused by the historic SAG-AFTRA strike. Bob Iger has publicly emphasized the need for Marvel Studios to prioritize quality over quantity, acknowledging a noticeable decline in fan interest and financial performance in the past year for Marvel projects.

However, in a surprising move, Marvel Studios appears to be leaning into animated content, with rumors circulating about multiple animated projects in various stages of development or production. According to reliable insider Daniel Richtman, there’s speculation that Kevin Feige, a respected figure in the industry, is showing interest in creating an animated movie set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The specifics of the animated movie’s plot remain uncertain at this juncture. However, indications suggest that it will indeed be an animated production. Additionally, there are circulating rumors that Marvel Studios is actively working on three animated series, though it remains unclear whether the previously announced series are part of this rumored “big three.”

To provide context, Marvel Studios unveiled ‘Eyes of Wakanda’ in late 2023, an animated series centered around Wakandan warriors on a quest for dangerous yet potent vibranium artifacts. It’s important to note that this show does not serve as a substitute for the concurrently developed live-action Okoye series. Initially slated for a 2024 release, changes in the release schedule may have occurred given the relatively modest recent release announcements.


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The second animated project under speculation remains unnamed, but it is rumored to center around a covert assembly of cosmic entities. The protagonists in this show are expected to partake in grand cosmic battles, influencing the very fabric of the universe. Speculation among fans leans towards the involvement of Eternals and Celestials, with some enthusiasts even positing that this untitled project could serve as a sequel to the Eternals movie. However, details are scarce, given the vast Marvel universe is replete with both benevolent and malevolent cosmic beings and abstract entities. The alleged inspiration for this show is said to draw from the world of anime.

With animated ventures like ‘What If…?’ and ‘Moon Girl & The Devil Dinosaur’ garnering positive reviews and the anticipation surrounding three upcoming projects (‘X-Men 97,’ ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man,’ and ‘Marvel Zombies’), it appears that Marvel Studios is inclined towards employing this animation style to convey more profound and enduring narratives. Do you have any thoughts to share? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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