‘What If…?’ Season 2: Here’s How Steve Rogers Became Forerunner in 1602

what if episode 8 summary ending explained what if avengers assembled in 1602

‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 8 marked a significant stride toward the impending finale, wherein numerous heroes will join forces with Supreme Strange to combat a fresh peril imperiling the Universe. However, the majority of the season centered around Peggy Carter and her persistent struggle to attain a joyous conclusion with Steve Rogers. Peggy encountered a variant of Steve in 1602, only to discover that he ultimately became the very threat endangering the fabric of reality. Let’s delve into the narrative unfolding the transformation of Steve Rogers into the Forerunner.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The transformation of Steve Rogers into the Forerunner occurred when he inadvertently struck the Time Stone on Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet.
  • This action displaced him in time, leading him to land in the year 1602. However, his presence in this timeline resulted in the destabilization of reality, triggering a collapse.
  • Steve was eventually restored to his rightful time, although the specific reality to which he returned remains unclear. Nevertheless, this event led to the inevitable separation of Steve and Peggy once again.

Steve was likely transported to 1602 during the Battle of Wakanda.

Little is known about Rogers Hood’s history before his arrival in 1602, as he only recalls the significant event that led him to his current predicament. During the Battle of Wakanda, Rogers faced off against Thanos, who sought to conquer Earth and presumably seize the Mind Stone from Vision.

what if steve rogers

Rogers vaguely remembers striking Thanos’ “golden” glove at some point during the battle, and by doing so, he found himself unexpectedly transported back in time. Subsequently, Rogers adopted the alias of Rogers Hood and assembled a team.

Why did Steve Rogers delay informing Peggy about being the source of their problems?

Despite having ample time to disclose his role in the reality collapse when Peggy presented her plan at the tavern, Steve chose not to. Multiple reasons could explain this decision. Firstly, he might have considered Peggy’s explanation to be incomprehensible gibberish. Secondly, Steve could have hesitated to reveal his culpability, as admitting that his “Margaret” had perished “many moons ago” could jeopardize his chances with Peggy.

Rogers attacks prince Loki

However, this raises additional complexities. The timeline of Rogers’ experiences in 1602, including meeting and falling in love with Peggy, remains unclear, as does his seamless adjustment to this new reality. Furthermore, his failure to mention his origin from the past adds another layer of mystery.

Lastly, if Rogers arrived in 1602 “many moons” ago, the question arises as to why “The Rips” did not manifest earlier. Thor and Scarlet Witch’s discussions imply that these catastrophic events began relatively recently, adding an unresolved dimension to the narrative. Unfortunately, these questions remain unanswered.


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How was the 1602 reality ultimately saved?

Upon spending time in 1602, Peggy Carter swiftly discerned that the timelines of 1602 and the 21st century were entwined like two pieces of gum, requiring a remedy to “unstick” them. Despite The Watcher’s discouragement, Peggy remained determined.

Armed with Yorick’s skull, previously a prop used by Loki, Peggy connected the radiation emitted by “The Rips” with the residual crystals on the skull. The strategy was clear: Peggy and Stark needed to construct a potent machine capable of tracking down the “Forerunner,” the individual who initially entered this reality from the future, and returning them to their proper temporal place. This was crucial to preventing Incursions that would otherwise collapse the reality.

stark putting the gem in the slot

Fortuitously, Stark successfully built the device, but the only power source potent enough to run it was Thor’s scepter, serving as his insignia while temporarily assuming the role of King in Hela’s absence. After securing the scepter, the final step was to activate the device and expel Steve from time, effectively restoring the timeline.

As evidence of the restored order, Peggy Carter was found sitting in a medieval-style inn when Strange encountered her, indicating that 1602 was not left in ruin. If you have any additional insights, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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