Rumors: Live-Action Miles Morales to Debut in ‘Spider-Man 4’

Rumors Live Action Miles Morales to Debut in Spider Man 4

The MCU has a lineup of upcoming movies, despite some recent bumps in quality. There’s talk of scaling back releases due to fan fatigue, but Spider-Man remains a major draw. It’s the most lucrative Marvel franchise, regardless of the format.

In the MCU, Spider-Man already has three standalone films, with a fourth in the works. Producer Amy Pascal confirmed this months ago, though production halted during the WGA Strike. Now that it’s over, work has resumed. Recent discussions suggest ‘Spider-Man 4’ could explore the multiverse, though nothing’s set in stone.

Notable leaker Daniel Richtman suggests Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal are eyeing Miles Morales for ‘Spider-Man 4.’

It’s not a big shocker considering Miles Morales has gained a lot of popularity lately, especially after the successful Spider-Verse movies. Amy Pascal recently mentioned that Miles won’t have his own standalone movie until the third Spider-Verse film and the live-action ‘Spider-Man 4’ are out. However, rumors suggest that Miles might make an appearance in the MCU’s ‘Spider-Man 4.’


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Details about the movie’s plot are sparse, but Kevin Feige mentioned in a February 14, 2023 interview with Entertainment Weekly that the story is finalized, and the scriptwriting has begun.

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