Rumors: Marvel Aiming to Secure a Director for ‘Armor Wars’ in Q1, Targeting Filming in 2025

Rumors Marvel Aiming to Secure a Director for Armor Wars in Q1 Targeting Filming in 2025

Marvel Studios has a myriad of projects either scheduled for release or in development over the next few years. Amidst the progress of most of these projects, one film, ‘Armor Wars,’ has lingered in development for several years, revealing only fragments of its status.

Originally envisioned as a movie based on the comic storyline of the same name, ‘Armor Wars’ was slated to be a sequel to Secret Invasion (released last year) and Ironheart (release date unknown). In 2011, Don Cheadle confirmed the development of a War Machine film, with Joe Rober Cole hired as the writer. However, nine years later, during Disney’s 2020 Investor Day, it was revealed that ‘Armor Wars’ was being adapted into a television series for Disney+, with Don Cheadle reprising his role as James Rhodes. In 2021, Cheadle announced that the series would enter production in a few months.

In August 2021, Yassir Lester became the head writer for the series. However, in September 2022, Marvel Studios decided to transform the series into a feature film, keeping Don Cheadle and Yassir Lester onboard. Filming was initially set to commence in early 2023 at Trilith Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, but the onset of the historical SAG-AFTRA strike paralyzed the entertainment industry.


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Recent rumors, as shared by Daniel Richtman, suggest that Marvel Studios aims to secure a director for ‘Armor Wars’ during Q1 of 2024, with plans for shooting to commence in 2025.

Allegedly, discussions have taken place between Sam Rockwell and executives regarding the possibility of reprising his role as Justine Hammer. Rockwell’s latest involvement in the MCU was in ‘What If…?’ Season 2, where he provided the voice for Justin Hammer.

The upcoming years pose challenges for the MCU, as numerous projects are in the process of recommencing production following months of complete standstill. Many of these endeavors are interconnected, relying on delayed projects, highlighting the intricacies of maintaining a major interconnected universe.

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