Rumors: Scarlet Witch Set to Star in Solo Film After the Release of ‘Avengers 5’ or ‘Secret Wars’

Rumors Scarlet Witch Wanted for a Solo Movie

Wanda’s journey in the MCU is truly tragic. After losing everything in the Novi Grad Bombings, she and her brother Pietro sought power for revenge against Tony Stark. Pietro sacrificed himself battling Ultron, leaving Wanda to find solace in her love for Vision and her fight against Thanos. Despite her losses—Vision, her children, and her sanity—she emerged as the formidable Scarlet Witch.

Even in her darkest moments, Wanda showed heroism by destroying the Darkhold and seemingly sacrificing herself. However, rumors suggest she may return. According to reliable sources like MyTimeToShineHello, there’s talk of a standalone Scarlet Witch movie, possibly between ‘Avengers 5’ and ‘Secret Wars,’ or after ‘Secret Wars’ hits theaters. Fans hold onto hope that one of the mightiest Avengers isn’t gone for good.

This isn’t the first time there’s been talk of a sequel to Wanda’s story. A while back, Cryptic HD Quality hinted that Marvel Studios is eyeing Elizabeth Olsen for her own movie in the near future.


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Given the uncertain ending of MoM, it’s no surprise that fans are wondering about Wanda’s fate. She’s too popular and powerful to be written off without a chance at her own film. Let’s just hope the buzz about Wanda’s solo movie doesn’t end up like the rumors surrounding Hulk’s film, especially since it’s been confirmed that such projects aren’t in the works—at least for now.

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