Rumors: Sydney Sweeney Lands Ideal Role in the MCU

Sydney sweeney in spider man 4

Sydney Sweeney’s recent venture into superhero movies didn’t go as planned. She played Julia Cornwall, also known as Spider-Woman, in SSU’s disappointing film ‘Madame Web.’ When asked about her role, Sweeney gracefully distanced herself from the criticism, stating she was just an actress and not responsible for the film’s poor reception and unpopular concept.

Even with the movie’s poor reviews, fans continue to support Sweeney’s potential in superhero roles, often suggesting her for various upcoming projects. Now, reputable leaker MyTimeToShineHello has announced on X that Sydney Sweeney has landed the role of Black Cat in the upcoming ‘Spider-Man 4.’

Details about the upcoming production of ‘Spider-Man 4’ remain scarce, with no director appointed yet, although Raimi is reportedly a top contender. However, recent rumors suggest that Anya Taylor-Joy is also being considered for a significant role. Black Cat, a pivotal character in Spider-Man’s story, has taken on various roles over the years, from supervillain to love interest and ally, depending on the circumstances.

The script for ‘Spider-Man 4’ is still in progress, indicating that the movie is in the early stages of development. While no director has been confirmed and production has yet to begin, Zendaya is reportedly set to reprise her role, according to multiple sources. There’s speculation that Feige intends to steer away from a Multiversal storyline and instead focus on street-level heroes and their challenges.

Even if Sydney doesn’t land the role, she’s set to stay busy in the coming years. She’s recently appeared in the psychological horror film ‘Immaculate’ and has two more thrillers on the way: ‘Echo Valley,’ which is in post-production, and ‘Eden,’ currently in filming.

Are you rooting for Sweeney to play Black Cat? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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