Zendaya Confirmed To Return for ‘Spider-Man 4’ Despite Discouraging Script Update

spider man far from home coming to disney

The MCU has a bunch of movies lined up, despite Marvel Studios facing some challenges with recent projects. There’s been talk about scaling back on releases because fans are getting tired of lower-quality shows and movies. However, Spider-Man remains a big draw, being the most profitable Marvel franchise regardless of the medium.

When it comes to the MCU, Spider-Man already has three standalone movies with a fourth in the works, confirmed several months back by producer Amy Pascal. Work on the sequel had started but paused during the WGA Strike. Rumors were floating around a few months ago that Jon Watts would return as the director for “Spider-Man 4,” but then there were whispers that Drew Goddard might take over instead.

Variety’s exclusive report, based on their insider sources, reveals that the script for ‘Spider-Man 4’ is still in progress, without a director or start date confirmed yet. This indicates the movie is in the early stages of development, but Zendaya’s return to her role is confirmed by multiple sources.

Recent rumors suggest Justin Lin might take the director’s seat, with Jon Watts seemingly out of the contest. Plot details remain scarce, but there’s speculation that Kevin Feige aims to steer away from a Multiversal storyline for the upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ film. Instead, the focus could shift towards street-level heroes and challenges. This aligns with rumors of Marvel Studios exploring street-level narratives while navigating the complexities of the Multiverse.

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