Rune King Thor: Origins, Abilities, Powers and Six Other Things

Rune King Thor: Origins, Abilities, Powers and Six Other Things

In terms of powerful characters from Marvel’s universe, Thor is already considered to be one of the strongest heroes in the franchise. The basic version of the character is enormously powerful and we probably haven’t yet seen everything it can do. One of its strongest versions, if not the strongest, is Rune King Thor.

Rune King Thor’s Origins

The origins of Run King Thor have been explained in Thor #80-85, which was part of the Avengers Disassembled storyline; the six-part mini-series was titled “Ragnarok”, and was published between August and December 2004. The story was penned by Michael Avon Oeming and Daniel Berman, with Andrea DiVito providing the art. Now, to explain the whole origins, we are going to give you an overview of the whole narrative in several short paragraphs.

In #80, we find out that Thor has reset the timeline and merged with Jake Olson to regain his humanity. Loki, meanwhile, searches for the forge where Mjolnir was created and finds it in the possession of the dwarves. He takes it and Surtur creates several hammers like Mjolnir. And while they’re not that powerful, there are more of them. Loki attacks with them.

Straddling Naglfar, he and his allies Ulik, Fenris Wolf, and Hyrm manage to kill Amora the Enchantress and seriously injure everyone, including Thor. Then Thor rushes through the dimensional barrier to enlist the help of his former allies, the Avengers.

The next issue sees Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man return to Asgard only to find the ruined city and its dead citizens. The heroes are then attacked by Loki, Hyrm, Fenris, and Ulik and manage to kill Hyrm and drive the others away.

Then they stumble upon Balder’s funeral and Harokin tells Thor what happened in his absence. Thor then sends Captain America and Iron Man home, preparing to lead the remaining Asgardians into the final battle.

Thor finds a thinner Volstagg in Alfheim after Loki’s hordes had attacked there, killing Fandral and Hogun in the process. This is how #82 begins. They meet Harokin and drive towards Vanaheim. Along the way, they see signs of great battles and the deaths of Geirrodur, Hrinmeer, Kurse, and Vidar.

When they arrive in Vanaheim, it is attacked by Fenris and Durok. Thor manages to defeat and kill Durok. Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) dies in the battle between Thor’s army and Loki’s army. Beta Ray Bill eventually returns to help Thor and remains as the leader of the Asgardian army, while Thor travels to Hildstalf to gain wisdom. This is the part of #83 where things get interesting.

He learns that the orphan boy he meets on his journey is in fact the power of Odin who left him because he was not ready for it. Thor then sacrifices both eyes at Mimir’s well in order to gain true knowledge of Ragnarok. But to find out more, he must first die. And so he does.

Thor follows in the footsteps of his father Odin and hangs from Yggdrasil to obtain the power of the Runes in #84. He travels further into the wisdom than Odin and dies after initially refusing to follow his destiny to end Ragnarok’s cycle for good.

At Hel, he calls his father’s spirit to his side to protect him from Hela, and Odin carries him to Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, where he sees the origin and end of the cycle of death and rebirth, and what must be done to honor his brother and sister Asgardians. Thor then travels to Valhalla, which Loki has rebuilt in his image.

Thor is attacked by Mangog, but with the Odinforce under his control and knowledge of the runes, Thor simply frees the souls that power Mangog and eliminates the threat. Loki appears and is easily defeated by ripping off his head with one hand but leaving him alive to take it with him. Thor then declares that he intends to finally fulfill his destiny and end the Ragnarok cycle once and for all.

The conclusion is presented in #85. Thor travels to Surtur and in exchange for reforging Mjolnir, he will pave the way for Surtur and his army to level Asgard and deliver a final and glorious battle to the Asgardians.

To prevent the cycle from starting over, Thor goes to the Three Norns and destroys the Loom of Fates, possibly cutting and destroying Those Who Sit Above in Shadow. He also destroys Yggdrasil and ends all the lives of those who live in Asgard and all the other Nine Worlds except Midgard. Thor then says he will rest for at least a while.

Rune King Thor’s Abilities

Rune King Thor’s powers and abilities are basically the same as those of “regular” Thor, but with some additions, we are going to analyze further. The others are just going to be mentioned briefly so you know what you’re dealing with. Here are his basic abilities:

  • Master Fighter: Thor is trained in the arts of war and is a highly skilled warrior, adept at dealing with unarmed fighters and proficient with most Asgardian weapons. Thor is skilled enough to fight enemies with millennia of experience like Hercules on numerous occasions.
  • Expert Strategist: Thor is an excellent strategist due to centuries of combat training and experience.
  • Immune to Telepathy: Thor has the ability to resist the mental influence of powerful beings. He withstood an assault from the Rigellians, the magical music of Ares, a mental attack from Glory, Morgana le Fay’s attempt to control her mind, the power of the Eye of Horus and the explosion. mentality of the human beast.
  • Diplomatic Immunity: After Thor’s rebirth, he used Mjolnir to recreate Asgard on Earth in Oklahoma. Iron Man was the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and confronted Thor about bringing Asgard into the United States. After Thor defeated Iron Man, Stark suggested that Asgard be treated as a foreign embassy, ​​granting citizens full diplomatic privileges, which Thor agreed to.

Rune King Thor’s Powers

The list of Rune King Thor’s powers includes:

  • Nigh-Omnipotence
    • Odinforce Empowerment: On several occasions, Thor inherited the power of the All-Father, commonly known as the Odin Force, from his father. This allowed him to tap into the resources of the cosmic and mystical energies of the dimension in which Asgard exists and to hone all of his skills. The sum of Odin’s power as King of Asgard plus the power of his brothers Vili and Ve and his own, Odin’s strength, greatly increased Thor’s power. Thor damaged Captain America’s shield by hitting it, teleported Asgard into the New York sky, and stopped a nuclear missile explosion. According to the Avatar of the Force Odin, the replicas of Thor’s celestial bodies and his other achievements during his time on Earth were minimal compared to the full strength of the Force Odin.
    • Rune Magic Empowerment: During Ragnarok, Thor acquired the knowledge and use of the runes which, in addition to his other powers, provided him with a large amount of mystical powers and spells as he drank from Mimir’s Well for wisdom and clarity. of inner vision. Thor was able to cast spells that produced a variety of powerful effects in the Asgardian dimension, including teleportation to one dimension, to Valhalla, the realm of Surtur, and the fates on the world tree; Destroy a copy of Mjolnir and channel its energy into a magical explosion of sufficient power to destroy two demons at the same time, unleash a wave of mystical energy strong enough to defeat Loki with a duplicate of Mjolnir, destroy the rebuilt Valhalla and kill numerous troll boulders in seconds, raise circular rune-lined energy shields to repel Mangog’s massive blows, remove Loki’s head without erasing his life, and see even without physical eyes (however, Thor’s eyes have both been restored).
      • Reality Warping (Mid Tier)
      • Universe Manipulation
      • Cosmic Energy Manipulation
      • Subatomic Manipulation
      • Space-Time Manipulation
      • Soul Manipulation
      • Matter Manipulation
    • Mind Control
    • Telepathy
  • Immortality
    • Longevity
    • Disease Immunity
    • Ageless
  • Invulnerability
  • God-Tier Strength
  • God-Tier Stamina
  • Nigh-Omnipresence
    • Trans-Dimensional Teleportation
    • Duplicate Manipulation
    • Light Speed Flight
    • Infinite Speed
  • Nigh-Omniscience
    • Cosmic Awareness
      • Precognition
  • Supernatural Sensory System
    • Supernatural Sight
    • Telescopic Sight
    • Microscopic Sight
    • Supernatural Hearing

Why Is Rune King Thor so Strong?

Now, we have already elaborated on Rune King Thor’s powers and abilities, but to sum it all up, here are the two main reasons why Rune King Thor is so strong:

  1. Odin Force: This is a mystical and truly powerful infinite source of energy that Thor managed to obtain. This force has been used by the kings of Asgard, but, as the name suggests, it was mainly used by Odin. A magical spear Gungnir, also used by the kings of Asgard is powered by Odin force.
  2. Rune Magic: Rune magic grants their wielder access to knowledge that he or she normally couldn’t possess, which enabled Thor to see into the future and use the knowledge to stop Ragnarok.

In his search for wisdom, Thor sacrificed a lot to obtain these two forces, which he ultimately used to end the dreaded Ragnarok cycle. These forces combined are the principal reason why Rune King Thor is so powerful.