Sabbac vs. Trigon: Who Would Win in a Fight of DC Demons?

sabbac vs trigon

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The world of DC is full of different demonic entities that are incredibly powerful and have abilities that are beyond comprehension. Of course, we’ve seen a lot of them already, but two of the most prominent are Sabbac and Trigon, who are both demonic entities in their own right and are capable of feats that are unbelievable. So, in a fight between Sabbac and Trigon, which DC demon would win?

Trigon would win in a fight against Sabbac. That’s because Trigon is a being that is cosmic in terms of how powerful he is. He is a threat to entire galaxies or even the universe itself. On the other hand, Sabbac’s power level makes him a planetary threat because he is just about as strong as Shazam.

The fact that Trigon is one of the few entities that are cosmic in terms of their powers in the DC universe makes him one of the strongest beings you could ever think of. Sabbac may be powerful, but he is not at the level of someone like Trigon, who can defeat the entire Justice League all on his own. Now, with that said, let’s look at how powerful Trigon is and how he compares to Sabbac.


Sabbac is a demonic entity that is fueled by the powers of six demons that the wizards want to keep away from the planet. Specifically, his strength is fueled by the power of Satan, and that means that he has superhuman strength levels that are on par with Shazam’s own strength. Of course, we know that Shazam is somewhere close to the power level of Superman, and that means that Sabbac is also quite possibly just as strong as Shazam and Superman as well.


Trigon is an interdimensional being that is fueled by the power of the Heart of Darkness and becomes stronger when he collects evil from a hundred galaxies. In that regard, he is a strong cosmic entity that has strength that’s on an unimaginable level due to how powerful he is. He is actually stronger than the likes of Superman, and you could just imagine just how strong he is if he can exceed the strength of one of the strongest characters in the DC universe.


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While Sabbac is indeed strong and can be just as strong as the likes of Shazam, Black Adam, and Superman, Trigon’s strength level exceeds such levels. He is easily a lot stronger than Sabbac, and that means he takes this round.

Sabbac 0, Trigon 1


As mentioned, Sabbac’s powers come from six demons, as he is empowered by the Indestructible Body of Aym. This gives him a body that is quite invulnerable and is able to resist damage from attacks that could injure or kill other superhuman characters. His invulnerability is also at the level of characters like Shazam and Black Adam, as he is often a rival to these other characters from the Shazam franchise. as such, he is capable of withstanding attacks from some of the strongest characters in DC.

Due to the incredible power that he possesses, Trigon is capable of withstanding attacks from the likes of Superman without even getting hurt. At one point, Superboy said that punching him is like using a spoon to try to destroy a mountain, and that says a lot about just how durable Trigon is. Not even the likes of Superman can hurt Trigon or even come close to threatening him. And only some of the truly powerful entities in DC could stand a chance at hurting Trigon due to how durable he is.

trigon attack superman

Superman can hurt Sabbac, considering that they are pretty close in terms of their power levels. However, the fact that neither Superman nor Superboy could threaten Trigon says a lot about the durability gap between Trigon and Sabbac.

Sabbac 0, Trigon 2


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Sabbac possesses the Flame Powers of Beelzebub, and this allows him to use flames as his primary non-physical form of attack. While both Shazam and Black Adam use lightning for their magical attacks, Sabbac relies on fire. Of course, his fire attacks are potent enough to be able to hurt Shazam and the rest of the other characters that are somewhere close to them in terms of power level.

When Trigon absorbed the Heart of Darkness and took the evil energies of 100 galaxies, he obtained powers that were beyond imaginable as he became powerful enough to actually disintegrate the Divine, who are powerful alien beings. He also has pyrokinesis, which allows him to wield and control flames, and he often uses this power to project thermal blasts of hellfire from his hands or mouth. Trigon also has other powers that include telepathy and dimensional travel.


It might be true that Sabbac’s flame powers are potent and are just about as strong as Shazam’s lightning powers. But take note that Trigon’s powers come from a hundred galaxies. That means that he is a lot more powerful than Sabbac.

Sabbac 0, Trigon 3


Sabbac, in the comics, has shown the ability to threaten the likes of Shazam. Regardless of whether we are talking about Timothy Karnes, Ishmael Gregor, or any other Sabbac, he has always been able to make life tough for the members of the Shazam family. Other than that, however, he hasn’t appeared in a lot of different DC projects. But the fact that he can actually give Shazam a tough time means that he is capable of making things tough for any other member of the Justice League.

Trigon can take on the entire Teen Titans and Justice League without any trouble whatsoever. That’s how powerful he is, as he is strong enough to take down entire superhero groups all on his own. Meanwhile, in the Injustice comics, he was able to fight Mister Mxyzptlk on par, and we know that Mister Mxyzptlk is someone who is far more powerful than Superman or any other member of the Justice League.

injustice trigon

Sabbac doesn’t have a lot of feats, but the fact that he can stand his ground against Shazam is quite impressive. Still, the fact that Trigon can take on the Teen Titans and the Justice League means that his feats are far more impressive. 

Sabbac 0, Trigon 4


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Fighting Skills

While Sabbac didn’t inherit fighting powers from any of the demons that empowered him, he retains the fighting prowess of his host. For instance, Ishmael Gregor was a formidable mercenary that had impressive fighting skills fit for a man that made a living out of fighting. That means that he is an experienced fighter that has skills that allow him to fight the likes of Shazam on par. Combined with his strength and other powers, he is an even more formidable fighter.

shazam sabbac

Despite the fact that he is often portrayed as a gigantic demon, Trigon can actually shrink himself down to regular size and showcase his skills in swordsmanship. Of course, he has shown his ability to fight other powerful characters in a fistfight, especially in the Justice League Dark: Apokolips War movie, where he fought Darkseid on par in hand-to-hand combat. But we can’t say for sure if he’s skilled enough to fight the likes of Wonder Woman in hand-to-hand combat.

While we don’t know a lot about Trigon’s fighting skills, we do know that it takes skills to be able to make a living out of being a mercenary. As such, we are giving Sabbac the edge here.

Sabbac 1, Trigon 4

Sabbac vs. Trigon: Who Would Win In A Fight Of DC Demons?

As you can see, Trigon is by far the stronger demon when compared to Sabbac, as they are simply characters that belong to different power classifications. While we do know that Sabbac is powerful enough to be able to match the likes of Shazam or even Superman, Trigon is a threat to entire galaxies all over the DC universe. That means that Sabbac’s powers, while powerful enough to threaten a planet, are nowhere near Trigon’s powers.

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