What Is Saitama’s Serious Punch? (& How Strong It Is)

one punch man serioous punch

The anime world is filled with tough enemies and powerful protagonists, but no one packs a punch like Saitama – literally. Saitama boasts a range of punch types that he can unleash on unwitting foes, but the Serious Punch has left fans baffled. As a result, many now wonder what Saitama’s Serious Punch is, as well as how strong it really is.

Saitama’s Serious Punch is an “extremely powerful” punch, capable of parting clouds on a global scale or splitting oceans, but the attack is simply a ‘proper’ punch for Saitama in One Punch Man. However, the impact and shockwaves caused by his “Killer Move Serious Punch” are capable of destroying the earth as well as nearby star systems.

Although One Punch Man features a bunch of different punch attacks, the Serious Punch has really amped up the game. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Saitama’s Serious Punch in One Punch Man, including when he’s used it in battle as well as how powerful this attack truly is.

Saitama’s Serious Punch

Saitama’s Serious Punch is really, really powerful – so powerful that it may even stump many of the iconic finishing moves seen in other anime or manga titles. Some One Punch Man fans see Saitama as the anime ‘Chuck Norris’ since many of his powers and abilities are downright ridiculous, topped with Saitama’s unimaginable strength – partially what makes him so awesome!

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According to the One Punch Man Wiki, Saitama’s Serious Punch has a classic Serious Punch (which is insanely strong, merely described as “extremely powerful”). But, he can also use his Serious Punch slightly differently by transforming it into the Omnidirectional Serious Punch( also known as “Killer Move Serious Series Serious Punches”), described as follows:

“Omnidirectional Serious Punch: Saitama leaps from multiple angles to create a series of afterimages which all then surround and strike the opponents with a Serious Punch, seemingly leaving no room for them to escape. He first used this attack against Cosmic Fear Mode Garou, who attempted to flee through a hyperspace portal to avoid the attack.”

When Did Saitama Use His Serious Punch In One Punch Man?

With all that being said, Saitama does reserve his Serious Punch for certain One Punch Man villains, especially considering some of the catastrophic aftereffects this attack usually has on his surroundings. Saitama isn’t shy about his power, often stating that he could destroy the planet if he wanted to – as the name might suggest, he doesn’t take his Serious Punch lightly.


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Considering how powerful Saitama’s Serious Punch really is, it’s really no surprise that this hero chooses to use weaker attacks wherever possible. But, there are a few occasions where Saitama used his deadly Serious Punch in battle, as seen below:

  • Saitama used his Serious Punch to completely negate Boros’ final attack.
  • Saitama also used his Serious Punch to completely destroy and disintegrate Elder Centipede, which is a Dragon-level threat as well as one of the biggest monsters in the One Punch Man series.
  • Saitama used his Serious Punch against Evil Natural Water, a character who has become one with the ocean, and he was able to dissipate the villain’s form as a result.

How Strong Is Saitama’s Serious Punch In One Punch Man?

It’s well-known amongst One Punch Man fans that Saitama’s strength and power generally defy the laws of physics, let alone logic and reason. The effects of Saitama’s Serious Punch are no exception, as this attack has the potential to cause destruction on a massive scale.

As a result, it is tricky to give a specific figure or measurement to how strong Saitama’s Serious Punch is, with many fans saying that it’s still only a fraction of his power. According to fans on Reddit, it almost seems as if Saitama feels the need to get the battle over with – only by adding in a touch more effort.

saitama punch

“Normal punch: flailing his arm out like you would punch your friend in the shoulder.

Serious punch: a normal punch like a punch you would throw in the middle of a combo; not full power, but still a punch meant to hurt.

Then there’s the single punch you use when you’re punching the machine that calculates your power at a carnival or something.

That’s how I look at it.”

While it’s impossible to say how powerful the attack is, one thing is for certain – the damage is pretty serious. Below is an overview of the effects Saitama’s Serious Punch has had on various opponents:

Saitama’s Serious Punch Can Part Clouds

When Saitama used his Serious Punch to defend against Boros’ final attack (the Collapsing Star Roaring cannon, which is a beam capable of wiping out an entire planet), it did far more than simply claim victory in the battle. The mere shockwave from the Serious Punch’s aftermath did a whirlwind of damage as well, so powerful that it parted clouds on a global scale.


To top this off, the Serious Punch not only won the battle but did cause some deadly damage to Boros as well. While in his final moments, Boros also stated that he was aware that Saitama’s fatal Serious Punch was not even anywhere close to Saitama’s true power, and that he knew Saitama was still holding back.

Saitama’s Serious Punch Can Split Oceans

It’s pretty clear that Saitama’s Serious Punch does have varying effects depending on the villainous opponent. When Saitama used this vicious move on Evil Natural Water, it not only damaged its form but also managed to split the entire ocean in the process.

Omnidirectional Serious Punch: “Killer Move Serious Punch”

The battle between Saitama and Garous was a seriously epic moment for One Punch Man fans, and Saitama pulled out all the stops to take this bad guy down. He decided to unless his “Killer Move Serious Series Serious Punches” attack, formally known as the Omnidirectional Serious Punch, which was vastly more overpowered than his regular Serious Punches.


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Saitama’s finishing move version of his Serious Punch had everyone on their seats, as this was the first time the beloved hero had pushed himself to such an extent throughout the series. Even Blast states that the impact will blow the earth into bits and pieces once it collides with Garou – and, he wasn’t too far off.

serious punch

According to the One Punch Man Wiki, Saitama’s attack during a battle with Cosmic Fear Mode Garou led to some insane repercussions as well. The impact caused a shockwave of energy that was actually powerful enough to destroy the Earth, described as follows:

“A collision of their respective Serious Punch formed a Serious Punch², resulting in an immensely powerful shockwave of energy to the point that the energy impact itself, when diverted, could (presumably) travel thousands to millions of light-years into space and obliterate a large number of star systems in its path within mere seconds, leaving a large circle of starless-darkness in space.”

Check out the video below showing Saitama unleashing this new move, posted by Yahiko Otaku Master:


While the shockwave had to be redirected by Blast and his associates in order to spare the planet, it wasn’t really enough. After the shockwave was diverted, the impact would have traveled thousands to millions of light-years into space – after which it would have theoretically been able to wipe out a massive number of star systems within its path in only a few seconds.

Saitama from One Punch Man is possibly one of the most overpowered heroes ever, and many fans see him as one of the most iconic and popular anime characters of all time as a result. His punches are second to none, and the devastation that awaits anyone receiving Saitama’s Serious Punch now leads many to believe he could be stronger than we ever anticipated.

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