15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

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Wanda Maximoff, known as Scarlet Witch, has been known as one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Comics universe, including the MCU. Her potential is virtually limitless, but her problem is not knowing how to control and harness her powers. Still, when you need to battle the toughest opposition, you call Scarlet Witch to help.

Without further ado, here’s a ranked list of the 15 most powerful villains that Scarlet Witch fought or defeated. She beat some of them alone while having help with the others but ultimately played a crucial role in their defeat.

15. Namor The Submariner

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

Namor the Submariner debuted in 1939, making him one of the oldest Marvel characters ever created. He’s also the first Marvel mutant, being an Atlantean-human hybrid. Namor lives under the sea in Atlantis, having incredible abilities like superhuman strength, speed (especially underwater), communicating with the aquatic fauna, etc.

When he faced Scarlet With, his powers were enhanced, as he was a member of the Phoenix Five. In the Avengers Vs. X-Men storyline, Scarlet Witch was feared among mutants, so Namor and the rest of the crew wanted to kill her.

Namor lost their first fight easily, then waged war against Wakanda as an act of revenge, but lost again when Scarlet Witch showed up. Only this time, it wasn’t just Namor – she subdued the entire Atlantean population. IF that isn’t a testament to her power, I don’t know what is.

14. Ahab

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

Ahab is a weird character, but nobody can say he wasn’t powerful – especially against mutants. Ahab is a time-traveling villain from Earth-811 who was a geneticist from the future, believing that mutants were responsible for destroying the world.

So, Ahab developed the Hound Program, returning to the past and tracking down mutants to genetically modify them into his hounds, allowing him to control them and their powers. Some of those Hounds were Scott Summers, Sue Storm, and other powerful mutants.

He faced the Scarlet Witch and got defeated, unable to subdue her like the others. However, she wasn’t the one to defeat him for good. Ahab was eventually destroyed by the combined teams of the Fantastic Four, X-Factor, New Mutants, and others.

13. Doctor Doom

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

Doctor Doom is one of the most powerful Fantastic Four villains, not because of his superpowers but his incredible intelligence. He’s a master in almost every scientific field you can imagine, especially engineering and technology, but also magic – being one of the mightiest sorcerers in the world.

Doom used Scarlet Witch while grieving the loss of her children and convinced her he’d help bring them back if she agreed to host the Life Force entity. She did so but never got her children back, and it resulted in the Witch attacking the Avengers, severely injuring many of them – even killing some.

Doom brainwashed her later into becoming his fiancee, but when Wanda got her memories back, she wanted revenge – even if that meant killing her family with a spell. It’s not the first (or the last) time that Wanda fell off the deep end mentally and lost control, but Doom deserves a spot on this list for what he was able to do to her.

12. Magneto

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

Magneto was sometimes Scarlet Witch’s ally and sometimes her enemy. It was believed that Magneto was Wanda and Pietro’s real biological father for a long time before it had been proven wrong. It’s still quite complicated, but all the clues point to it being false.

Although Magneto is quite powerful and intelligent, Wanda’s reality-warping proved too much for him several times. Their up-and-down relationship often has people confused about who’s the hero and who’s the villain, but the fact remains that Magneto is one of Wanda’s main adversaries.

In one storyline, House of M, Wanda rewrote the entire reality to make Magneto the world’s ruler but later reversed what she had done. Later, in the X-Men: The Trial of Magneto, he was accused of killing her, but nothing has been proven.

11. Immortus

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

Immortus’ real name is Kang the Conqueror – one of Marvel’s most powerful time-traveling, alternate reality villains. There were countless variants of Kang, but Immortus stands as one of the most powerful that the Earth’s heroes had to face. His goal is not to rule the Earth or the universe but all the universes and time that exist. Talk about ambitions.

Immortus had incredible future technology and unimaginable knowledge, which he once used to make Wanda attack her friends and fellows. She was able to defeat him a few times, but there’s a catch with Kang.

This variant, Immortus, has a name that really suits him. No matter how many times they defeat him, even kill him (seemingly), Immortus always find a way to come back, either as Immortus himself or a different variant of Kang the Conqueror, ready to mess up all time once again.

10. Phoenix Five

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

The Phoenix Five is a team that absorbed five equal parts of the Phoenix Force entity after being split by Iron Man. At first, they were good, bringing peace to Earth, but the Avengers knew that the Five might lose control one day. The Phoneix Five consisted of Namor, the Submariner, Cyclops, Magik, Emma Frost, and Colossus.

The Five would be extremely powerful even without the omnipotent entity but powered with the Phoenix Force; they were almost unbeatable. Well, not for Wanda. After a long fight, the Avengers managed to get the Phoenix out of the other Phoenix Five members. Cyclops was the last one standing, now having the entire Phoenix Force within him.

He started burning down the world as the Dark Phoenix, but Scarlet Witch managed to get the entity out of him and into Hope, who had more strength to control it. Then, the two rewrote reality together and removed the Phoenix Force from the world, saving Earth and its inhabitants.

9. Annihilus

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

When Annihilus wields the Cosmic Control Rod, he’s one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Without it, he’s not nearly as dangerous, which is why he’s only #9 on this list. Still, defeating him was extremely dangerous and hard every time he showed up, and Scarlet Witch helped end Annihilus’s evil plans.

The entire Avengers team had to battle the cosmic supervillain, including Wanda, but it wasn’t easy. As the ruler of the Negative Zone, Annihilus’ Cosmic Control Rod gives him almost absolute control of the Negative Zone, allowing him to lead intergalactic invasions with his Annihilus Wave.


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At one point, Annihilus forced the Avengers to work with him. Still, in the end, his selfish motifs usually result in his downfall – he’d turn on anybody who stands in the way of his true goal, which is extending his life and existence forever.

8. Apocalypse

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

Apocalypse is one of the Earth’s oldest mutants, being thousands of years old. During the times of the old civilizations, Apocalypse convinced them he was a god. He was actually a human mutant called En Sabah Nur, the first human born with the X-Gene that completely manifested.

His goal is to make mutants the dominant species on Earth, even if that means wiping out humanity completely. He faced the X-Men and the Avengers numerous times, including Wanda Maximoff. As his alias says, the Eternal One can’t really be defeated. They fought countless times, and the last time they fought, he vowed to return.

7. Ultron

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

Ultron is a conscious, malevolent artificial intelligence created by Hank Pym in the comics and Tony Stark in the MCU. The Omni-intelligent being can download and learn everything there is to know in seconds. It saw what humankind was doing to the planet and decided the best course of action would be to wipe them out completely.

Such a powerful, omnipresent being is extremely hard to defeat, but in order to do physical hard, it needed to create a physical body. In the comics, Ultron and the Avengers – including Wanda – fought countless times, but the best moment between the being and Scarlet Witch came not in the comics but in the MCU.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wanda’s brother Pietro, aka Quicksilver, gets killed in the battle of Sokovia. It rips Wanda’s heart out, so, in her rage and vengeance, she rips out Ultron’s power core using her powers, which would be the equivalent of his heart – if he had one.

6. Thanos

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

Many MCU fans think Thanos is only as powerful as the Infinity Stones he wields. However, Thanos is actually one of the most powerful beings in the universe, even without the Infinity Gauntlet. Being an Eternal from Titan with the Deviant Syndrome, Thanos felt rejected, so he spent all his life gathering knowledge, making himself more powerful.

He came to the point of invulnerability, even immortality after Death banished him from her realm forever. So, how did he match with the Scarlet Witch? In the comics, she survived the Snap, but Thanos killed her later when she confronted him. However, he had the Gauntlet. Without it, he couldn’t counter her reality-warping abilities.


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That was shown in the MCU, most notably in Avengers: Endgame. Thanos fought and knocked out the Hulk, but Wanda was powerful enough not only to block his attacks but to lift him up in the air and start ripping him apart in full armor. If the rain of projectiles didn’t disrupt her focus, it would be the end of Thanos right there. That’s how incredibly powerful Scarlet Witch is.

5. Mephisto

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

Although the writers claim he’s not, Mephisto is Marvel’s equivalent of Satan. He’s a powerful demon living in Hell, a dimension he rules and usually operates on an extremely malevolent basis. He offers deals to people that always have a catch. In his dimension, Mephisto is omnipotent, capable of defeating the most powerful beings in the universe, like Galactus, etc.

Wanda has incredible reality-warping abilities, but so does Mephisto – he erased Peter Parker’s marriage with Mary Jane Watson from existence permanently, but the thing that put him on a collision course with Wanda was erasing her children from existence.

You see, Mephisto put fragments of his soul into mystical objects, which Wanda unknowingly used to create her kids. Mephisto went to recollect the fragments, which wiped Wanda’s children from existence.

It’s an event that sent Scarlet Witch down a very dark path and had major consequences for the entire Marvel universe, which is why Mephisto is ranked so high on this list.

4. Dormammu

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

While Dormammu is primarily Doctor Strange’s enemy, Scarlet Witch helped the Sorcerer Supreme battle the cosmic entity more than once, so I had to include it on the list. Dormammu is a primordial cosmic entity known as the Lord of the Dark Dimension. His goal is to encapsulate the entire universe into his dimension, where his powers are virtually unlimited.

Dormammu tried to conquer the Earth several times, sometimes battling Doctor Strange himself, while sometimes, the sorcerer Supreme had help. You can’t kill him but only stop him from taking over the planet.

Wanda’s Chaos magic and reality-altering powers helped Strange against Dormammu several times, which definitely makes the Lord of the Dark Dimension one of the most powerful villains Scarlet Witch ever faced.

3. Chthon

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

Wanda was born with mutant abilities and powers, but not nearly as mighty as she has now. Many fans don’t know this, but the reason why Scarlet Witch can tap into the Chaos Magic and alter reality to such an extent is that Chthon bestowed those powers upon her.

Chthon is a demon-like entity that is the source of Chaos Magic. He exists outside of reality, in a magical realm consisting of the Chaos Magic, allowing him to alter time, space, and reality to his will. He Chthon bestowed his powers upon Wanda to serve as his physical avatar. 

He planned to use her as a physical vessel, but it backfired, as Wanda was able to fend him off, even defeat him. Although Wanda only has a fraction of Chthon’s powers, the Chaos Magic comes from him, making her one of the most powerful mutants ever.

2. Shuma-Gorath

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

One of the most powerful entities Scarlet Witch ever faced, once again, is primarily Doctor Strange’s enemy. Shuma-Gorath is a horrifying cosmic creature, but it’s not the physical power and appearance that makes it such a dangerous enemy – it’s the powers that Shuma-Gorath possesses that make it so intimidating.

Shuma-Gorath is the master of extra-dimensional gods known as the Old Ones. Yes, he’s a master of gods. The creature/entity is immortal and capable of destroying entire galaxies with a thought. Doctor Strange, Wanda, and the rest of the Earth’s heroes battled Shuma-Gorath several times.

Wanda, Strange, and others used their combined powers to defeat the creature in The Amazing Spider-Man #132 – even killed him – but Shuma-Gorath can never really be defeated. The being is immortal, and it always comes back, no matter what you do or how hard you try to defeat it.

1. Herself

15 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Villains

Finally, if Wanda is powerful enough to defeat all the enemies and villains from this list, then her biggest accomplishment has to be defeating – herself. This can be interpreted literally and metaphorically.

Metaphorically, Wanda had difficulty controlling her powers and emotions countless times. It caused horrible problems that affected not only her and those around her but the entire universe. 

However, she always turned it around and corrected her undoings, such as creating the House of M, depleting 90% of the mutants from their abilities, attacking her teammates, the Avengers, etc. In that regard, defeating herself would mean getting a hold of her powers, emotions, and mental state, correcting all the wrong things she had done as much as possible.

In a literal sense, Wanda battled and defeated a version of herself from an alternate reality. In Fantastic Four #645, the Quiet Man from another reality came to Earth-616 and opened countless multiversal portals worldwide. It brought in Avengers’ evil counterparts from different universes, including an evil Scarlet Witch.


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Wanda realized both her and the counterpart’s powers started to diminish because of the presence of two Scarlet Witches. As they both weren’t at full capacity, it was a battle of who-strikes-first. So, real Wanda blasted a powerful hex into her doppelganger and slammed her into the ground, knocking her out cold.

Whether battling her mental state, powers, and emotions or literally fighting against another Scarlet Witch, Wanda came out on top, which is why I had to put it at #1 on the list.

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