Servant Season 4 Episode 6 Review, Recap, & Ending Explained

Servant Season 4 Episode 5 Review Recap Ending

 Welcome to the recap and ending explained for Episode 6 of the fourth season of Servant. In the last episode, we saw Leanne unleashing the full destructive power of her supernatural abilities, and in today’s episode, she’s gotten bolder in using them. Julian finally figured out where he stands in the “Leanne-Dorothy” issue, with Bev, Dorothy’s live-in nurse, revealing her true face, something that we’ve suspected all along. 

It was an exciting episode, full of revelations but ended on a somewhat weak point, revealing that Turners are back on square one when it comes to getting rid of Leanne. But, Let’s start from the beginning. 

World’s most dreadful birthday party 

The episode starts with Leanne throwing a birthday party for Jericho. No one, save for Leanne, is excited about it or in the mood for it. There is a huge gaping hole in the road, a reminder of what transpired just a few days prior. Leanne is enthusiastic about the party. She wants everything to be perfect, which ends with a brief argument between Dorothy and Leanne since Dorothy doesn’t want to have any part in it. Still, they managed to talk her into coming down to the party. Dorothy and Sean figure out that the only way to get to Leanne currently is through Julian, who is doing his best to please Leanne and seems to be totally under her control. 

hole that oppened

The party has a petting zoo, but it seems to be a dull affair. No one is having fun, and every scene and every moment of it is uncomfortable and forced. Leanne wants to pet the snake that is part of the petting zoo, but the snake tries to bite her. The snake attack is followed by a goat attack, during which Leanne’s dress gets damaged. She makes a thinly veiled threat toward the animal handler to control his animals or else before she goes upstairs to the house to change her dress. 


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Leanne is ambushed once again without much success

The animals seem to be reacting violently toward Leanne due to her nature. Leanne makes her way toward the house to change her dress. Once there, she can hear a baby screaming in the bathroom. Visibly confused and not suspecting anything, she walks right into a trap prepared by the Church of the Lesser Saints. She is ambushed by three cultists who manage to subdue her and pin her to the ground. It was a tense action scene made worse by the sound of a baby screaming in the background. 

Cultist attacking Leanne

But, since it’s only the sixth episode in the final season, we know that Leanne is not going down so easily. She managed to grab the iron candleholder and killed the cultist that was pinning her to the ground. She threw the candleholder in the direction of the second cultist, hitting her in the head and presumably killing her instantly. The third cultist tried to escape with the odds now drastically against her. She tried to crawl to hide but without much luck as Leanne caught up with her. With the ambush taken care of, Leanne called her own cultists to dispose of the bodies. 

Leanne makes her way downstairs again, wearing a white dress, seemingly taunting Dorothy. She notices that Bev and Bobbie, Dorothy’s two live-in nurses gave Dorothy a birthday gift for Jericho. It was a photo album filled with photos of Jericho immediately after his birth. For a moment, the photos trigger something in Dorothy, and it seems like she will remember that Jericho is actually dead, but it doesn’t happen.  

It’s getting ridiculous at this point. I know the grand revelation will be saved for the last episode, but after so many baits and suspenseful moments, it might not have the same effect as it’s supposed to. 

The animals attack again

Dorothy and Julian have a heartfelt exchange, with Dorothy accusing Julian that he is being willfully manipulated. He denies it and claims that he simply feels sorry for Leanne due to her hard childhood. She tells Dorothy that Leanne’s mother was a cruel and unloving person who exposed her to various beauty pageants to measure her worth. 

At that moment, Leanne starts barking orders at Julian, and the two make their way toward the house to prepare the birthday cake for the grand reveal. While Leanne, Julian, and Sean are in the house, one of the rams from the petting zoo gets released and shatters the glass kitchen doors in an attempt to reach Leanne. The birthday cake is ruined, but Leanne tries to make the best of it.

Birthday party servant

Leanne joins the party once again, and this time she is attacked by a small dog. She gets bitten in the leg as chaos all over the party ensues due to animals going wild. Bev approaches Leanne and offers to take care of her wound, Leanne accepts, and the two make their way inside the house. Once there, instead of tending to her wound, Bev injects some kind of sleeping drug directly into Leanne’s bloodstream. 

She takes her to the basement, and upon waking up from her drug-induced sleep, Leanne can see Bev punishing herself with a whip as she is revealed to be a member of the Church of the Lesser Saints all this time. 

Instead of killing Leanne outright, Bev starts ranting about Leanne not knowing how to appreciate god’s gifts. She taunts her about how she is currently not the one in control. Bev prepares the ceremonial dagger. And at this point, we realize that every single attempt on Leanne’s life so far has failed because the cultist felt the need to be theatric. 


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Julian finally realizes what he’s dealing with 

At the same time, upstairs, Julian and Sean get into an argument and start blaming each other for Jericho’s death. The argument brings hidden emotions to the surface, words that neither of them dared to say after all this time. Word eventually turns into fists, and the argument escalates into a physical fight. The two regain their senses when they can see the smoke coming from the fireplace. The smoke is a result of a fire that Bev lit in order to heat up the dagger. 

Julian runs downstairs and sees Leanne bound and gagged with Bev standing over her body with a flaming hot dagger. 

He kicks the dagger from her hands and notices that Bev seems to be frozen in place and swelling rapidly in front of his eyes. At that moment, he sees Leanne concentrating on Bev and figures out that Leanne is the one causing Bev to swell. 

Sean joins them in the basement and finds Bev on the floor half dead, Julian extremely scared, and Leanne laughing maniacally in what seems to be a pretty corny scene.

The grand reveal that falls flat 

The ambulance takes care of Bev’s body, and we can see Bobbie groveling on the floor, asking for forgiveness from Dorothy. Allegedly she had no idea that Bev was part of a cult and that she would make an attempt on Leanne’s life. Dorothy is annoyed if anything and assures Bobbie that it’s ok. Before leaving, Bobbie explains to Dorothy that Leanne’s obsession over her most likely formed during her early life when she was a child. Leanne is ready to rather than to leave Dorothy and her family alone.

Dorothy ponders the things that Bobbie told her. Once alone, she attempts to stand up to get access to her former news recordings. She knows what she is looking for, and it’s a tape that we’ve seen once before. She puts the disc into the player, and we can see a much younger Dorothy interviewing girls at a beauty pageant. One of the girls is Leanne, and she watches Dorothy with starstruck eyes. 

Dorothy now becomes aware that Leanne did apply for her original nanny ad by accident, and she was most likely following her family for a long time, even before she moved in.

To see the aftermath of this revelation, we’re going to have to wait for next Friday, February 24th, when the seventh episode releases on Apple TV.