Both Sex and the City Movies in Order

Sex and the City Movies in Order

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Sex and the City is one of the most remarkable phenomena in the world of tv-series. It gained colossal success immediately upon its release in 1998 and lasted for six years, making its main protagonists some of the biggest Hollywood stars. It was only a matter of time before a movie would follow the lives and adventures of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. The movie Sex and the City got out in 2008 and despite the not-so-positive critics’ reviews, it became successful as the tv-series. 

How many Sex and the City movies are there?

There are two Sex and the City movies, the first movie was filmed in 2008, and its sequel was filmed in 2010.

Sex and the City movies in order (at a glance)

  1. Sex and the City (2008)
  2. Sex and the City 2 (2010)

Sex and the City

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The first movie continues where the tv-series stopped. Carrie is finally getting married to Mr. Big, after a hasty decision made in their huge New York apartment. Her best friends, the naive Charlotte, the perfectionist Miranda, and the carefree Samantha, even though a bit skeptical, couldn’t be happier for Carrie.

While planning the wedding with their best friend, these three women are facing their own personal issues. Charlotte is still trying to get pregnant, Miranda finds out that Steve had an affair and Samantha is finally in a meaningful relationship which she isn’t used to. When Miranda meets Mr. Big and makes a remark about him getting married, Mr. Big will disappear and trigger a series of events full of self-reflection.


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Sex and the City 2


This sequel takes place two years after Carrie finally got married to Mr. Big when Carrie suddenly realizes that she is not the woman she used to be before. She isn’t getting out anymore and is constantly spending time at home with her husband, in front of the Tv, and take-out food.

Miranda is coping with her new boss, Charlotte with her daughter’s terrible twos and Samantha is the one who will save them from becoming completely miserable. She manages to organize a full paid trip to Abu Dhabi where the best friends will have time to relax, but also reflect on their decisions and the lives they are leading.

What is the best way to watch Sex and the City movies?

The best way to watch Sex and the City movies is chronological. It wouldn’t be bad to know the story behind the movies, the one from the tv-series since the majority of the characters and their stories are featured in the movies.

Where to watch Sex and the City movies?

You can watch Sex and the City movies on HBO Max. 

Are Sex and the City movies connected?

Yes, the movies are connected. The first part is connected to the tv-series and its sequel takes place two years after the happenings in the first movie. 

Will there be more Sex and the City movies?

There probably won’t be any more Sex and the City movies since Kim Catrall who played Samantha announced that she has retired as a character. There were some rumors that the third Sex and the City movie had been canceled.

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