‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Episode 8 Ending, Explained: How Does Jen Join Forces with Daredevil?


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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Episode 8 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Episode 8 has been without a doubt the most anticipated episode of the series because it brings back a fan favorite character into the fold of the MCU. Daredevil became a hit show when it was part of the Netflix Marvel show slate. It received three seasons and Matt Murdock quickly became a fan favorite. However, the characters from those shows never jumped into the MCU as they should, until now.

Daredevil is being canonized into the MCU, and we already know he will receive his own series in the future. It is quite amazing, and fans will surely end up loving this version of the character. Matt Murdock continues to be charming and is one hell of a fighter. However, this version feels a bit sillier than before. Let’s hope the character doesn’t lose his dark tones just because he is now in the MCU. This is definitely the kind of episode She-Hulk needed after having been quite uneventful in the past few weeks.


Daredevil vs. She-Hulk: Who Would Win in a Fight?

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for episode 8 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Read at your own risk.

How Does Jen Join Forces With Daredevil?

Yes, we are finally here with Daredevil finally making his appearance on the show. It all begins when a superhero called “Leapfrog” tries to stop some robbers, but in the process, he fails because he doesn’t know how to use his superhero suit properly. The thing is that Eugene, a.k.a. Leapfrog, isn’t just some guy; his parents are very important clients of Jen’s law firm, and she is forced to take on the case. The worst thing is that Eugene is suing none other than Luke Jacobson, the fashion designer who designs suits for superheroes, including Jennifer’s.

Jennifer goes to Luke’s studio to warn him about the lawsuit, and he catches Luke in the middle of making her dress for an upcoming Gala. However, Luke feels Jennifer is betraying him by taking the case, and he destroys the dress. In court, Luke is being sued for making dysfunctional suits, which we know is a lie, because Luke never makes one of those, he is a true professional. Luke brings his own lawyer to court, and it is none other than Matt Murdock. Matt quickly dismantles Jennifer’s case, and the Judge dismisses the case.


Later, at the bar, Matt buys a drink for Jennifer as a peace offering. They talk, and Matt says to Jennifer that she has all her bases covered because she can use the law to defend the people who need it, but as She-Hulk, she can also help people when the law fails them. Jennifer is also feeling a great vibe from Matt, and she admits she is attracted to him. Matt receives an urgent call and has to leave, so Jennifer does it as well and goes home.

Jennifer falls exhausted onto her couch and then receives a call from her client, Leapfrog. Apparently, he is being attacked and needs help. It is here that Jennifer decides to take out her superhero suit that Luke made and put it on. She goes to the place where Eugene is and finds that her client is being pursued by a guy wearing a mustard and ketchup devil suit. This is Daredevil. They fight for a bit, with Jennifer having problems catching up to Daredevil’s speed, but when she catches him, she takes off his mask and realizes that Daredevil is Matt.

What Happens To Jennifer At The Gala?

Matt explains to Jennifer that Luke has been kidnapped by Eugene, so he can make him another suit. The two of them decide to rescue Luke and arrive at Eugene’s lair. Daredevil uses stealth and his martial prowess to beat out Eugene’s goons, but Jennifer comes with brute force and defeats most of them with ease. They rescue Luke, who forgives Jennifer for her betrayal and promises to make a dress for the gala. Eugene is arrested by the police after trying to escape by jumping from a window.

Jennifer and Matt talk after the events and their chemistry is very high, so they decide to go to Jennifer’s place and have superhero sex. The next morning, Nikki arrives, and Jennifer feels very satisfied with herself. For the first time, things are going very well. However, Nikki reminds Jennifer that she must get ready for the Gala, to which Jennifer replies that she thought the episodes were already over after having sex with Matt.

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The Gala arrives, and Jennifer is there in a fantastic dress designed by Luke. Everything is going very well, and she goes to the stage with the other nominees for Female Lawyer of the Year. However, when it is time for Jennifer to talk, the screens are seized by our guys from Intelligencia. They call Jennifer bad names and say she doesn’t deserve the power she stole from Hulk. Jennifer gets angry for the first time in the show and destroys the screens.

Everybody runs in panic, and when she goes outside, there are already soldiers with superpowered weapons ready to take Jennifer down. Jennifer has fallen into Todd’s trap, and soon we will see what happened with the blood that was taken from her in the previous episode. Jennifer even makes a reference to a Red Hulk, so expect some of that in the season finale.

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