Simu Liu Himself Shares Promising Update on ‘Shang-Chi 2’

Rumors Filming for ‘Shang Chi 2 Is Set to Start in 2025 Featuring the Return of One Major Character

Marvel Studios and Disney have several projects in the works, despite recent statements about scaling back due to mixed results. Among these projects is the sequel to ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.’ Development on the sequel began in December 2021, with director and writer Cretton and star Liu expected to return. Liu has expressed interest in further exploring his character’s journey and his role in the MCU.

However, as of July 2023, Liu was unsure about the sequel’s production timeline, mentioning it was scheduled for release after ‘Avengers: The Kang Dynasty,’ which had been pushed back to 2026 and renamed in the meantime.

Recently, there have been rumors circulating about the start of production for ‘Shang-Chi 2’ in 2025, but these are just rumors with no official confirmation. Marvel Studios hasn’t given much attention to the movie in their official announcements, especially with ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ nearing release and ‘Fantastic Four’ gaining unexpected attention.

Fans have also noticed this absence. One fan, Victoria Avalor, expressed frustration on Threads, questioning why Marvel Studios seemed to have forgotten about ‘Shang-Chi’ since the character wasn’t referenced in other Marvel movies.

Simu Liu himself responded to her concern, reassuring her that the sequel is definitely in the works. You can see their conversation below.

sim liu on threads 1

So, while Marvel Studios might not be talking much about the sequel, we’ve got solid confirmation that it’s in the works. Got something to say? Drop it in the comments below!

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