Snyder Almost Directed Wolverine Movie, Still Keen on Elektra & The Dark Knight Returns

snyder directing marvel movies

Zack Snyder’s DCEU received praise for its boldness but also faced criticism, particularly for actor choices and creative liberties with the source material.

In a recent interview with Happy, Sad, Confused, Snyder expressed his determination to continue despite the DCEU’s reboot. He still has his sights set on several comic book movies he’d like to tackle.

During the interview, Snyder disclosed that he came close to directing the Wolverine movie but remains open to the idea, asserting he “could for sure do that.” However, finding the right actor poses a challenge, a sentiment many would agree with.

Surprisingly, he expressed interest in adapting Elektra to live-action. Despite the character’s appearance in previous projects, Elektra’s solo movie was poorly received and nearly derailed Jennifer Garner’s career. Additionally, Snyder reiterated his readiness to direct ‘The Dark Knight Returns.’

Elektra is like, well, Elektra Lives Again really is the is the movie for me. Because it’s Lynn Varley and Frank Miller and the whole – it’s like yeah, that would be, and that book is beautiful… The Dark Knight Returns is the only real comic book movie I would do tomorrow if I could get a chance to do it, yeah. Oh, it has [to be] comic accurate, 100%.

The director is currently recovering from what may be the nadir of his career. His latest release, ‘Rebel Moon – Part 2: Scargiver,’ has earned the title of being his lowest-rated film to date, with the entire series receiving similarly poor reviews.

Despite the critical reception of the ‘Rebel Moon’ series, which some critics have deemed Snyder’s weakest work (yes, even worse than Sucker Punch), his collaboration with Netflix remains robust. It’s been confirmed that Snyder’s next project with the streaming service, an anime-style series titled ‘Twilight of the Gods,’ will premiere later this year. The series is set to be released on Netflix in Fall 2024.

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