Solo Leveling: All You Need To Know about Baruka!

Solo Leveling: All You Need to Know About Baruka!

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Solo Leveling is a South Korean novel series that has recently seen an anime adaptation. Arguably the most popular manhwa in the world, Solo Leveling is sure to attract a lot of attention, especially because the anime adaptation is truly great. While we’re enjoying the episodes, we have decided to talk about the series, and in this article, we are going to be covering one of the series’ characters. Baruka is a villain who will not appear in the anime very soon, but he is an interesting character from the original work and that is why we have decided to tell you all you need to know about him in the series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Baruka is a secondary but very important villain from the original Solo Leveling web novel. He debuted in Chapter 63 of the novel, i.e., in Chapter 52 of the webtoon series.
  • Baruka is an ice elf who was the major villain during the Red Gate Arc, as he was the warlord and principal boss of the Red Gate that appeared suddenly in the series.
  • He was an exceptionally powerful and skilled S-Rank Magic Beast. He was so powerful that Sung Jinwoo managed to defeat him only after triple-teaming him with Iron and Igris.

Baruka is an ice elf and an S-Rank Magical Beast

Solo Leveling does, indeed, have some very interesting characters. As the plot evolves, more and more characters will be introduced to the story, and we will, of course, be covering their appearances, but this article is going to be a tad different as Baruka, the character we are going to cover in this article, won’t be appearing in the anime soon. But, Baruka is exceptionally interesting so we decided to tell you all about him before his due appearance in the anime.

Baruka is a secondary villain from Solo Leveling, but he is nevertheless very important and very dangerous. He is actually an ice elf who appeared as the boss of the Red Gate Dungeon that suddenly appeared. He had blue skin, a malicious smile, blank eyes, and white hair. His fingernails were black and on his forehead, there was a purple flower pattern. He also wore a fur coat and a parka. As the appearance suggests, he has a menacing and evil personality; he is a narcissist and a sadist who enjoys killing humans. He is also quite intelligent for a Magical Beast and has the ability to speak, which is not that common.

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When the Red Gate Dungeon appeared, Kim Chul and his party went in there to locate Baruka so that they could close it. But, being as smart as he is, Baruka anticipated this and quickly used his army to kill everyone in Kim Chul’s party except for Kim Chul, who ran away in fear. As he was chasing Kim Chul through the forest, Baruka encountered Sung Jinwoo, and realizing that he was not completely human, he offered to spare his life if he sacrificed Kim Chul’s life; Jinwoo refused, and the two began to fight.


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It was a bitter fight in which Baruka initially had the upper hand, but soon enough, Jinwoo’s Shadows managed to gain the upper hand; with the help of Igris and Iron, Jinwoo was able to gain the upper hand, which is when Baruka realized that he was losing the battle. He tried – desperately – to charge at Jinwoo twice but failed, and the second time, he was left open so that the shadows could kill him with relative ease, thus closing the gate and ending Baruka’s life.

His powers were such that even Sung Jinwoo was unable to defeat him alone

After revealing his story, we think it would be best to tell you about Baruka’s powers and abilities, as this is the last important segment of his story that has to be explained. This is what we are going to do in this section.

Baruka was classified as an S-Rank Magical Beast. He was exceptionally intelligent and even had the ability to speak, which is quite rare for magical beasts, but it made him all the more dangerous. On top of that, he was incredibly strong, as it took Jinwoo to combine his powers with Iron and Igris to finally defeat him.

He is an excellent swordsman and is also a master tactician who is able to adapt to his opponent’s movements and come up with the best way of defeating them. He is also highly durable and fast and also has a strong Stealth ability.

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