Sony’s Chairman Provides Update On The Future Projects, Including Spider-Man 4 With Tom Holland


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Sony Pictures has a lot on their plate now, they’re developing several movie franchises, and their Marvel Universe, the so-called Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, is one they want to keep their focus on, but let’s not forget they’re still having a deal with Disney for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to be present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy concluded last year with Spider-Man: No Way Home, but Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios almost immediately revealed that the story of MCU’s Spider-Man isn’t over. It’s not known when Spider-Man 4 with Holland will happen, but both Marvel Studios and Sony acknowledged that Holland will eventually return as the web-slinger.

In a recent interview, Sony’s chairman Tom Rothman talked about the future projects that Sony is developing or planning to develop. He mentioned Jumanji, Uncharted, and Spider-Man. The first Uncharted movie, also starring Tom Holland was released earlier this year and it was successful enough to start one more movie franchise for Sony.


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Rothman also revealed that they’re planning to start the development of Spider-Man 4 soon, and they’re planning to bring back the whole group. He didn’t specify does that include only cast members, or also screenwriters, directors, and other members of the crew that worked on the Spider-Man Home trilogy.

“Uncharted, Jumanji, Spider-Man. We have our Marvel business, which breaks into three tranches. There are the Spider-Man movies, and we’re currently at work on two Spider-Verse sequels to our Oscar-winning animated movie, with Lord and Miller. We hope to get working on the next Spider-Man movie. […] That whole group, we hope. Then there are movies I would call adjunct to the Spider-Man universe. That’s Kraven, which we’re shooting now, and Madame Web, which we’ll start in the spring with S.J. Clarkson directing. And then there are many Marvel characters that are standalone.” — Tom Rothman for Deadline

Spider-Man will eventually return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When? No one knows, but we’re patiently waiting for new info.

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