Sophia Di Martino Talks ‘Loki’ Season 3 & Shares Avengers She Wants to Crossover With

sylvie pie

Sylvie’s character is a bit harsher than Loki’s. She was taken by the TVA as a child and became a kind of Temporal Terrorist by the time she met Loki. Yet, her intentions were good.

She had a big impact on Loki’s growth, inspiring him to take the path he did, seemingly freeing everyone from He Who Remains’ control.

Certainly, many fans feel that ‘Loki’ offers rich thematic material to explore. A potential focus for season 3 could be Sylvie’s journey. It would be intriguing to witness her newfound freedom and purpose, perhaps with a hint of mischief, staying true to her Loki nature.

At the FYC Emmy screening and Q&A in Beverly Hills’ Samuel Goldwyn Theater, Sophia shared insights about ‘Loki’ season 3, admitting she’s just as clueless as the rest of us.

I have no idea, honestly. I’m open to more. But honestly I think the [Season 2] finale was great and if that’s it, I’m very grateful for what we’ve had. But they don’t say anything. The veil of secrecy extends to us, too.

A few months back, the showrunners mentioned that ‘Loki’ Season 3 isn’t out of the question, but it would need to delve into the new TVA and its operations. They’d only continue if they find a story that’s genuinely compelling. Honestly, it seems reasonable. Season 2 wrapped up so well, it’s tough to top that.

In that interview, Di Martino also expressed her interest in crossing over with Thor.

think it would be great to see Sylvie and Thor. I think it would be fun to see them get wound up, especially if Loki is in the equation. Three siblings together? The dynamic would be interesting.

Sophia’s crossover idea sounds spot-on. Thor was already exasperated with one mischievous sibling; imagine adding another into the mix!

Do you think Sylvie should interact with Thor in future MCU projects? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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