Soulfist Leveling Guide In Lost Ark: The Right Way To Level

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Lost Ark features a ton of classic MMORPG classes, but also boasts some uniquely skilled classes for players to enjoy. The Soulfist class is one of these special types, as this class has a set of some impressive and highly useful abilities. Leveling up the Soulfist class can be a pretty smooth experience, but it may be slow at lower levels.

Soulfist Class Overview

The Soulfist is an advanced class within the Martial Artist main melee class. Unlike her Martial Artist counterparts, the Soulfist class offers a set of highly versatile skills as she is well-rounded rather than being a master at a certain combat type.

She has amazing mobility and specializes in both single target damage as well as AoE damage. This lovely blend of combat tactics and skills makes the Soulfist class an incredible option for anyone who wants the best of both worlds.

Soulfist Abilities

She flaunts a range of damage-dealing ranged, melee, single target, and AoE skills, making her perfect for just about any scenario. Choosing this class will allow you to have a variety of playstyles throughout your Lost Ark journey.

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The use of Soulfist’s abilities involves discerning how much of her burst damage is necessary. She can be kept at lower levels of damage to extend consistency, or players can choose to pump her meter up as fast as possible to deal massive bursts of damage as soon as possible.

Unlike many other classes that use mana for skills, the Soulfist’s abilities use up energy – which is indicated as a secondary resource bar. She drains this energy really fast compared to classes that use mana bars, but it also regenerates quite quickly.

Soulfist Identity Skill

Each Lost Ark class has a very special Identity Skill, and the Soulfist’s Identity revolves around her Hype Gauge. The higher the Hype Gauge level, the more quickly it will drain.

Once the meter drains, the Soulfist class will enter a temporary state of cooldown before returning to level 1 Hype again. Below are the general effects of entering each Hype Gauge level:


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  • Hype level 1: Gains minor damage, speed, and eneergy recharge buffs.
  • Hype level 2: Gains more powerful buffs and a slowly draining meter.
  • Hype level 3: Gains large bonuses during battle, but the meter will drain quickly.

The most challenging aspect of the Soulfist class is learning how to manage the Hype Bar, its drainage, and each level’s viability depending on the target and enemies. Players need to keep a close eye on her energy as, if energy hits 0, you won’t be able to use any abilities until it’s fully recharged.

Soulfist Awakening Skills

It will take some solid Lost Ark grinding before you can unlock the Soulfist’s Awakening skills. You will first need to complete the Main Questline until you reach Vern city, after which you will meet Beatrice who will ask you to visit her in Trixion.

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Once you complete these tasks, check your mailbox and consume the items to unlock the skills. Below are the Soulfist’s Awakening skills and how you can choose which Awakening skill would be best for your preferred build:

World Decimation

This Awakening skill involves unleashing a spirit bomb (topped with the iconic raised hands and a lengthy build-up). Like the classic Spirit Bomb, the long charge rate means that you can be put in some vulnerable scenarios, but it is the highest damage ability in the whole game.

Players can top the PvE damage leaderboards on a regular if they can land a hit, especially when in Hype 3 with a Crit. But, using it will take tons of skill and knowledge of enemy mechanics.

Decimation Ray

This Awakening skill unleashes a channeled beam, dealing less damage than World Decimation’s spirit bomb. It is much quicker and safer to use, making it a good fit for most Lost Ark players.

Since World Decimation’s charge-up is an obvious weakness to live opponents, Decimation Ray is best for PvP. It still packs in a heap of damage, but it’s much easier to use overall.

Soulfist Leveling Guide

Since the Soulfist class can inflict a combination of single target damage and AoE damage, the leveling experience should be comparatively smooth when compared to some of Lost Ark‘s other classes. However, the process can be slow at the very beginning.

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Leveling will be much quicker once the Soulfist unlocks her high damage burst skills. Even then, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process even further.

Gear & Combat Stats

Focus on equipping the highest item level gear possible throughout the leveling process. Also, focus on Swiftness for more movement speed, as well as reduced casting time and faster skill cooldowns. Prioritize the Crit and Specialization Combat Stats, as this will increase the Soulfist’s damage and clear speed.

Best Class Engravings

Unlocking the Soulfist Class Engravings will take some time, effort, and gameplay, but they’ll be incredibly valuable in the endgame. Below are the Soulfist Class Engravings as well as their uses:

Robust Spirit

This class engraving will remove Hype levels 1 and 2, allowing players to jump right into the high damage-dealing level 3 Hype state, and also increases the energy recovery and damage bonuses from Hype. However, this ability will also mean that the Soulfist will spend more time in cooldown mode since Hype 3 drains energy really fast.

Using this engraving will enable players to quickly dip in and out of Hype 3 mode, followed by cooldowns. Players will need to take full advantage of the benefits while in this state for it to be useful throughout battles.

Energy Overflow

This class engraving will provide a damage buff when under 30% energy, and will prevent the Soulfist’s energy from ever reaching 0 by increasing its minimum to 1. This will prevent players from experiencing the ability lock that occurs at 0.

However, the Hype state will not affect the energy recharge rate. This is a fantastic choice for an all-around and consistent build, especially for players who are looking to attack enemies as often as possible.

Hype mechanics are as usual other than the unaffected recharge rate. It’s quite easy to stay in attack mode with this engraving, ensuring that your energy is always near or under 30% to receive the relevant buff.

Generic Engravings

Generic Engravings can be acquired from Engraving Books, or from items such as necklaces, rings, or earrings. The Soulfist’s most suitable generic Engravings will depend on your playstyle as all of them may have certain pros and cons.

Below are the most helpful generic engravings for the Soulfist class:


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  • Awakening: Reduces Awakening skill cooldowns and increases maximum uses in limited content (such as Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons).
  • Raid Captain: Increases damage based on movement speed, which increases during Hype.
  • Adrenaline: Grants a stacking damage buff as you use skills, which compliments both Energy Overflow’s consistent spamming and Robust Spirit’s burst windows.
  • Grudge: Increases outgoing and incoming damage. The incoming damage increase is flat across all levels, so it’s only really worthwhile when it’s maxed out.

Continue The Main Story

Continuing the Main Questline will be the best way to get levels as quickly as possible in Lost Ark. You will have to defeat a ton of enemies and mobs along the way, which will reward you with some great XP.

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In addition to the XP gained from enemy encounters, players can expect to receive some bonus XP for each quest after it’s completed. Completing the Main Questline is also essential for accessing the Soulfist’s most powerful skills, as well as gaining access to some awesome in-game activities.

Skill Point Allocation

Allocate Skill Points to gain Tripods for the Soulfist’s most effective skills, depending on where you’re at in the game. You’ll be able to switch out skills as needed based on the needs of the encounter or the needs of your team.

Below are the most significant Skill Tripods for the Soulfist class, as well as how to manage them as you progress towards level 50:


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  • Level 11: Pulverizing Palm (4 points) for more mobility.
  • Level 15: Pulverizing Palm (20 points) for the Attack Power buff Ready Attack; Heavenly Squash (4 points) for more damage.
  • Level 19: Heavenly Squash (20 points) to add burn damage; Deadly Finger (4 points) to increase the AoE radius.
  • Level 25: Remove all points from Deadly Finger to max out Heavenly Squash for increased damage; Tempest Blast (4 points) to clear mob groups faster.
  • Level 30: Tempest Blast (20 points) for increased AoE; Lightning Palm (4 points) for an additional Attack Power buff; Force Orb (4 points) helps to clear mob waves faster.
  • Level 34: Max out Tempest Blast for increased damage and range.
  • Level 41: Remove all points from Lightning Palm to max out Force Orb for increased damage.
  • Level 44: Add 4 points back to Deadly Finger and Lightning Palm; Merciless Pummel (20 points) to add high single target damage.

Players can also use any extra Skill Points by investing them into any low cooldown skills, as this will help increase the Soulfist’s overall clear speed for a faster leveling process. However, just remember to reallocate these points to her main skills when necessary.

Soulfist Gameplay Tips

Although every player’s experience with the Soulfist will vary depending on build, setup, and preferred playstyle, there are a few fundamental aspects that any gamer can use throughout their Lost Ark journey.

Buff Before Attacking

Before unleashing the Soulfist’s high damage skills, make sure to buff yourself with Pulverizing Palm. Doing so will help you out throughout the entire enemy encounter.

Defeating Mobs With Soulfist

Most of the Soulfist’s skills will be comprised of front attacks during the earlier stages, although she does deal single target and AoE damage which are highly useful for mobs and groups of enemies. Group up enemies and place yourself close before casting damage skills, such as:

  • Deadly Finger
  • Heavenly Squash
  • Lightning Palm

In addition to the overall positioning during attacks, try to make sure you knock up enemies before using skills like Deadly Finger. This will allow your attacks to be more effective by increasing the damage inflicted on foes.

Mobility With Soulfist

The Soulfist class does have great mobility, and she has multiple mobility skills that can be used to speed up overall travel time – such as when you’re not mounted or are traversing dungeons. Use the following skills to decrease travel time while leveling up:

  • Puvlerizing Palm
  • Flash Step

The Soulfist class has quickly gained popularity among Lost Ark players, as she is one of the few classes offering a range of abilities, playstyles, and combat mechanics. She is fairly easy to level up even at lower levels and will make an incredible part of any Lost Ark team.