Spy x Family: Who Is Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby & What Happened to Him?

Spy x Family: Who Is Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby & What Happened to Him?

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Many interesting characters appear in SPY×FAMILY, and while the major focus has always been on the protagonist trio – Loid, Yor, and Anya – numerous side characters impacted the series and deserve some attention. One such character is the secondary villain, Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby, one of the assassins who went to kill Olka and Gram. Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby was a maverick, and that is what ultimately cost him his victory and his mission. In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby, as well as what happened to him in the series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby was an assassin who was a member of the group of assassins hired by Leonardo Hapoon to kill Olka and Gram Gretcher. His secret weapon was a sickle attached to a chain.
  • Barnaby is a greedy man who refuses to work with the other assassins and tries to collect the bounty himself, so he goes to Olka and Gram alone but is eventually faced with Yor, who stops him.
  • Barnaby and Yor fought before many witnesses, but that did not stop Barnaby. Yor defeated and tied him, rendering him incapable of doing any additional harm.

Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby was among the assassins who unsuccessfully tried to assassinate Olka and Gram

Alright, let us give you a brief introduction before we actually tell you the story of Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby, since the context of his story is relatively important, and you need to know the background to completely understand his role in the series. So, here we go.

One of the most prominent families in the nation, the Gretchers had some history in Ostania. Olka was in charge of sneaking food to the people on the streets of Ostania; her father and her family handled the Underworld in a very honorable manner overall. Even though her family did a terrific job leading the Underworld, her father, and her brothers were killed in an internal dispute.

This ultimately led to a change in the organization’s leadership, with Leonard Hapoon taking over and announcing his plan to destroy the Gretcher family. Soon later, a bounty was placed on Olka and her little boy, Gram. This was why Olka had to flee with her son, but it was challenging because assassins were around. And this is where our introduction ends. Namely, we have explored the necessary background data, and we can now continue with the story as it happened in the present. We have a good notion that can help you better understand his part in the series.

So, Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby. Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby was an assassin that Leonardo Hapoon hired to care for Olka and Gram Gretchen as they tried to escape the country on the cruise ship. He was a tall, bulky man with a black beard and long black hair tied in a ponytail. He also had chain fragments instead of earrings and generally had a maniacal look. His forte seemed to be his physical strength, as he was a strong guy, and his skills with weapons seemingly earned him the nickname “Sickle-and-Chain.”

He actually used a sickle and a chain as a main weapon, as was seen during his fight with Yor on board the cruise ship. Not much is known about him aside from that, as he was just one of several assassins who were present on the cruise ship, so his story actually wasn’t all that important individually.


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We do know, though, that he was greedy, as he refused to work with the other assassins, including the Leader and Snoops, wanting to claim the whole bounty for himself. Namely, while they were all there for the same goal and were hired by the same man, the assassins were a loosely connected group, and they did not really have to work together. That is why Barnaby decided to ditch them all, and he worked alone, hoping that he would be able to get the job done and, thus, get all the reward money himself. So, what happened to him in the end? Did he succeed or not?

Well, Barnaby decided to find Olka and Gram alone and kill them, and he did find them while they were with Yor, and they were all surrounded by a lot of people. This did not stop Barnaby from engaging them, while Yor was worried about blowing her cover. Anya, who had read Barnaby’s thoughts and found out what he was planning, also came to the scene and, pretending she did not know her mother, cheered the two of them on so it looked like it was just a simple circus performance more than anything else.

This helped Yor, as she could now show off her fighting skills while, at the same time, not blowing her cover, as a circus performer could be that skilled. And that is actually what happened. Barnaby was no match for Yor, and after a brief fight, she could tie him up using his chain, rendering him completely useless until the end of the journey.

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