Star Wars: Magenta Lightsaber Meaning & All Its Users


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One of the things that we know in the Star Wars world is that different Jedi, Sith, and Force users use lightsabers that may differ in terms of their colors. Of course, a lightsaber can be quite colorful, as many different colors have already been introduced in the Star Wars world. This is where the magenta lightsaber comes into the discussion as one of the most unique colors.

As uncommon as certain lightsaber colors may be, the magenta lightsaber ranks near the top of the list regarding some of the rarest lightsaber colors we’ve seen in the official canon storyline of Star Wars. The fact that this saber color is so rare makes it intriguing to many fans of the Star Wars lore. So, with that said, let’s look at the meaning of the magenta lightsaber and all of the users of this lightsaber color.

What Does the Magenta Lightsaber Mean?

We know that one of the things that the Jedi are known for is that they use lightsabers as their primary weapons. Of course, the lightsaber is also the primary weapon of the Sith and the other Force users all over the galaxy. But out of all of the different Force users, the Jedi are the ones that have the most colorful lightsabers, as most of them have sabers that vary in terms of their color.

lightsaber colors

While we often see blue and green as the most common lightsaber colors in the Jedi Order, one such color has become quite popular among fans due to its uniqueness. We are talking about the magenta lightsaber color, which ranks right up there regarding how rare it is among the Jedi. But what does the magenta lightsaber color mean?

In terms of in-universe meaning, the magenta lightsaber color doesn’t mean anything. According to the Star Wars canon, the lightsaber’s color is almost entirely random. As such, different Jedi get lightsaber colors randomly, as they have little to no control over the color of their lightsabers. 

Of course, there are exceptions, such as when Anakin tinkered with Ahsoka’s light green lightsabers to turn them blue. But in most cases, the color of a Kyber crystal, which is the crystal that powers the lightsaber, is almost entirely random when a Jedi receives the crystal. And that means the magenta lightsaber color doesn’t mean anything about its significance in Star Wars.

But while the magenta lightsaber may not mean anything regarding its in-universe significance, this color has a subjective meaning and significance when you look at what magenta stands for.

In the real world, magenta, seemingly pink, is the universal color of harmony and emotional balance. Yes, the emotional balance part is very important here because we know that the Jedi often struggle when it comes to handling their emotions. However, magenta represents the combination of two colors that balance one another.


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Magenta is often created by combining red with purple. In Star Wars, red is the color of the lightsabers that the Sith and dark side users use as this color often represents power and passion, two of the most important things that the Sith value. Meanwhile, purple is a lightsaber color that is used only by Mace Windu and is said to be a color that represents introspection. And quiet energy.

So, in that regard, magenta strikes a balance between the passionate and powerful aura of red and the introspective energy that comes with purple. This means that a magenta lightsaber color represents being able to strike a balance between being emotional and being introspective. And we know that the Sith are emotional, whereas the Jedi are always called to be mindful of their thoughts and feelings.

Aside from that, the color magenta also represents compassion, kindness, and cooperation, all of which the Jedi teaches and preaches. So, while magenta may be close to red, it is actually a very Jedi color regarding its meaning. That is why magenta is meaningful despite how rare a lightsaber color it is.

Who Uses the Magenta Lightsaber?

Out of all of the different Jedi that use the magenta lightsaber color in the Legends part of Star Wars, only one person is known to use it in canon. Of course, we are talking about Cal Kestis, the Star Wars Jedi video game series star. He and the magenta color were first introduced in the canon video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

magenta saber

Of course, the thing about Cal is that he can use a lot of different lightsaber colors. That means that he has no real canon lightsaber color. And that also means that whatever lightsaber color the player gives Cal Kestis is his canon color.


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Considering that magenta is one of the options that Cal Kestis can use throughout the Star Wars Jedi video games, it goes without saying that this lightsaber color is quite fitting for his journey as a Jedi, especially when you look at the things that he went through in Survivor.

During the events of Survivor, Cal Kestis had to go through the experience of losing someone important repeatedly and was even tempted to use the dark side of the Force. However, he had the awareness to bring himself back from the dark side and choose to be the bigger person. This is a good representation of what the magenta color stands for, as Cal was able to strike a balance between being passionate and being introspective.

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