Every Jedi That Wielded the Green Lightsaber (Ranked by Importance)

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If there’s one thing that we know about the Jedi Order, it’s that the members of this group of religious people all wield lightsabers that differ in color, depending on the preferences of the Jedi. The different lightsaber colors all have their own meanings, but most Jedi and Force have lightsaber colors that arise as a result of their bond with the Kyber crystals that they use whenever they create their own lightsabers. In that regard, the lightsaber color isn’t just a fashion sense, even though there is a degree of control on the part of the Jedi in choosing the color of the saber.

Of course, out of all of the different lightsaber colors, the green color is one of the most common and is right up there with blue in terms of how common it is among Force users. This color originally came about in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi when a creative choice during the filming led George Lucas and his crew to change Luke’s lightsaber color from blue to green. Since then, it has become an iconic lightsaber color.

There have been a lot of green lightsaber users ever since Luke debuted his green lightsaber in Return of the Jedi. As such, we are here to rank all of the Jedi and Force users that have wielded the green lightsaber.

14. Stass Allie

strass ali

Not a lot of people are familiar with Stass Allie because she didn’t have a prominent role during her limited time as a Jedi. Nevertheless, during the final days of the Galactic Republic, she served as a Jedi Master and was even a Jedi General during the Clone Wars. Stass was also the cousin of Adi Gallia, who we know is the more prominent of the two Jedi Masters.

It was due to the death of Adi that Stass was able to get a seat in the Jedi High Council. Like most of the other Jedi Generals that served during the Clone Wars, she was killed when Order 66 was initiated. Unlike her cousin, who wielded a blue lightsaber, Stass Allie wielded a green one that we weren’t able to see her use a lot of times due to her limited screen time.

13. Agen Kolar


Agen Kolar was one of the Jedi that was able to use both a green and a blue lightsaber. He used a green lightsaber during the First Battle of Geonosis, wherein he was one of the few Jedi that survived the onslaught of the droids in that pivotal moment in the history of the galaxy. It was the fact that he was a notable duelist that allowed him to survive the events of the Clone Wars up to the time when it was about to end.


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As a Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi High Council, Agen Kolar was one of the Jedi that Mace Windu took to Sheev Palpatine to force the chancellor to give up his emergency powers. Of course, because Windu learned beforehand that Palpatine was the hidden Sith Lord, he brought notable Jedi Masters to make sure that they had a chance to defeat him or, at the very least, arrest him. Agen Kolar, who wielded a blue lightsaber in that battle, was one of the Jedi that Sidious killed effortlessly.

12. Saesee Tiin


Even though he was a Jedi Master, Saesee Tiin was more renowned for his ability as a pilot than his skills with the lightsaber and mastery of the Force. As such, he became an important part of the effort against the Separatists during the Clone Wars because he was one of the best pilots that fought on the side of the Republic.

However, during the time when Mace Windu needed Palpatine to give up his emergency powers, they discovered that he was the Sith Lord they had been looking for. Windu brought Jedi Masters with him, and one of them was Saesee Tiin. He was killed effortlessly by the powerful Sith Lord, as it didn’t even take too long for Sidious to slay Tiin.

11. Depa Billaba


Depa Billaba was actually a Jedi Master that learned and trained under Mace Windu, who we know was one of the strongest Jedi during the final days of the Jedi Order. She was also a member of the Jedi High Council during the final years of the Galactic Republic. And while she was often portrayed as using a blue lightsaber, there were also instances when she wielded a green one.

Even though Depa Billaba didn’t have a lot of prominent moments during her time as a Jedi Master, she was known as the master of Caleb Dume, who we all know as Kanan Jarrus. As such, she took Kanan as her Padawan learner before the events of Order 66 but died trying to save him. As such, Depa’s sacrifice allowed Kanan to live and become a prominent member of the Rebellion.

10. Kit Fisto

kit fisto

While Kit Fisto wasn’t given a lot of screen time during the earlier Star Wars movies, he was given the attention that he deserved in the Star Wars: Clone Wars series, where he served as one of the prominent Jedi Generals that fought in the war against the Separatists. In fact, he was a very skilled Jedi Master. This council member was one of the few Jedi to defeat General Grievous. 

As skilled as Kit Fisto was with his green lightsaber, he ended up getting killed by Darth Sidious when Mace Windu and three other Jedi Masters tried to arrest him. Fisto, other than Windu, was the only one to stand up long enough to Sidious. But he still ended up getting killed by the powerful Sith Lord in a matter of seconds.

9. Luminara Unduli


Luminara Unduli was one of the wisest Jedi Masters during the time of the Clone Wars, as she was known to be very calm, especially compared to the more headstrong Anakin Skywalker, who she clashed with during their limited time working together in the animated series. She was also the master of Barriss Offee, who was responsible for framing Ahsoka and forcing the Jedi council to banish Anakin’s Padawan from the Order.


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Due to her calm demeanor, Luminara was skilled with her green lightsaber and was able to do well against Asajj Ventress in a duel. She was one of the few Jedi Masters to survive Order 66 but was captured and tortured. She was eventually executed after the events of Revenge of the Sith.

8. Quinlan Vos


One of the most complex individuals we’ve seen in Star Wars is Quinlan Vos, who was introduced as one of the closest friends that Obi-Wan Kenobi had within the Jedi Order. What makes Quinlan so complex is that, unlike Obi-Wan, he didn’t always play by the rules and was sort of a renegade Jedi Master due to the way he did things.

Using his green lightsaber, Quinlan was powerful enough to defeat the likes of General Grievous and Count Dooku. However, he later fell into the Dark Side due to his relationship with Asajj Ventress. Still, he redeemed himself and eventually survived Order 66, as it was confirmed in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series that Quinlan Vos was still alive nine years into the age of the Galactic Empire.

7. Cal Kestis

cal kestis 1

Cal Kestis is the playable character in the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game, which is canon to the Star Wars continuity. He was a Jedi Padawan that survived the purge of the Jedi Order and managed to keep himself hidden five years into the reign of the Empire. However, because he used the Force once to save a friend, he became the target of the Inquisitors.

One of the things that you can do with Cal Kestis is to give him a lightsaber color that you believe best fits him in the game. As such, Cal canonically wields all of the lightsaber colors and is probably the only one to do so. Of course, this includes a green-colored lightsaber. He is also the only Jedi to canonically use an indigo lightsaber.

6. Ezra Bridger


In Star Wars: Rebels, which takes 14 years after the events of Order 66, we met Ezra Bridger. He is a Force-sensitive teenager that met Kanan Jarrus due to fate. As such, he ended up learning the ways of the Force under Kanan, who was knighted by the spirit of the Grand Inquisitor during the events of the series. He wielded a green lightsaber throughout the series.

While Ezra may be a headstrong character that can be hotheaded at times, he is a good person that’s capable of resisting the Dark Side no matter how strong its pull may have been. He also ended up making the ultimate sacrifice when he put himself in harm’s way to save his friends at the end of the Star Wars: Rebels series. However, it was confirmed that he survived the events of Rebels and may even appear in the Ahsoka live-action series.

5. General Grievous


General Grievous is the only true bad guy on this list, as he never worked for the Jedi because he was never a Force-sensitive creature. Instead, he was an incredibly skilled fighter that ended up getting cybernetic parts that served to enhance his fighting skills. As such, he became a Jedi killer during the events of the Clone Wars while he was leading the droid army of the Separatists.


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Because of his habit of collecting lightsabers after defeating a Jedi, General Grievous owned a lot of different lightsabers of different colors. This means that he also wielded a green lightsaber. While he was not Force-sensitive, he was trained in the art of lightsaber combat by Count Dooku. He was exceptionally skilled to the point that he could easily take down Padawans during his prime, but he ended up getting weakened by Mace Windu, who injured his lungs.

4. Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano is one of the most prominent names among the different Jedi that lived through the events of the Clone Wars, the reign of the Empire, and the time of The Mandalorian. As such, she has seen it all when it comes to the current timeline of Star Wars, even though she was already dead during the events of the sequel movies.

During her youth, Ahsoka Tano wielded a pair of green lightsabers that she used skillfully. However, when she was no longer a Jedi, Ahsoka was able to create a pair of white lightsabers that became her trademark weapons in Star Wars: Rebels and in The Mandalorian. We can expect to see more of her in the Ahsoka series.

3. Qui-Gon Jinn


While he wasn’t the strongest in the order, Qui-Gon Jinn was one of the wisest and most knowledgeable Jedi Masters despite the fact that he didn’t really like doing things by the book. The very fact that he was quite rebellious was the reason why Qui-Gon was never in the Jedi Council, even though he was stronger and wiser than some of the members that had a seat.

Qui-Gon was exceptional in his knowledge of the Force, as he was the one who dived deep into what he called the Living Force, which was one of the things that allowed him to share his knowledge with Yoda and Obi-Wan long after his death. Of course, Qui-Gon was canonically the second Jedi to be seen wielding a green lightsaber onscreen. Nevertheless, he was not a great duelist, as he ended up getting beaten by Darth Maul.

2. Yoda

yoda.png 1300x739 1

Arguably the most prominent member of the Jedi Order was Grand Master Yoda, who was the leader of the Jedi Order during its last days and was one of the few Jedi to survive the events of Order 66. He was one of the wisest Jedi ever and was arguably the most skilled when it came to his use of the Force.

Despite his small frame and being 900 years old, Yoda was skilled enough to put both Count Dooku and Darth Sidious on the defensive during his duels with them. He is known for his acrobatic style of fighting, as he favored a small green lightsaber that allowed him to move deftly whenever he was fighting incredibly skilled opponents. As a testament to his wisdom, Yoda was still able to impart knowledge to Luke Skywalker as a Force Ghost during the events of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

1. Luke Skywalker


He wasn’t the strongest or the wisest out of all of the different Jedi, but Luke Skywalker is the most iconic Jedi of all time and was able to defeat Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi when he used his own green lightsaber, which he created right after he lost his blue one during the events of Episode V.

Luke possessed all of the skills and training that he acquired in such a short time to defeat Vader, as he did something that not even the most skilled Jedi could ever do. Of course, he is known for re-establishing the Jedi Order after the events of the original trilogy, as he showed the early beginnings of this new Jedi Order during the events of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. 

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