7 Strongest Arcane Characters Ranked

x strongest arcane characters ranked

Ever since Netflix released the first three-episode batch of Arcane, the Internet has been going on about the show, with both critics and fans truly satisfied with how the world of League of Legends came to life. Fans all over the world are wondering who are the strongest Arcane characters and this list is going to contain a total of 7 characters, ranked from weakest to strongest.

Seeing how League of Legends doesn’t really focus on the characters’ biographies, we’ll try and bring you as much important statistical information as possible, as well as some trivia. The goal is to identify the strongest characters based on the main League of Legends parameters since we don’t really know much about the show yet to make a standalone analysis.

Strongest Arcane Characters

This list is going to include only those characters that have appeared in the Arcane so far. Other characters, as well as those that might appear, won’t be on this list.

7. Singed

Singed Render

Base Stats:

  • Health: 580 – 2025
  • Mana: 330 – 1095
  • Health Regeneration (per 5s): 9.5 – 18.85
  • Mana Regeneration (per 5s): 7.5 – 16.85
  • Armor: 34 – 93.5
  • Attack Damage: 63 – 120.46
  • Magic Resistance: 32 – 53.25
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Movement Speed: 345
  • Attack Range: 125

Singed’s lore bears some similarities to the real-life chemist Fritz Haber. There are also similarities in the ethical implications of their work. Since he was present at the time of Hextech’s discovery, he is most likely over 100 years old.

His research helps him extend his lifespan considerably and he is now trying to achieve immortality. Singed was one of the first six champions to be developed, along with Annie, Lee Sin, Sion, Sivir, and Twisted Fate. Coincidentally, Singed is an anagram for the word design, fitting his history as one of the earliest designed champions.

Singed was one of the champions selected for the Noxian pool available during the Ionia vs Noxus match. He was one of the champions selected.

Singed is one of the few champions with a special interaction between his emotes and his ability set, as Fling automatically makes him laugh.

6. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger Render

Base Stats:

  • Health: 488 – 1967
  • Mana: 385 – 725
  • Health Regeneration (per 5s): 7 – 16.35
  • Mana Regeneration (per 5s): 8 – 21.6
  • Armor: 19 – 70
  • Attack Damage: 56 – 101.9
  • Magic Resistance: 30 – 38.5
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Movement Speed: 340
  • Attack Range: 550

By the time he had completed his third doctorate, he was already the greatest of all Yordle scientists, and there was little that his homeland could offer him anymore. The great academies of Piltover far to the north called out to him, challenging him to make a name for himself in the City of Progress.

Knowing he would never succeed outside his own kind, Heimerdinger gathered like-minded Yordles around him to join him in his endeavor, forming the backbone of the now famous Yordle Academy of Science and Progress. Since then, he has become one of the most respected minds of the modern era, and his academy is one of the leading institutions in all of Valoran.

Heimerdinger has pioneered many new scientific achievements and has delved ever deeper into the field of techmaturgy. This includes the development of the now-ubiquitous starstaffs that light many of the streets of the city-state.


Arcane Characters: Height, Age, Relationships, & Species

5. Jinx

Jinx Arcane Render

Base Stats:

  • Health: 610 – 2072
  • Mana: 245 – 1010
  • Health Regeneration (per 5s): 3.75 – 12.25
  • Mana Regeneration (per 5s): 6.7 – 23.7
  • Armor: 26 – 85.5
  • Attack Damage: 57 – 114.8
  • Magic Resistance: 30 – 38.5
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Movement Speed: 325
  • Attack Range: 525

While most see Jinx as nothing more than a crazy woman with an array of dangerous weapons, a few remember her as a relatively innocent girl from Fence – a tinkerer with big ideas who never quite belonged.

No one knows exactly what happened to turn this sweet child into a Wildcard notorious for her wanton acts of destruction. But when Jinx appeared on the scene in Piltover, her unique talent for sowing anarchy instantly became the stuff of legend. Jinx first gained notoriety for her anonymous “pranks” against the citizens of Piltover, particularly against those who had connections to the wealthy merchant clans. These pranks ranged from moderately annoying to criminally dangerous.

On Progress Day, she blocked the streets with a stampede of exotic animals she had liberated from Count Mei’s menagerie. At one point, she even managed to move all of the city’s street signs to new and completely confusing locations.

4. Jayce

Jayce Arcane Render 1

Base Stats:

  • Health: 560 – 2090
  • Mana: 375 – 1140
  • Health Regeneration (per 5s): 6 – 16.2
  • Mana Regeneration (per 5s): 6 – 19.6
  • Armor: 27 – 86.5
  • Attack Damage: 54 – 126.25
  • Magic Resistance: 30 – 38.5
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Movement Speed: 335
  • Attack Range: 125

A native son of Piltover, Jayce Jayce was brought up in the faith of the principles which made that city great: Invention. Discovery. Do not go after fences if you can avoid it. With his gift for understanding machines, Jayce earned the honor of being the youngest apprentice ever offered patronage by Clan Giopara, one of Piltover’s most prestigious ruling clans.

Completely unfazed, Jayce accepted the offer and spent most of his early years constructing potential hextech devices and designing transformable multitools for the working class of Piltover: a wrench that could transform into a crowbar, a pickaxe that could transform into a shovel, a hammer that could transform into a wrecking bar if only it had a powerful enough battery.

Everything Jayce touched embarrassed his contemporaries. Only one person ever managed to surpass Jayce’s intelligence while maintaining a healthy indifference to his superior attitude. His name was Viktor.

3. Viktor

Viktor Render 1

Base Stats:

  • Health: 530 – 2060
  • Mana: 405 – 1170
  • Health Regeneration (per 5s): 8 – 19.05
  • Mana Regeneration (per 5s): 8 – 21.6
  • Armor: 23 – 91
  • Attack Damage: 53 – 104
  • Magic Resistance: 30 – 38.5
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Movement Speed: 335
  • Attack Range: 525

Viktor was born in Zaun on the borders of the Entresol Plain, and, encouraged by his handicraft-gifted parents, discovered a passion for invention and building. He devoted every waking minute to his studies and hated to interrupt his work even to eat or sleep.

It was even worse when he had to quickly change his location if there was a chemical spill nearby, an accidental detonation, or an approaching chemical cloud. Giving up his work, even for a short time, was anathema to Viktor.

To bring some measure of order and safety to his world, Viktor investigated the many accidents at Zaun and came to the conclusion that almost all were due to human error, not mechanical failure.

He offered his services to local businesses and developed inventions that made their work environments safer. Most turned him down, but one company – Fredersen Chemical Works – took a chance on this upstanding young man.

2. Caitlyn 

Caitlyn Render

Base Stats:

  • Health: 510 – 2091
  • Mana: 315 – 910
  • Health Regeneration (per 5s): 3.5 – 12.85
  • Mana Regeneration (per 5s): 7.4 – 16.75
  • Armor: 28 – 87.5
  • Attack Damage: 62 – 126.6
  • Magic Resistance: 30 – 38.5
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Movement Speed: 325
  • Attack Range: 650

Caitlyn Kiramman was born into a wealthy and influential merchant clan and quickly learned the social amenities of life in Piltover, but preferred to spend her time in the wilder lands outside the city.

She was just as adept at mingling with the wealthy elite of the City of Progress or stalking a deer in the forest mud as she was at spotting a bird on the wing above the trading quarters or putting a shot in the eye of a rabbit a hundred paces away with her father’s repeating musket.

Caitlyn’s greatest assets, however, were her intelligence and her willingness to learn from her parents, who strengthened her understanding of right and wrong, even in a life of comfort and privilege.

Her mother was one of the chief auditors of Clan Kiramman, and always warned Caitlyn against the lure of Piltover and his golden promises, which could harden the kindest heart. At first, Caitlyn paid little heed – to her, Piltover was a place of beauty and order that she treasured after each trip into the wilderness.

1. Vi

Vi Arcane Render 1

Base Stats:

  • Health: 585+85
  • Mana: 295+65
  • Health Regeneration (per 5s): 10+1
  • Mana Regeneration (per 5s): 8+0.65
  • Armor: 30+3.5
  • Attack Damage: 63+3
  • Magic Resistance: 32+1.25
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Movement Speed: 340
  • Attack Range: 125

Vi remembers little of her childhood in Zaun, and what she does remember she wishes she had not. As she traveled with the swamp snipe gangs, she quickly learned to use her wits and her fists to survive.

Everyone Vi encountered knew she could get out of trouble with words – or blows. Most of the time, she chose the latter.

None of the old hands from her youth could tell her anything about her parents. Most assumed they had died in one of the industrial accidents that were unfortunately all too common in the Undercity.

Though she had ended up in the dilapidated orphanage Hope House, a notoriously crazy scrapper claimed to have found her in a bassinet big enough for two in the rubble of a collapsed chemistry lab. In the end, Vi felt that some things were best left unknown.

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