Arcane Characters: Height, Age, Relationships, & Species

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Arcane is one of the most successful and most popular shows that you can watch on Netflix. It stands at the apex in terms of its overall quality because of its animation, music, and storyline. That said, the characters of Arcane also make the entire story as great as it is because you get to see the different personalities and individual developments of the characters. As such, we are here to get to know more about the different Arcane characters.

NameHeightAgeRelationshipsSpecies and EthnicityPowers and Abilities
Vi5’9”22 or 23Jinx/Powder (sister), Vander (father figure) Caitlyn (romantic interest)Human, Zaunian/PiltoverianPowerful hand-to-hand fighter
Jinx5’3”17 or 18Vi (sister), Silco (foster father), Vander (father figure), Ekko (childhood friend)Human, ZaunianExcellent marksman, explosives expert, genius inventor
Jayce Talis6’3”Early 30sMel (romantic interest), Viktor (best friend and partner)Human, PiltoverianExcellent diplomat, Genius inventor, and scientist, excellent physique
Caitlyn Kiramman6”22 or 23Vi (romantic interest)Human, PiltoverianTrained fighter, excellent marksman, superior intellect
Cecil Heimerdinger 3’2”307– Yordle, PiltoverianGenius intellect
Vander 6’5”Early to mid-40sVi (adoptive daughter), Jinx/Powder (adoptive daughter), Silco (adoptive brother)Human, ZaunianPowerful hand-to-hand fighter
Silco 5’9”Early to mid-40sJinx/Powder (adoptive daughter), Vander (adoptive brother)Human, ZaunianExcellent leader
Ekko 5’8”Around 16 to 18Jinx/Powder (childhood friend)Human, ZaunianCapable fighter, genius inventor
Viktor 5’10”Early 30sJayce (best friend and partner)Human, Zaunian/PiltoverianGenius intellect
Mel Medarda 5’11”Early 30sJayce (romantic interest)Human, Noxian/PiltoverianExcellent diplomat

1. Vi

fortnite lol arcane skin

Height: 5’9”

Age: 22 or 23

Relationships: Jinx/Powder (sister), Vander (father figure) Caitlyn (romantic interest)

Species and Ethnicity: Human, Zaunian/Piltoverian

Powers and Abilities: Powerful hand-to-hand fighter

Character Information: Vi is one of the main characters of the Arcane series, and most of the events involve her and her sister, Powder. She and Powder were orphaned when they were young, but they were taken in by Vander and were raised in Zaun. Together with Powder and the rest of their other young friends, Vi adapted to the harsh environment of Zaun. However, after the incident with Powder and Silco, she cut ties with her sister and spent years in prison before getting released by Caitlyn to help her with her investigation over the events happening between Piltover and Zaun.

2. Jinx/Powder


Height: 5’3”

Age: 17 or 18

Relationships: Vi (sister), Silco (foster father), Vander (father figure), Ekko (childhood friend)

Species and Ethnicity: Human, Zaunian

Powers and Abilities: Excellent marksman, explosives expert, genius inventor

Character Information: Jinx used to be called Powder when she was younger, but she eventually adopted the name Jinx because that was what she was called by her fellow young citizens of Zaun due to the fact that she was basically a jinx whenever they went on adventures together. She and her sister Vi were raised by Vander after they were orphaned. However, after the conflict between Vander and Silco, Jinx chose to side over Silco and eventually developed an eccentric and chaotic personality. It is this personality that got her in a conflict with her own sister.

3. Jayce Talis

Jayce Arcane

Height: 6’3”

Age: Early 30s

Relationships: Mel (romantic interest), Viktor (best friend and partner)

Species and Ethnicity: Human, Piltoverian

Powers and Abilities: Excellent diplomat, Genius inventor, and scientist, excellent physique


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Character Information: Jace Talis is one of the brightest minds of Piltover, and his research over hextech allowed him to rise through the ranks of Piltover’s finest because of how it only made the city even more prosperous. With the help of his partner, Viktor, Jace became a prominent leader in Piltover and even became the leader of the Council. However, it was ultimately his hextech research that caused the conflict between Piltover and Zaun.

4. Caitlyn Kiramman

Caitlyn LOR scaled 1

Height: 6”

Age: 22 or 23

Relationships: Vi (romantic interest)

Species and Ethnicity: Human, Piltoverian

Powers and Abilities: Trained fighter, excellent marksman, superior intellect

Character Information: Caitlyn Kiramman was raised by one of the noble families of Piltover but eventually joined the enforcers because of her strong sense of justice. Due to her training as an enforcer, she is one of the best marksmen in the entire series and is also a capable fighter. But she truly stands out when she uses her keen intellect when trying to come up with different strategies. She and Vi worked together throughout the latter part of the series to uncover the mystery behind the growing conflict between Piltover and Zaun.

5. Cecil Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger2 1

Height: 3’2”

Age: 307


Species and Ethnicity: Yordle, Piltoverian

Powers and Abilities: Genius intellect

Character Information: Cecil Heimerdinger is the only non-human main character in the series because he is a Yordle that has lived for three centuries already. He has always been one of the most innovative and brilliant scientists and innovators in Piltover, but his distrust in hextech proved to be his downfall as he was ousted from his position in the Council. Heimerdinger eventually started living in Zaun and ultimately met up with Ekko and the rest of his ragtag crew.

6. Vander

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Height: 6’5”

Age: Early to mid-40s

Relationships: Vi (adoptive daughter), Jinx/Powder (adoptive daughter), Silco (adoptive brother)

Species and Ethnicity: Human, Zaunian 

Powers and Abilities: Powerful hand-to-hand fighter

Character Information: Vander was the man who adopted Vi and Powder and treated him like his own daughters after the girls were orphaned at a young age. On top of the fact that he is seen as a father figure by the younger people in Zaun, he is also regarded as the leader of the people living in the undercity because they respected his leadership qualities and his ability to think rationally. However, it was ultimately a conflict with Silco, his adoptive brother, that did him in as they could never see eye to eye regarding the future of Zaun.

7. Silco


Height: 5’9”

Age: Early to mid-40s

Relationships: Jinx/Powder (adoptive daughter), Vander (adoptive brother)

Species and Ethnicity: Human, Zaunian

Powers and Abilities: Excellent leader

Character Information: Silco is introduced as the main villain of the series, especially after he was the one who was responsible for Vander’s death. He eventually became the de facto leader of Zaun, especially because he controlled the drug trade involving shimmer in the city. After Vander’s death, he took Jinx in and unleashed the young girl’s volatile tendency to such an extent that it allowed him to take advantage of her chaotic personality in terrorist attacks against Piltover. However, it was also Jinx’s volatile personality that ultimately did him in when the girl became too crazy for him to control.

8. Ekko

ekko arcane

Height: 5’8”

Age: Around 16 to 18

Relationships: Jinx/Powder (childhood friend)

Species and Ethnicity: Human, Zaunian

Powers and Abilities: Capable fighter, genius inventor


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Character Information: Ekko is a prodigious boy who grew up in the streets of Zaun and used to be good friends with Powder because they hung out together a lot when they were younger. He was one of the only people who didn’t call her a jinx, but they eventually became enemies when they ended up on different sides regarding the fate of Zaun. Ekko, when he grew up, became one of the less-radical leaders of Zaun and championed the undercity’s freedom in a manner that isn’t violent when compared to how Silco approached his brand of leadership.

9. Viktor

viktor stan arcane

Height: 5’10”

Age: Early 30s

Relationships: Jayce (best friend and partner)

Species and Ethnicity: Human, Zaunian/Piltoverian

Powers and Abilities: Genius intellect

Character Information: Viktor from Arcane used to live in Zaun in his youth but was able to work his way up to become a citizen of Piltover due to his genius intellect. He became Jayce’s partner because he was able to help him in his hextech research. However, Viktor had a frail body due to his terminal illness, and he only became weaker when he got himself exposed to hextech more and more. At the end of the first season, Viktor exposed himself to shimmer so that he could regain his strength at the cost of his sanity.

10. Mel Medarda


Height: 5’11”

Age: Early 30s

Relationships: Jayce (romantic interest)

Species and Ethnicity: Human, Noxian/Piltoverian

Powers and Abilities: Excellent diplomat

Character Information: Mel Medarda is a native of Noxus but ultimately decided to move to Piltover after she was disinherited by her own mother in her home country. In Piltover, she used her amazing intellect and strong leadership skills to work her way up and earn herself a seat in the Council. Using her charms and her great diplomatic skills, she was able to pull the strings behind Jayce’s rise to the top of the Council as she herself is politically ambitious. But it was ultimately her political actions that helped change the future of Piltover and its relationship with Zaun.

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