13 Strongest Divisions in Bleach Ranked by Power

13 Strongest Divisions in Bleach Ranked by Power

The Gotei 13 is the organization that most shinigami join in Bleach. It is divided into 13 Divisions (hence the name), with several Divisions having different specialties. The Divisions are not equally powerful and the plethora of different Shinigami in each of them determines their overall level of power. Due to this complex and intriguing structure, we have decided to rank the 13 Divisions of the Gotei 13 by the sheer power they contain based on their known feats and their known members.

This article is going to give you an overall insight into the 13 Divisions’ powers and will not be considering other aspects (like intelligence or other skills) in this category. The Divisions are going to be ranked from weakest to strongest. You’ll find out some basic information about each Division and their membership across the known history of Bleach, after which we are going to elaborate on our choice for each of the divisions so that you know why we ranked the divisions as we did. Some spoilers might be present, so if you don’t know the whole story of Bleach, be careful how you approach the list.

13. Division 4

4th Division Insignia

Captain: Isane Kotetsu
Lieutenant: Kiyone Kotetsu

The 4th Division is responsible for medical care for the injured Shinigami. They treat injuries and illnesses and are also responsible for other work in Seireitei, such as cleaning it. Furthermore, the 4th Division is divided into different squads that fulfill specified tasks. The members of the 4th Division are despised and harassed by those of the 11th Division. However, most of the members of the 11th Division were very afraid of the 4th Division’s Captain, Retsu Unohana.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainIsane Kotetsu? – CurrentActive
LieutenantKiyone Kotetsu? – CurrentActive
Co-3rd SeatYasochika Iemura? – CurrentActive
Co-3rd SeatHanatarō Yamada? – CurrentActive
8th SeatHarunobu Ogidō? – CurrentActive
UnknownAoga? – CurrentActive
CaptainRetsu Unohana? – 2003 A.D.Deceased
LieutenantSeinosuke Yamada? – ?Unknown
UnknownIzuru Kira? – ?Promoted

The healers of Division 4 are the weakest in terms of fighting powers. Sure, their former Captain Unohana could’ve wiped the floor with most other Captains, but now that she’s gone, we’re not sure what the Kotetsu sisters are actually capable of in terms of physical power. They are amazing healers, but from a power-focused perspective, they’re the weakest.

12. Division 12

12th Division Insignia

Captain: Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Lieutenant: Akon

The 12th Division is responsible for the Shinigami Research and Development Unit, i.e. for collecting and using data and information from all areas of Soul Society. They have been in charge of developing new technologies and spiritual tools for more than 110 years. Some of the major experiments conducted in Soul Society have been conducted here, including the notorious Project Spearhead.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainMayuri Kurotsuchi? – CurrentActive
LieutenantAkon? – CurrentActive
UnknownRin Tsubokura? – CurrentActive
UnknownHiyosu? – CurrentActive
UnknownNiko Kuna1891 A.D. – CurrentActive
UnknownTorue? – CurrentActive
CaptainKirio Hikifune? – 1891 A.D.Promoted
CaptainKisuke Urahara1891 A.D. – 1900 A.D. (10 years)Exiled
LieutenantNemu Kurotsuchi? – 2003 A.D.Deceased
LieutenantHiyori Sarugaki? – 1900 A.D.Discharged
3rd SeatMayuri Kurotsuchi1891 A.D. – ?Promoted
7th SeatKagerōza Inaba (anime only)? – 2001 A.D.Deceased
UnknownŌko Yushima (anime only)1905 A.D. – ?Discharged

If you think we’re wrong about this one, simply remember that this Division only has Mayuri; we’re not even sure that the other members of Division 12 can fight. Nemu was quite powerful when she was alive, but now that she’s gone, Division 12 is one of the weakest Divisions in terms of power. In terms of intelligence and skills, though? Well, that is for another list to determine.

11. Division 7

7th Division Insignia

Captain: Tetsuzaemon Iba
Lieutenant: Atau Rindō

No special task has been indicated for the Seventh Division, although they are in charge of the general defense of the Sereitei in case of an attack. This division is made up of sincere and unpretentious people who live life with pleasure. Both the former Captain Komamura and the current Captain Iba strongly believe in moral obligation and compassion. This ethical doctrine has been passed on to all members of the Seventh Division.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainTetsuzaemon Iba? – CurrentActive
LieutenantAtau Rindō? – CurrentActive
CaptainSajin Komamura? – 2003 A.D.Discharged
CaptainLove Aikawa? – 1900 A.D.Discharged
LieutenantJinemon Kotsubaki? – ?Retired
4th SeatJirōbō Ikkanzaka? – 2001 A.D.Discharged

Division 7 actually lost out a lot after Komamura became a normal dog. Komamura was the heart and soul of Division 7 and in that aspect, with his departure, the Division lost a lot in terms of power. Iba is simply not on that level, and although Rindō, the new Lieutenant, seems to have some potential, it’s still not enough.


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10. Division 3

3rd Division Insignia

Captain: Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi
Lieutenant: Izuru Kira

So far no special tasks of the 3rd company are known, although the Third Division is in charge of all Necromancers, who open portals to other worlds and release anything formulated by Kidō spells.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainRōjūrō Ōtoribashi1889 A.D. – 1900 A.D.
2001 or 2002 A.D. – Current
LieutenantIzuru Kira? – CurrentActive
UnseatedInose (anime only)? – CurrentActive
UnseatedAida (anime only)? – CurrentActive
UnseatedKanō (anime only)? – CurrentActive
UnseatedShinta Seko (anime only)? – CurrentActive
CaptainGin Ichimaru? – 2001 A.D.Deceased
CaptainShūsuke Amagai (anime only)2001 A.D.Deceased
LieutenantChikane Iba? – ?Retired
3rd SeatMakoto Kibune (anime only)2001 A.D.Deceased
UnseatedSugama (anime only)? – 2001 A.D.Deceased
3rd SeatRikū Togakushi? – CurrentDeceased
5th SeatTaketsuna Gori? – CurrentDeceased
6th SeatAsuka Katakura? – CurrentDeceased

We actually had a lot of trouble ranking Division 3 because we don’t really know their true powers. They have potential, as both Ōtoribashi and Gin are powerful Captains, with the former also being a Vizored, and Kira’s Wabisuke is extremely powerful, but we don’t really know how this mysterious Division compares to other Divisions so we just put them here (but they might be stronger in reality).

9. Division 9

9th Division Insignia

Captain: Kensei Muguruma
Lieutenant: Shūhei Hisagi and Mashiro Kuna

No specific tasks of the 9th Division are known so far, however, former Captain Tosen and Lieutenant Hisagi issued the Seireitei news earlier; whether Captain Muguruma continued this tradition is not known. But, they are always on the lookout for combat as they are the security forces of the Gotei 13. Traditionally, the 9th Division is in charge of arts and culture. For this reason, the Seireitei News Magazine was entrusted to this Division. All Gotei 13 division lieutenants have to submit their reports to the division.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainKensei Muguruma? – 1900 A.D.
2001 or 2002 A.D. – Current
Co-LieutenantShūhei Hisagi? – CurrentActive
Co-LieutenantMashiro Kuna? – 1900 A.D.
2001 or 2002 A.D. – Current
20th SeatToshimori Umesada? – CurrentActive
CaptainKaname Tōsen? – 2001 A.D.Deceased
3rd SeatHeizō Kasaki? – 1900 A.D.Deceased
4th SeatShinobu Eishima? – 1900 A.D.Deceased
5th SeatKaname Tōsen? – ?Promoted
6th SeatIzaemon Tōdō? – 1900 A.D.Deceased

Division 9 has always been a more philosophical Division than any other and they’re in this position only because they had powerful members such as Tōsen, Hisagi, and Muguruma. Division 9 has power, but they rely more on wisdom and sentiment than actual power. Sure, you might argue that Muguruma is a powerhouse Captain, but it still isn’t enough.

8. Division 2

2nd Division Insignia

Captain: Soi Fon
Lieutenant: Marechiyo Ōmaeda

So far, no other special tasks of the Second Division are known, except that the commander is also the commander of the Onmitsukidō. The Second Division has been directly linked to the Onmitsukidō for 110 years by its previous Captain Yoruichi Shihōin, who was Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō before being promoted to Captain. As such, the special tasks of Soul Society have completely become the specific task that the division is tasked with. Members are assigned assassinations, police duties, arrests, and carrying messages.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainSoi Fon? – CurrentActive
LieutenantMarechiyo Ōmaeda? – CurrentActive
UnknownHanyū Reijirō? – CurrentActive
UnknownTogawa Yasuharu? – CurrentActive
UnknownRyūta Masamichi? – CurrentActive
CaptainYoruichi Shihōin? – 1900 A.D.Exiled
LieutenantMarenoshin Ōmaeda? – ?Retired
3rd SeatKisuke Urahara? – 1891 A.D.Promoted

Had it been Yourichi’s Division, Division 2 would certainly have been higher up on this list, with Soi Fon and Urahara as members. Now, Soi Fon is the only known member with actual power, as Ōmaeda is more of a gimmick character than anything else. Sure, the troops of Division 2 are dangerous, but they’re not that powerful and that is why we couldn’t really honor this Division with a better position.

7. Division 8

8th Division Insignia

Captain: Lisa Yadōmaru
Lieutenant: Yuyu Yayahara

No special tasks have been noted for the Eighth Division and it is not known that they actually have any specific duties. Former Lieutenant Ise was known for her strict respect for the rules, whereas former Captain Kyōraku was extremely laid back and relaxed. It is not known if current Captain Yadōmaru has any special rules for their Division members.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainLisa Yadōmaru2003 A.D. or later – CurrentActive
LieutenantYuyu Yayahara? – CurrentActive
3rd SeatTatsufusa Enjōji? – CurrentActive
UnknownIbara Tomokane? – CurrentActive
CaptainShunsui Kyōraku? – 2003 A.D.Promotion
LieutenantLisa Yadōmaru? – 1900 A.D.Discharged
LieutenantNanao Ise? – 2003 A.D.Promoted

And while Division 8 owns its ranking to its past glory, it’s still a formidable Division, even after Kyōraku left. Captain Yadōmaru is a skilled Shinigami, but also a Vizored, which is what makes her quite dangerous. Her new Lieutenant, Yuyu, also seems to be a very powerful Shinigami so we think that this ranking is completely justified, although it would’ve been even better had Kyōraku not become the new Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13.

6. Division 13

13th Division Insignia

Captain: Rukia Kuchiki
Lieutenant: Sentarō Kotsubaki

It is the task of the 13th Division to watch out for the human world or the city of Karakura Town in the event of major Hollow activities. Ukitake is also the one responsible for the creation of the Substitute Shinigami.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainRukia Kuchiki2013 A.D. – CurrentActive
LieutenantSentarō Kotsubaki? – CurrentActive
UnknownZennosuke Kurumadani? – CurrentActive
UnseatedShino‎‎? – CurrentActive
UnseatedRyūnosuke Yuki? – CurrentActive
CaptainJūshirō Ukitake? – 2003 A.D.Deceased
LieutenantKaien Shiba1891 A.D. – ?Deceased
3rd SeatKiyone Kotetsu? – ?Promotion
3rd SeatMiyako Shiba? – ?Deceased
6th SeatHidetomo Kajōmaru? – 2003 A.D.Deceased

Division 13 might look weak, but this Division gave us Ukitake, one of the strongest Captains of the Gotei 13, as well as Kaien Shiba, who was an exceptionally talented Shinigami, and Rukia Kuchiki, whose adventures with Ichigo gave her enormous experience. Just remember that Yamamoto personally thought that Ukitake was one of the most talented Captains in the Gotei 13. In this aspect, we think that this Division certainly deserves to be ranked in the upper half.


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5. Division 5

5th Division Insignia

Captain: Shinji Hirako
Lieutenant: Momo Hinamori

No special task has been indicated for the Fifth Division, although its members are actually the courier unit of the Gotei 13. The members of this Division are also quite skilled in many fields, being trained by a Captain who is excellent at everything, including being ready for combat.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainShinji Hirako? – 1900 A.D.
2001 or 2002 A.D. – Current
LieutenantMomo Hinamori? – CurrentActive
CaptainSōsuke Aizen? – 2001 A.D.Discharged
LieutenantSōsuke Aizen? – ?Promoted
LieutenantGin Ichimaru? – ?Promoted
3rd SeatUnnamed Man? – 1891 A.D.Deceased
3rd SeatGin Ichimaru1891 A.D. – ?Promoted
UnknownKaname Tōsen? – ?Promoted
UnknownRenji Abarai? – ?Promoted
UnknownIzuru Kira? – ?Promoted

This division is an all-around Division with members who are both great in Zanjutsu and in Kido. Shinji, their current Captain, is one of the strongest Captains of the Gotei 13, whereas Hinamori is a Kido expert. Also, if you consider the fact that this Division gave us Aizen, Ichimaru, Tōsen, Abarai, and Kira, there is no doubt that we had to place it higher up our list.

4. Division 10

10th Division Insignia

Captain: Tōshirō Hitsugaya
Lieutenant: Rangiku Matsumoto

In The Diamond Dust Rebellion movie, the 10th Division was tasked with escorting the prized King’s Seal. The order failed when Sōjirō Kusaka stole the seal. It is unknown whether that is their usual job. Generally, the Tenth Division is in charge of the military organization and is the tactical and strategic head of the Sereitei. Naruki City is under the jurisdiction of the 10th Division. There are no more special tasks that have been mentioned.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainTōshirō Hitsugaya? – CurrentActive
LieutenantRangiku Matsumoto? – CurrentActive
7th SeatKōkichirō Takezoe? – CurrentActive
UnknownShūtetsu Nagakiso? – CurrentActive
CaptainIsshin Shiba? – 1983 A.D.Exiled
3rd SeatTōshirō Hitsugaya? – ?Promoted
UnseatedŌko Yushima (anime only)? – 1905 A.D.Promoted

Knowing that Captain Hitsugaya was dubbed a genius by the other Captains, we thought about putting Division 10 ahead of Division 6, but we ultimately opted for such a ranking because Division 6 still has more experience. Nevertheless, Division 10 is one of the more powerful Divisions, with Hitsugaya being the Captain with the most potential among the Gotei 13. Plus, their former captain was Ichigo’s dad, and he was a powerful one indeed.

3. Division 6

6th Division Insignia

Captain: Byakuya Kuchiki
Lieutenant: Renji Abarai

The 6th Division is responsible for Soul Society’s central defense, but no other special tasks have been indicated for the Sixth Division. The Sixth Division is seen as a model division by all Shinigami, and is known for its strict policy of adhering to the rules. They are also in charge of Seireitei investigations.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainByakuya Kuchiki? – CurrentActive
LieutenantRenji Abarai2001 A.D. – CurrentActive
9th SeatMihane Shirogane? – CurrentActive
UnseatedRikichi Yuki? – CurrentActive
CaptainGinrei Kuchiki? – ?Unknown
LieutenantSōjun Kuchiki? – ?Deceased
LieutenantGinjirō Shirogane? – 2001 A.D.Retired
3rd SeatKōga Kuchiki (anime only)? – ?Deceased

We had our doubts about this ranking, but knowing that Byakuya is undoubtedly one of the strongest Captains in the Gotei 13, whereas Renji has the experience of both Kenpachi’s Division, as well as traveling with Ichigo, we couldn’t really give it a lower position on the list. Division 6 is a reliable and powerful Division and we think that this position is deserved.

2. Division 11

11th Division Insignia

Captain: Kenpachi Zaraki
Lieutenant: Ikkaku Madarame

The task of the 11th Division includes combat operations. The Eleventh Division is a direct combat division with a specialization in sword fighting, leaving aside the other Shinigami arts and thus being one of the most specialized divisions in the Gotei 13. Thus, it is common practice for members of the division to charge your Zanpakutō at all times. They frown on kido powers.

The division’s doctrine of combat dominance is what draws its members; they see combat as what makes life worth living. This is what separates the Eleventh Division from the rest of the divisions and makes it the strongest division. All members of this division are highly skilled in combat. They believe that if they are going to die at all, they have to die fighting gloriously.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainKenpachi Zaraki? – CurrentActive
LieutenantIkkaku Madarame? – CurrentActive
3rd SeatYumichika Ayasegawa? – CurrentActive
UnknownGoteitaishi? – CurrentActive
UnknownMakizō Aramaki1991 A.D. – CurrentActive
CaptainYachiru Unohana1002 A.D. – ?Deceased
Captain2nd Kenpachi? – ?Deceased
Captain3rd Kenpachi? – ?Deceased
Captain4th Kenpachi? – ?Deceased
Captain5th Kenpachi? – ?Deceased
Captain6th Kenpachi? – ?Deceased
CaptainKenpachi Kuruyashiki (novels only)? – ?Deceased
CaptainKenpachi Azashiro (novels only)? – ?Discharged
Captain9th Kenpachi? – ?Deceased
CaptainKenpachi Kiganjō? – ?Deceased
LieutenantYachiru Kusajishi? – 2003 A.D.Unknown
6th SeatRenji Abarai? – 2001 A.D.Promoted
UnknownTetsuzaemon Iba? – ?Promoted
UnknownYasu? – 2003 A.D.Deceased
UnknownTesuzō? – 2003 A.D.Deceased
UnknownMaki Ichinose (anime only)? – ?Deceased
UnknownSeizo Harugasaki (anime only)? – 2001 A.D.Retired

Even if this squad consisted only of Kenpachi, it would have ended up on this spot. Division 11 is only about fighting and only the strongest and most resilient Shinigami are part of it. It has a long-lasting tradition of fighting and everyone in Soul Society knows that these guys are simply the strongest there is. Despite not being the brightest, they are true powerhouses, even the lesser known members. This is why we had no doubts about their position.


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1. Division 1

1st Division Insignia

Captain: Shunsui Kyōraku
Lieutenant: Nanao Ise & Genshirō Okikiba

The First Division is the highest ranked among the 13 Divisions. Even simple soldiers of this Division are considered model Shinigami. Emergencies must be dealt with quickly; quick decisions and actions are essential. The First Division can analyze a situation and mobilize swiftly before an order is given. This is the true value of the First Division.

Known members, past and present, include:

RankNameIn officeStatus
CaptainShunsui Kyōraku2003 A.D. – CurrentActive
Co-LieutenantNanao Ise2003 A.D. – CurrentActive
Co-LieutenantGenshirō Okikiba2003 A.D. – CurrentActive
UnknownHarada Nobuhiro? – CurrentActive
CaptainGenryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto1002 A.D. – 2003 A.D.Deceased
LieutenantChōjirō Sasakibe? – 2003 A.D.Deceased
3rd SeatGenshirō Okikiba? – 2003 A.D.Promoted
UnseatedShin’etsu Kisaragi (anime only)? – ?Deceased

Looking at the structure of the Gotei 13, it becomes clear why Division 1 is the most powerful one in the series. Both under Yamamoto and Kyōraku. the first Division was a pillar of the Gotei 13 that all other Divisions looked up to. And while they do not seem like the most powerful Division, the fact that they only intervene against the strongest of opponents speaks for itself.

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