20 Strongest Humans in Dragon Ball Z (Ranked)

20 Strongest Humans in Dragon Ball Z (Ranked)

We all know that Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series is one of the best anime when it comes to fighting and martial arts. And while we’ve seen gods, aliens, and superhumans, the “regular” humans of the franchise are also quite intriguing and we’ve actually seen some powerful Earthlings in the series. In order to honor these great characters, we have decided to compose a ranked list of the 20 strongest human characters in Dragon Ball Z, revealing a bit of information about each of them.

20. Farmer


One day, as he was putting hay in his blue Chevrolet while smoking a cigarette, he stopped to have a rest and suddenly he saw something approaching the Earth and creating an explosion. The Farmer was wondering if it was a meteor or a UFO, and decided to go in his van. When he arrived, he went with his shotgun, but he realized that it is not a meteorite, but a ship from which the Saiyan Raditz comes out, who measures his strength with the Tracker that only reaches five (5).

Raditz tells him that he is trash; at that moment he approaches the Farmer who shoots at him out of fear, but Raditz stops the bullet with his hand, and then returns it to him, killing him. In the anime, he appears while Goku asks for energy from all of humanity, giving the energy to him. He reappears in episode 133, in which he makes a brief appearance attacking Dr. Gero with a stray bullet to which he reacts by attacking with a Ki Wave, however, he does not die. He also appears in the Majin Buu Arc. He appears again in the Battle of Gods movie when Shenlong is summoned.

19. Grandpa Son Gohan


Son Gohan found a little boy in the mountains near his house, in a space capsule, he named him Son Goku. Although he was willing to raise Goku, he had to deal with a very restless and very aggressive child as a result of his Saiyan origin. One day, Gohan left his house along with Goku, and he accidentally fell down a ravine receiving a huge blow to the head from which he miraculously survived.

Although, Goku lost consciousness and when he woke up he did not remember anything. From that moment on he was much more docile, filling the life of the old man with joy, who instructed him in martial arts since he was the favorite student of Kame-Sen’nin and therefore an expert in various techniques.

Son Gohan also noticed that his adoptive grandson had the strange ability to transform into a monstrous and strange giant ape (Ōzaru) when the full moon appeared, so he educated Goku in such a way that he never went out at nightfall. However, one day Goku disobeyed this order, just as the full moon was witnessing, his transformation caused serious damage to the house and surroundings, and finally accidentally killed Son Gohan.

18. Android 18

Android 18 2843629

Being an android, she possesses immense strength while her boundless energy allows her to continue fighting without exhausting herself, being able to easily overpower even an ordinary Super Saiyan. This is first shown when she fights Vegeta and is able to break his arm with a single kick and come out mostly unscathed.

Despite the combat advantages that come with being an android, Android 18 is weaker than Android 16 and Imperfect Cell (after he has absorbed the inhabitants of Ginger Town), or any other enemy whose strength exceeds any of these. This helps to identify that the power of 18 surpasses enemies like Frieza, Cooler or Cold, who were easily defeated by Super Saiyan.


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Following the story of the manga, Android 17 deduces that 18 will not be able to fight Super Saiyan Vegeta and Super Saiyan Trunks at the same time, so we can deduce that she is much stronger than a single Super Saiyan but weaker than two or more of them. Also, it can be said that Android 18 is no match for Bio Broly.

According to Trunks’ comment, she is stronger than her future counterpart, Android 18 from the Alternate Future. In her Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 profile she says that she is not as strong as Android 17; in her brief battle in Dragon Ball GT, 17 manages to overpower her with his attacks.

17. Android 17

Androide 17 1

Due to the biomechanical and cybernetic enhancements Dr. Gero gave him, including an unlimited supply of energy and allowing him to have infinite stamina, they made him strong enough to be even with Piccolo fused with Kami. According to the words of Trunks of the Alternate Future, his power far exceeds his counterpart from the future.

However, he was no match for Cell having absorbed hundreds of thousands of people to increase his power. He is also stronger than his sister Number 18. In Dragon Ball Super, Android 17 is currently the strongest android created by the Red Ribbon Army and one of those chosen to join Team Universe 7 for the Tournament of Power.

It can be seen that he has become much stronger since his last appearance by training for 13 years and taking on the Cell Jr. that he tamed, with Dende stating that if he was still an enemy of the Z Fighters he would be a great player. issue. He demonstrates this, he can already overcome Goku transformed into Super Saiyan and fight on par against this transformed into Super Saiyan Blue (who was not using the maximum power of him, although 17 was not either).

After turning Super Saiyan Blue, Goku points out that he did not intend to use said transformation during the battle, but was forced to due to Android 17’s current strength. After meeting and fighting Goku, Android 17 admits that in the past would have lost to Goku if he was present when he was awakened.

16. Mr. Satan

Mr. Satan observando la batalla

Mr. Satan is possessed of strength, speed, and resistance far superior to that of the average human being, which allowed him to win numerous martial arts tournaments consecutively, taking advantage of the absence of the Z Fighters. However, Mr. Satan is extremely weak. compared to the Z Fighters themselves, the villains of the series, and in general any individual who knows how to control their Ki.

Due to his complete ignorance on this subject (adducing to his opinion that they are nothing more than cheap tricks), Mr. Satan usually launches an attack against enemies much stronger than him, such as Cell and Majin Buu. However, when he discovers that his rival is more powerful than him, he does everything possible to avoid direct confrontation.

15. Bulma

3. Bulma with a scouter

Bulma’s strength is that of a normal Human, but she possesses superhuman intelligence, which she uses to create useful inventions, such as the Dragon Radar, among others, many of which are unintelligible to many scientists. Her strength, from time to time, is exaggerated, but only for purely comical purposes, going so far as to do feats impossible for a normal Human.

14. Ox-King

Ox Satan en la boda de Milk

At first, he was shown to have a barbaric, brutish, and ruthless personality, capable of harming anyone who invades his territory or harms his daughter, with whom he is very overprotective. However, he trained her to be an expert in combat based on the style of the Turtle School. As he progresses into the series he becomes a more friendly, cheerful, and affectionate character, pampering and pleasing his daughter in her desire to marry.

Already as a grandfather, he treats his grandchildren just as he did with his daughter, although in Dragon Ball Z, he becomes the victim of multiple aggressions and mistreatment by his furious daughter. In his youth he studied martial arts with Kame-Sen’nin, being the most powerful student of his at that time, apart from Son Gohan. He managed to collect a great treasure in his castle, but greed prompted him to murder everyone who came near him, believing that everyone intended to steal his fortune.

13. General Blue

Blue pelicula

General Blue has psychic abilities and is considered to be the strongest soldier in the Red Ribbon Army, he is shown to have great fighting skills as he could fight Goku hand to hand. In addition to his psychic powers, he also appears to possess superhuman strength, speed, and stamina, as implied by his power of surviving being electrocuted by a giant electric eel and then killing it with his bare hands, as well as surviving escaping from the Cave of the Collapse pirate despite being near the core of the cave. Apparently, he is also capable of bulking up his body at will.

12. Master Shen


Like his younger brother, he is extremely sadistic and ruthless in nature, having no moral qualms about murdering anyone who gets in his way, even his own students. Also like his brother, he is extremely confident in his abilities and does not believe himself to be flawed in any way.

He also tries to presume his superiority on any chance that he can; especially towards Kame-Sen’nin, claiming his students are far superior to his simply because he taught them. He was shown to be incredibly dishonest and deceitful, showing this by ordering Chiaotzu to paralyze Goku so that Tien Shinhan could finish him off, much to Goku’s annoyance.

11. Tao

Tao.Ep .059

When Tao is introduced, he shows that he is very powerful at that point in the series. He plays with Goku and the only damage he takes from Goku’s Kamehameha is to his clothes. At this point, Goku’s strength was close to that of the Kame Sen’nin in the 21st World Tournament (which was weaker than his master’s strength in the following tournament).

After Goku, he receives training from Korin, where Tao Pai Pai is easily overpowered, although in the anime, Tao Pai Pai does drink Karin’s holy water and Tao Pai Pai’s states of strength are slightly increased. When he reappears as a Cyborg and believes that he has gained a lot of strength. In an issue of V-Jump, Tao Pai Pai’s Ki in his first appearance is said to be 110, and upon becoming a Cyborg his Ki level during the 23rd Tournament is 210. This great power was not enough to defeat Tien Shinhan with 250, who defeated Tao Pai Pai with ease.


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10. Chi-Chi

Chi Chi en un almuerzo

Chi-Chi had a power level of 130 units during the 23rd edition of the World Martial Arts Tournament. According to Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game, her power during the Saiyan Arc is 300 and according to the Daizenshuu his power was 350 in the Majin Buu Arc; she also proved to be an expert in martial arts when she was trained by Ox-King, since from a very young age her father instructed her in martial arts, believing that Chi-Chi would become more disciplined, more serious and that she would abandon the careless attitude of hers.

According to her Daizenshuu, her fighting style is based on Heike, Baguazhang, and her abilities were remarkably superior to the level of a common human. The woman managed to easily qualify for the World Martial Arts Tournament when she was a teenager, but then she was easily eliminated by Goku.

She was slowly losing some abilities as she got older, but her strength continued to surpass that of any ordinary human; Chi-Chi is one of the strongest Earthlings in the series as her training is similar to Kame-Sen’nin while Videl has 70 power units in her debut and 130 power units in her fight with Spopovich. She maintains her great strength by training with her son Goten.

9. Videl

DBZ HD Adult Swin videl

Videl’s power is that of an Earthling-type human that has vastly surpassed the common level. Despite having the ability to do Flight and use Ki, she does not use energy attacks when she fights, so her fighting technique is based on physical attacks. When Son Gohan trained her to teach her the use of Ki, she told him that she had already surpassed her father, who had won numerous martial arts tournaments over the years.

However, her power is much lower than that of other humans capable of using Ki and performing energy attacks, such as Yamcha, Krillin, or Tien Shinhan. Despite this, she is probably one of the most powerful humans on Earth after being trained by Son Gohan.

In Dragon Ball Super, being pregnant with Pan in her womb, she is able to channel her daughter’s Saiyan power and temporarily assume a Super Saiyan-like appearance herself in the ritual of six Saiyans of pure heart for Goku to acquire the transformation of the Super Saiyan God, successfully achieving said feat. After emanating all the ki of a Saiyan, she does not support said load, being the only time that she is seen emanating said form of energy.

8. Yajirobei

Yajirobe retirado completamente de la lucha2C en la Torre de Karin

Since he was a child he has always possessed great strength. He was able to stand up to Goku in his first matchup, though he didn’t outmatch him (Goku was over 180 power back then after his Zenkai). In the Saiyan Arc, after training at Kami’s Lookout, his power reached 970 units; along with Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu, they surpassed Kami’s power (said himself).

Further on there is another official non-canon publication where Yajirobei appears with 2100 units of combat power. Yajirobei is very powerful using his Japanese sword as he was able to cut off Vegeta Ōzaru’s tail when he was distracted, but Vegeta hadn’t lowered his Ki since he was in full combat. He is arguably one of the most powerful (non-Saiyan) Earthlings on the planet, though he falls far short of ki-dominant warrior power, especially compared to Kame-Sen’nin, Krillin, and Tien Shinhan.

7. Olibu


Following his acts of heroism on Earth during his lifetime, Olibu was granted access to live and train on Planet Kaio. When the Otherworld Tournament takes place, Olibu battles Chapuchai, and later in battle loses to Paikuhan in the quarterfinals. During the Little Buu Saga, he is seen having another match sparring with Yamcha and taunting Kid Buu along with Paikuhan.

Olibu’s last appearance in the television series is when he, along with hundreds of other combatants, watch Goku battle Kid Buu. Olibu makes a cameo appearance, along with Mijorin and Maraikoh in one of the movies. Grand Kai stated that most of Earth’s heroic legends are based on Olibu’s acts of heroism during his lifetime.


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6. Chiaotzu


Chiaotzu is a character that stands out mainly for his remarkable psychic and energetic abilities, given that his level is higher than the rest of normal humans. After a year’s training under Kami’s guidance before the battle with Nappa, his level is 610 Ki according to trackers, and this is his highest power level in the franchise.

After his death, he trains with Yamcha, Piccolo, and Tien Shinhan, learning from Kaio where, after a long preparation, he would manage to defeat Gurdo who had a level of approximately 13,000 ki units; it should be noted that this is an anime filler. According to the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game video game card, Chiaotzu’s power level after being revived is 25,000 units.

After the Cell Arc, Chiaotzu trained with Tien Shinhan for many years which could mean a notable increase in his power or just a slight increase that is still unknown but it can be speculated that he surpassed many of the Z Fighters or continued with a low fighting level.

5. Yamcha

Dragon Ball Episodio 6 Imagen 2

From his early appearance in Dragon Ball, Yamcha is shown to be a skilled martial artist. At the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, his ki level is calculated to be 177 ki units by the Tracker used by Bulma. After training at God’s Lookout for a year, his ki level increases to 1,480 units as detected by Nappa’s Tracker.

At that time, even though he was shown to be stronger than a Saibaman, he was unable to save himself from the suicide bomb attack that killed him. Later in the other world, Yamcha joins Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, and Piccolo to train with Kaio of the North, and, joining forces with Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, he is shown to be strong enough to give Piccolo trouble.

Shortly after, in a training session on Kaio of the North’s planet, he defeats Recoome, a member of the Ginyu Special Forces although this was clearly a filler. In a movie booklet, Yamcha’s level is listed as being 1,900 units. After three years of intense training on Earth, Yamcha has grown stronger in the Cell Saga, so much so that Dr. Gero thought it was Goku when he first detected his power.

In Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game, Yamcha’s level is 600,000 during the android saga. In Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai – Another Road, Yamcha states that a single ball of energy from Broly is not enough to defeat him and Tien Shinhan.

4. Uub


In his appearance, when he got angry he went from a power level of a simple human to that of an extremely powerful being. At the beginning of GT, Uub was barely putting up a decent fight against his teacher and best friend, Goku, who was in his base form. Though Goku commented that when he fought General Rildo in his base form his power was comparable to Kid Buu, meaning Uub is probably stronger than a Super Saiyan 3.

Though, his lack of skills may be due to his inexperience or a lack of discipline. However, after merging with Buu Gordo, his original counterpart, he transformed into Super Uub and his power level soared to new heights. While he was still weak against Super Vegeta Baby 2, he was able to withstand a battle against it (especially after he had allowed himself to be defeated and eaten by Baby).

3. Krillin

Primera aparici3Fn de Krilin

Krillin had the level of a simple earthling when he trained in the Orin Temple, but when he trained with Goku under the teachings of Kame-Sen’nin, that changed. At the beginning of the Saiyan Arc, we can see that the Tracker that Bulma is using indicates that the power level is 206 higher than that of Kame-Sen’nin which was 139.

After training with Kami and his friends he manages to reach 1,083 Ki units as seen in his battle with Nappa and his Saibaimen and 1,770 units fighting at their maximum. The last confirmed level according to the Daizenshuu is 13,000, which corresponds to the beginning of the Frieza Arc.


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He then confronts Ginyu in the body of Goku who possessed 23,000 ki since he did not control the body he was in. Krillin shows great strength fighting him alone since Gohan at the beginning of the battle couldn’t attack him because he saw his father’s face which confused him. Officially, Krillin’s fighting level during the battle against Frieza is 75,000 ki.

2. Tien Shinhan


His power level during the 22nd edition of the World Martial Arts Tournament was 180 units according to the Daizenshuu; in this part of the story he equaled Kame-Sen’nin in his 100% Power and could have beaten him, but the fight ended unexpectedly when the Kame-Sen’nin decided it would be best for his students to deal with Tien Shinhan.

When Bulma manages to use Raditz’s Tracker, she manages to read his fighting level which was 250 units; later when Nappa does his own reading it was about 1,830 units, a level he obtained after having trained with Kami. After his death, he would go to train with Kaio of the North along with Piccolo, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha.

In an anime filler, he was able to defeat Jeicey Burter in one battle at a time, demonstrating combat superiority by splitting in two. He would continue to power him up as she decided to have him revived later so she could finish her training in the Otherworld. According to Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game, his power was 800,000 units in the Cell Saga.

1. Master Roshi


Master Roshi was once the mightiest Fighter on Earth. While his power is certainly not on par with a Super Saiyan, he does possess great speed from the use of his Tortoise Shell, which rivals Piccolo’s Heavy Training Gi and, with a bit of training, he can hold for a while. a prolonged period of his 100% Power, with which he maintains an enormous strength in close combat, even if he can only do Power Increase and does not have the Flight ability. He can also use his Hermit’s Staff to aid him in combat, as he demonstrated when fighting 170 Frieza Empire soldiers.

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