Here’s What Happened to Launch in ‘Dragon Ball Z’

What happened to Launch in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball‘s Launch captivated many with her dual personality. However, her presence dwindled as the series transitioned to ‘Dragon Ball Z,’ leaving fans puzzled. Let’s dive into what really happened to Launch and why she seemingly vanished from the story.

  • Article breakdown:
  • Launch mysteriously disappeared with the transition to ‘Dragon Ball Z’ due to creator Akira Toriyama’s oversight.
  • She briefly returns in a canon short film, but is notably absent from ‘Dragon Ball Super’ and newer movie releases.
  • Launch’s last anime appearance was in ‘Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!’, attending a banquet by Hercule.
  • Launch’s final manga appearance was in a filler scene during the Frieza Saga, which was not considered canonical.

Launch’s disappearance explained

While ‘Dragon Ball’ had many characters, each with their unique quirks, Launch stood out with her dual personalities – one minute, she’s sweet and blue-haired. The next, she’s a fiery blonde with a temper. As the series moved from ‘Dragon Ball’ to ‘Dragon Ball Z,’ fans noticed that she wasn’t around as much. Despite her significant presence earlier, she faded into the background.

The truth is straightforward: Akira Toriyama, the creator of the series, admitted to simply forgetting about her. It wasn’t an intentional plot twist or a calculated decision for the narrative. The series was vast, and as the storylines evolved and new characters were introduced, Launch was unintentionally left behind.

However, her absence didn’t go unnoticed. Fans frequently wondered about her whereabouts. Her dynamic with other characters, particularly Tien Shinhan with whom she had a budding romance, was memorable. It wasn’t until Toriyama was questioned in interviews about her sudden scarcity that he confessed to having overlooked her.


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While it might be a little heartbreaking for Launch’s fans, it’s also a testament to the vastness and complexity of the Dragon Ball universe. Characters come and go, but each leaves an indelible mark on the fans. And even if she wasn’t consistently present in ‘Dragon Ball Z,’ the memory of Launch lingers on for those who cherished her role in the series.

The glimpses of Launch in later sagas

As ‘Dragon Ball Z’ progressed, devoted fans clung to the hope of seeing Launch again, even for a fleeting moment. While her regular appearances in the series dwindled, she wasn’t entirely absent.

One poignant moment came after the tragic fight with Nappa, where Tien met his untimely end. Viewers saw Launch briefly, displaying her grief in a bar, drowning her sorrows. This scene is a stark reminder of her affection for Tien and their unique relationship. It offered a touch of closure to some fans, hinting at the depth of her feelings for him.

In the Kid Buu Saga, Launch made another brief appearance. This time, she was seen in her calm, blue-haired form, showcasing her innocent side rather than the fierce blonde persona that had become synonymous with her character.

While these moments were fleeting, they were significant. They were a nod to long-time fans, a way of acknowledging that while Launch may not have been at the forefront of ‘Dragon Ball Z’s’ narrative, she was still a part of its universe. These glimpses into her life after her main storyline ended were subtle reminders of her journey and her impact on the series and its fans.

Is Launch in ‘Dragon Ball Super’?

No, Launch is not in ‘Dragon Ball Super.’ While she briefly resurfaces in a short film, ‘Yo! Son Goku and his Friends Return,’ that’s part of the Dragon Ball canon, her presence isn’t carried over to the newer saga. ‘Dragon Ball Super’ takes the franchise in fresh directions, introducing new characters and plotlines, but unfortunately, it doesn’t include Launch in its narrative journey.

Launch’s last appearance

Launch’s journey in the Dragon Ball universe witnessed its conclusion in a couple of different contexts, depending on the medium you consider. In the anime world, Launch’s swan song was in the movie ‘Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!‘, where she was briefly spotted attending a banquet thrown by Hercule, celebrating the inauguration of his new hotel.

However, if we pivot to the manga realm, her final curtain call was slightly different. She appeared in a filler scene during the Frieza Saga, marking her sole instance on the pages after the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. These scenes, originating from Weekly Shonen Jump 1991 #3 and #4, were the result of a unique endeavor where each author contributed holiday-themed gag-manga inserts. Being one-offs and not part of the main narrative, these scenes aren’t recognized as canon. Furthermore, they didn’t make it to the Tankobon, the manga compilation volume.

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