20 Strongest Stands in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Ranked)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most popular manga and anime that has been going on for a very long time. Of course, its uniqueness is one of the things that make it quite popular, as it includes characters that have larger-than-life personalities. And these characters all have powers that allow them to fight their opponents.

The powers that the characters in JoJo use are called Stands, which are supernatural abilities that manifest in humanoid alter egos of the characters that use them. These Stands have their own unique abilities that their users need to master to a degree that allows them to use them at any given moment to have an advantage over their enemies. While some Stands are equal in power and should be used strategically, there are some Stands that are simply powerhouses.

As such, we are here to look at the strongest Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

20. Civil War

Civil War is a Stand that appears in Steel Ball Run and is the Stand of Axl RO. The thing about this Stand is that it is quite unique and peculiar in the sense that its powers and abilities can be somewhat complicated. But used in the proper way, this Stand can be a powerhouse that can stand up to some of the most powerful Stands in JoJo.

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What makes Civil War so powerful is the fact that it has the ability to bring back anything that its target has willfully discarded in the past. As such, if you throw away something that you regret, Civil War can bring it back so that it could make you feel guilty. The worst part is that it will try to make it merge with you. Of course, the ability applies to Civil War as well because it can be brought back once it’s killed, and that’s the reason why this Stand is so dangerous and unique.

19. Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers, which also comes with the name Zipper Man, is one of the strongest Stands in JoJo, not because it is capable of sheer power but because of the fact that it can be very versatile in a lot of different situations. Of course, as its name suggests, it can create zippers on anything, and that includes living beings.

Used by Bruno Bucciarti, Sticky Fingers is capable of using the zippers to create portals to attack at any given moment or to retreat when needed. It can also use these zippers to hide things. But the most dangerous part is that it can use the zippers to split its opponents or even its own self into half, and that’s why it is dangerously unique in the hands of a man who understands how to use its awesome power.

18. Hanged Man

Owned by the evil J. Geil, who uses the Stand for some of the most dastardly and vile acts in the series, Hanged Man is a powerful Stand that is capable of some of the most precise strikes in JoJo because of the fact that its ability allows it to travel from one place to another through any reflective surface, including a person’s eyes.

This allows Hanged Man to strike at any given moment at speeds that are incredibly fast. It is even faster than Silver Chariot, a Stand known for its incredible speed. In that regard, Hanged Man can strike at an opponent before they can even detect it, and that’s why it is the perfect Stand for a murderous man like J. Geil. And the fact that reflective surfaces can be found anywhere makes Hanged Man so difficult to defeat.

17. Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door is the Stand of Kishibe Rohan and is an incredibly powerful Stand in terms of its potential. That’s because it allows Rohan to learn all about the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. Of course, there are also other reasons why Heaven’s Door is as strong as it is.

Through Heaven’s Door, Kishibe Rohan can write commands on the bodies of his opponents, and these commands will be carried out as long as the bodies are capable of doing them. In that regard, it is incredibly useful in a lot of different situations, even though it isn’t the most capable Stand when it comes to pure combat power.

16. Metallica

One of the most unique Stands in JoJo is Metallica because of the fact that it isn’t one Stand but is actually several colonies. Used by Risotto Nero, this Stand has the ability to use magnetism to its advantage when it comes to manipulating iron.

The fact that Metallica can manipulate iron means that it can also control the iron found in the body of living organisms so that it can create sharp objects and pierce the person from the inside. Risotto can even lower the hemoglobin level of a person’s body to the point that it causes them to die in a slow yet painful manner. There are also a lot of other applications of this Stand, such as making the user invisible. In other words, it is a very versatile Stand that can be used in almost any kind of situation.

15. White Album

Unlike other Stands, White Album manifests like a suit that can be worn by the user, who we know is Ghiaccio. In that regard, it works like armor instead of a standalone humanoid creature that can be seen standing on the side of the user. And unlike some of the more complicated Stands in JoJo, White Album has a simple skill in the sense that it has the ability to freeze.

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The fact that White Album can freeze things allowed Ghiaccio to become one of the strongest characters in JoJo. He has the ability to use his ice powers on almost anything, as it can even create an incredibly tough layer of armor. As such, defeating Ghiaccio was a very tough task during the events of Vento Aureo.

14. Green Day

Green Day proved to be a powerful opponent for Giorno during the events of Golden Wind, as it was a powerful Stand in the hands of Cioccolata, who was a doctor with a taste for death. Of course, Green Day also has unique abilities that may not be combat-oriented but can be used in a lot of different situations.

The power of Green Day allows it to create a deadly mold that is capable of killing any living object. As such, it can spread from one victim to another, as Ciocdcolata can even control it remotely. Of course, while Green Day isn’t necessarily combat-oriented, it can still deliver a powerful punch.

13. ​​​​Bohemian Rhapsody

If there was a Stand that is great at causing chaos throughout the world, it’s Bohemian Rhapsody because of the fact that it is literally capable of affecting the entire world due to the fact that it can bring fictional characters to life. This makes it extremely versatile and chaotic in the sense that it can affect almost any kind of person throughout the world.

The power of this Stand can force a person to get dragged into the story of the fictional character. What makes Bohemian Rhapsody even more dangerous is that the only way to defeat it is by creating a fictional character that could kill other fictional characters. As such, if the enemy doesn’t know about that, Bohemian Rhapsody is basically unstoppable.

12. Killer Queen

Killer Queen is the Stand of Yoshikage Kira, and the main antagonist of Diamond is Unbreakable. The thing about Killer Queen is that it is perfect in the hands of a serial killer due to the fact that it has the ability to turn anything into a bomb. This allowed Kira to create bomb projectiles out of thin air due to the bubbles that Killer Queen can create from the air. Of course, it can also turn any living being into a bomb upon contact.

Bites the Dust, which is one of the bombs that Killer Queen can create, is especially dangerous because it can create a miniature version of the Stand. This allows Killer Queen to infiltrate a person’s body and then trigger an explosion. But the most dangerous part is that the ability can create a time loop that rewinds time an hour before the explosion happened. As such, there are a lot of different applications to this incredibly dangerous Stand.

11. Notorious B.I.G

In terms of sheer unstoppability, Notorious B.I.G tops the list because of the fact that it is an autonomous Stand that cannot be stopped even after killing its user. The power activates upon the death of the user, and it allows it to grow in size by feeding on energy. As such, it is immune to the attacks of Stands because of the very fact that it has the ability to eat their energy.

While this Stand can be physically damaged, it is capable of regenerating in a heartbeat, and that means that it cannot be killed or stopped. This made stopping Notorious B.I.G incredibly difficult, as it is possible that it is truly invincible when compared to the other Stands on this list.

10. Cream

One of the Stands that showcased a horrific power early on in the JoJo series is Cream, which appeared in Stardust Crusaders as the Stand of one of DIO’s most powerful minions, Vanilla Ice. The thing about Cream is that its powers allow it to create dimensions that it can travel in, as this allows it to move instantly from one place to another.

But the most dangerous part about Cream is the fact that it can also send people into these dimensions by dragging them there, as that was the case when it dragged Muhammad Avdol into a portal to kill him. Its only weakness is that it cannot see while it is in another dimension, and this makes it particularly susceptible to attacks from fast-moving and precise Stands.

9. The World

The World is DIO’s Stand in the third JoJo series, which is Stardust Crusaders. Aside from the fact that DIO himself is an incredibly powerful vampire, The World simply allowed him to become one of the strongest characters in the entire series, as it boasts capabilities that are useful in any kind of situation.

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In a solo battle, The World is already quite powerful due to its incredible offensive power. However, what makes it even more dangerous is the fact that it allows DIO to stop time. Through training, DIO increased the duration of the time stoppage to nine seconds, and that was always more than enough for him to kill his opponents or find a way to counter their abilities.

8. Star Platinum

Star Platinum is the Stand of Jotaro Kujo, who is one of the most prominent JoJo characters in the entire anime. As such, this is one of the strongest Stands in the entire series, as it is possessed by one of the strongest characters. And the thing about Star Platinum is that it evolved from a one-trick pony Stand into an incredibly versatile and powerful weapon.

At first, Star Platinum was known as an offensive Stand capable of dishing out attacks in a precise and quick manner due to its superhuman strength and speed. Its precision was also one of its best weapons, as it allowed Jotaro to catch bullets from point-blank range. However, as it evolved, Star Platinum developed the ability to also stop time for up to five seconds. As such, it was able to defeat DIO’s The World because Star Platinum is physically stronger and more precise, even though it isn’t necessarily better at stopping time.

7. Weather Report

Weather Report is the Stand of Domenico Pucci and is an incredibly versatile Stand because of the fact that it has a wide range of options in terms of offense and defense due to its ability to control and manipulate the weather. In that regard, there are a lot of different applications for this Stand in almost any kind of situation.

On top of its standard abilities, Weather Report also has an ability called Heavy Weather when it regained its memories from Enrico Pucci. This allows the Stand to turn people into snails. And the only way to defeat this ability is to actually defeat Weather Report itself.

6. King Crimson/Epitaph

King Crimson is the Stand of Passione leader Diavolo. But the thing about King Crimson is that as powerful as this Stand is, it is quite confusing in terms of its powers and abilities. That’s because it is actually two Stands in one. The first is Epitaph, which allows the user to see ten seconds into the future, and the other is King Crimson itself, which allows Diavolo to erase anything that happens in the ten seconds seen in the future.

As such, there are incredible applications when it comes to King Crimson’s abilities, as it leaves people with no memory of what happened in those ten seconds. On top of that, it also has offensive abilities that rival Star Platinum’s strength and speed, making it one of the most dangerous Stands in JoJo.

5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Also known as D4C, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap is the Stand of Funny Valentine and has the ability to allow its user to travel through different dimensions. This makes it one of the most incredibly overpowered Stands in JoJo, as it allows Funny to use the different dimensions and universes to heal injuries by using his counterpart from a different universe.

Essentially, Funny became immortal due to this power, and he only became even more dangerous after gathering the body parts of the Saint’s Corpse, which allowed him to redirect any misfortune to his enemies. In that regard, Funny Valentine became immortal through the use of D4C’s incredible powers.

4. Tusk Act IV

Johnny Joestar’s Stand has the ability to grow in terms of its power over time, and this allowed his Stand, Tusk, to become one of the few Stands to have different forms. In that regard, Act IV is Tusk’s most powerful form in the series, as it allows it to have the highest offensive power in the entire JoJo series. 

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On top of that, Tusk Act IV also has limitless energy that it is able to use to its advantage, as it can even use this energy to trap Funny Valentine to the point that the enemy has no means of escaping. The power of its spinning attacks also allows it to bypass the dimensional barrier, as it became a natural weakness to Funny’s D4C.

3. Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven makes the top three of this list because of the fact that it is the best when it comes to temporal manipulation. This is one of the Stands that can be seen in Stone Ocean, and it has the ability to surpass all other Stands in terms of its incredible speed because of how it can manipulate the flow of time. That means that its powers are even more powerful than both The World and Star Platinum.

The fact that it can control time allows it to counter any ability to stop time, as it can accelerate the user’s time limit. As such, Star Platinum’s five-second limit can be accelerated to the point that it never even stopped time at all. And because of Made in Heaven’s ability to control time, it has the ability to create new universes as well.

2. Gold Experience Requiem

Normally speaking, Gold Experience Requiem should be the strongest Stand on this list because it is actually the strongest canon Stand in JoJo. It is the evolved form of Giorno’s standard Gold Experience Stand. On top of the standard abilities of Gold Experience, this Stand’s strength and speed are magnified to the point that a stone, when thrown, can destroy a big part of a building. But it is its new abilities that allowed it to become the strongest canon Stand in JoJo.

The ability to return anything to “zero” is the godlike ability that makes Gold Experience Requiem so dangerously powerful. This power allows the Stand to prevent any action from happening at all, as it became a natural weakness to King Crimson’s abilities. The ability is so powerful that it allows Gold Experience Requiem to repeatedly return anything to “zero” to create an endless time loop of death, which forces the opponent to experience death over and over again.

1. The World Over Heaven

While it may not be canon to the JoJo manga and anime, The World Over Heaven is the strongest Stand in JoJo because of how it evolved the abilities of The World to unspeakable levels. This power was derived after DIO defeated the Joestars and obtained heaven. As such, it reached a godlike level that has never been seen before in JoJo.

Due to its evolved abilities, The World Over Heaven no longer has a nine-second time limit when it stops time. But the most dangerous part of its powers is its ability to rewrite the reality of anything it touches. That means that it is even stronger than Gold Experience Requiem’s ability to return anything to “zero.”

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