The 20 Strongest Swords in One Piece (Ranked)

strongest one piece swords

Although the Devil Fruits are the best-known objects in the lore of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece series, there are numerous relevant objects that make up the lore. Most of them are either treasures or weapons and in this article, we are going to talk about the latter group as we bring you a list of the strongest swords in the world of One Piece. Some of these swords are truly amazing, and we are going to rank the 20 strongest ones from weakest to strongest.

20. Sukesan and Kakusan

Owner: Kinemon

Sukesan and Kakusan are a pair of katanas wielded by Kin’emon, featuring rectangular tsuba and flame-patterned scabbards. Kin’emon employs these blades in his “FireFox” sword style, utilizing them individually or in a dual-wielding fashion. He has possessed Sukesan and Kakusan since at least the age of 23. However, during the Onigashima rooftop battle against Kaidou, these swords were seemingly lost, with Kin’emon later seen using different pairs with circular tsuba.

19. Shichiseiken

Owner: Saga

Shichiseiken is the main antagonist in Movie 5, and after its evil power enters Saga’s body, the cursed blade self-destructs. Cursed when created, the Shichiseiken grants immense power but corrupts its wielder’s spirit. It has the ability to merge with its bearer, enabling them to slash objects with bare hands from any distance, making them nearly unstoppable. Despite its durability, Zoro’s attack, Yaki Onigiri, meant to destroy the Shichiseiken, leaves no mark on the blade.


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18. Shigure

Owner: Tashigi

Shigure is a Meito-category katana currently owned by Tashigi. It has a green hilt with a unique design of four petals, and its blade is normal. The sheath is elaborate, with a green and bumpy upper half and a white and smooth lower half adorned with circular designs. In the manga, Shigure’s hilt and hilt are blue. Although not frequently seen in action, Shigure has displayed toughness, withstanding the impact of a cannonball and deflecting it.

17. Kashu

Owner: Mr. 11 → Tashigi

Kashu is a Ryo Wazamono-class sword that originally belonged to Baroque Works agent Mr. 11. After losing it in a duel against Tashigi. The sword came into her possession. While the sword’s combat abilities remain unseen, being classified as a Ryo Wazamono suggests it is quite powerful, as it is part of the prestigious group of 50 Ryo Wazamono-grade swords.

16. Sandai Kitetsu

The Sandai Kitetsu is a cursed sword crafted under Kitetsu’s name, known for bringing misfortune to its owners. Despite warnings of potential harm, Zoro tested the curse by wielding the blade, slashing deep into the ground without injury. Zoro describes the sword as having a mind of its own, referring to it as a “troublesome girl,” and he incorporates it into his santoryu, using it alongside his other two swords.

15. Yubashiri

Yubashiri Rusted

Yubashiri was an exceptionally light yet strong katana, praised by Zoro for its ease of use and sharp cutting power. It was part of Zoro’s santoryu, often paired with the Sandai Kitetsu in his two-sword style. After the sword was destroyed, Zoro replaced it with the Shusui. During the Battle of Enies Lobby, when Zoro’s right hand was cuffed with seastone, he improvised by combining Yubashiri with Sogeking to create the “hana sword arashi,” using Sogeking as the hilt, until they obtained the keys to free themselves.


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14. Pretzel

Owner: Charlotte Cracker

Pretzel is Charlotte Cracker’s unique Meito sword, a long saber with a thin black handle. During the battle with Luffy, Cracker multiplies Pretzel using the power of the Bisu Bisu no Mi, inducing Armament Haki for specific techniques. Cracker uses Pretzel to break into The Seducing Woods, engaging in a fight with Luffy and demonstrating its versatility through multiplication and Haki coating.

13. Durandal

Durandal bloqu3F par Luffy 3F mains nues

Owner: Cavendish

Durandal is a Meito, one of the most powerful sabers globally, owned by Cavendish. Its exact rank is currently unknown, and it is a court sword with a rapier-like length, almost equal to Cavendish’s height when seated. The sword has a black-and-white contrast on its sheath and handle, adorned with rings and carved flowers. Durandal is made of very flexible iron, allowing it to withstand powerful blows, and it is double-edged and resistant enough to counter the famous headbutt of Don Chinjao, known for splitting an Arctic continent.

12. Oto and Kogarashi

Owner: Shiki

Oto and Kogarashi are Meito-grade swords used by Shiki as replacements for his legs. Shiki demonstrates great skill with these swords, showcasing his power by killing numerous soldiers in Marineford and confronting renowned figures like Gol D. Roger, Monkey D. Garp, and Sengoku. After escaping Impel Down, Shiki utilizes the swords as his new legs, displaying the ability to kick out blades of air similar to CP9’s Hurricane Foot technique, with the air blades having a yellow/orange color matching Shiki’s epithet. Additionally, he combines his sword skills with his Fuwa Fuwa no Mi, slicing through bodies of water.

11. Raiu

Shiryu27s Katana

Owner: Shiryu

Raiu is a Nodachi and a Meito-grade sword with the name meaning “Storm.” Owned by Shiryu, little is known about Raiu’s abilities, but being part of the Meito indicates its power and durability. The sword was taken from Shiryu while he was imprisoned on level 6 of Impel Down but was later retrieved when Shiryu joined Blackbeard’s crew, killing guards alongside Raiu. Shiryu used Raiu by surprise in Pirate Island against Moria, taking advantage of a trick by Catarina Devon.

10. Nidai Kitetsu

Owner: Kotetsu → Tenguyama Hitetsu, Monkey D. Luffy (temporary)

Nidai Kitetsu is a cursed sword, one of the 21 swords in the Ō Wazamono category, created by Kitetsu along with Shodai Kitetsu and Sandai Kitetsu, and forged by Kotetsu. Its abilities are unknown, but being part of the 21 Ō Wazamono suggests power and durability. Like other Kitetsu swords, it is said to be cursed and bring death to its wielder. Luffy obtained Nidai Kitetsu from Tenguyama Hitetsu and used it against Basil Hawkins’ minions, striking with the fist that held the saber. Kikunojo later returned the sword to Tenguyama Hitetsu.

9. Wado Ichimonji

Owner: Shimotsuki Kozaburo → Kuina → Roronoa Zoro

Wadō Ichimonji is one of the thirty-two best katanas globally, categorized as an Ō Wazamono, and renowned for its extreme power and durability. Zoro wields this sword, often placing it in his mouth. Forged by Shimotsuki Kozaburo over 50 years ago, it passed to Kuina and later to Zoro. Tashigi pursues Zoro to reclaim the sword, believing it shouldn’t be in the hands of a pirate.


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8. Shusui


Owner: Ryuma → Roronoa Zoro → Wano Country

Shusui, an Ō Wazamono, ranks among the thirty-two best katanas globally and is Wano Country’s national treasure. Renowned for enabling legendary samurai Ryuma’s feats, the sword turned black after many battles. Zoro considered Shusui pivotal in the battle against Kaido’s crew before acquiring Enma. Ryuma, revived by Brook’s shadow, wielded Shusui with immense strength, enhancing the Swordsmanship Style, and Zoro noted its potential to surpass even other excellent Meito like Wado Ichimonji and Sandai Kitetsu.

Shusui significantly enhances the user’s attack power, demonstrated by Zoro creating a devastating blade of air with tenfold destructive power during the Hyakuhachi Pound Ho against Oz. Zoro praised its toughness, claiming it wouldn’t bend even under a dinosaur’s foot. Despite its exceptional qualities, Shusui has flaws, including its high weight, initially challenging Zoro’s handling. After intense training with Mihawk, Zoro overcame these challenges, making Shusui his favorite blade. Post-time skip, he effortlessly slices a pirate ship, showcasing his mastery of the sword.

7. Ame no Habakiri

Owner: Tenguyama Hitetsu → Kozuki Oden → Kozuki Momonosuke

Ame no Habakiri, a Meito crafted by Tenguyama Hitetsu, stands among the 21 O Wazamono and was wielded by Kozuki Oden alongside Enma. Hitetsu considers it his masterpiece, capable of “slicing the sky itself” when perfectly mastered. In Oden’s hands, Ame no Habakiri and Enma inflicted the only known wounds on Kaido, leaving him with a massive scar. Oden showcased its power by cleanly cutting a giant mountain god and opposing Saijo Ô Wazamono grade naginata Murakumogiri wielded by Whitebeard.

6. Enma

Owner: Roronoa Zoro

Enma, a masterpiece by Shimotsuki Kozaburo and one of the 21 O Wazamono, ranks among the world’s finest swords. Zoro deems it a worthy replacement for the legendary Shuusui. Tenguyama Hitetsu describes Enma as capable of “slicing into the depths of the underworld” alongside Ame no Habakiri’s ability to “slice the sky itself.” Mastering Enma grants tremendous cutting power, evident when wielded by Kozuki Oden, who, along with Ame no Habakiri, inflicted the only known wounds on Kaido, leaving him scarred. Enma draws excessive Armament Haki from its user, making it challenging to wield, but with mastery, it can be tamed to achieve even greater heights.

5. Gryphon

Owner: Shanks

Gryphon, Shanks’ saber, possesses a longer-than-average blade with a green handle and beige hilt. Shanks carries it in a blue holster on his right side. Gryphon proves its power by withstanding clashes against Edward Newgate’s bisento, causing a force that splits the sky’s clouds without sustaining any damage. Additionally, when infused with Haki, it exhibits resilience against Sakazuki’s lava attacks.


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4. Shodai Kitetsu

Owner: Kitetsu

The Shodai Kitetsu is one of the 12 Saijo Ô Wazamono swords, part of the cursed Kitetsu series alongside the Nidai Kitetsu and Sandai Kitetsu. Although its appearance is unknown, being a Saijo Ô Wazamono indicates significant power, similar to Mihawk’s Kokuto Yoru. As a cursed sword, it is known to bring misfortune and death to its owners.

3. Murakumogiri

Owner: Edward Newgate / Whitebeard

Murakumogiri is Edward Newgate’s Naginata and one of the 12 Saijo Ô Wazamono swords, possessing formidable power. It allows Whitebeard to contend with Shanks’ saber, causing atmospheric disturbances when they clash. Whitebeard wields it effortlessly with one or both hands, enhancing its destructive power with Armament Haki and Devil Fruit abilities. As one of the 12 Saijo Ô Wazamono, Murakumogiri is among the world’s strongest blades, demonstrating resilience against magma attacks and remaining undamaged even after two years at Whitebeard’s grave.

2. Yoru

Kokuto Yoru

Owner: Dracule Mihawk

Yoru, or Kokuto Yoru, is a black blade ranked among the 12 Saijo Ô Wazamono, wielded by Mihawk, a former Seven Warlords of the Sea member. Described as one of the world’s finest swords, it grants Mihawk the ability to cut through virtually anything, from Don Krieg’s flagship to Aokiji’s frozen tsunami. Mihawk utilizes Yoru with great finesse, effortlessly deflecting bullets and creating sharp air blades for ranged attacks. The sword’s black blade is deemed indestructible, known for its exceptional strength and resilience, as acknowledged by Roronoa Zoro.


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1. Ace

20SwordsOP 1

Owner: Gol D. Roger

Ace, a saber worn by Pirate King Gol D. Roger, is a prestigious Meito categorized among the 12 Saijo Ô Wazamono. This full-sized saber boasts a slightly curved blade adorned with an ornate saw pattern on both sides. Its distinctive features include a yellow/orange hilt with a diamond-shaped pattern, a golden hilt, and a black handguard extending from the top of the hilt to the sheath.

As one of the 12 highest quality Meito, Ace stands as an exceptional and durable blade, with unmatched strength and resilience, evident in its history of use by the former Pirate King during numerous exploits, including the God Valley Incident and clashes with Edward Newgate. The sword’s impeccable condition attests to its robust durability, enduring powerful blows from formidable opponents like Whitebeard. Roger demonstrated the ability to imbue Ace with both Armament Haki and Conqueror’s Haki.

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